I am of Scot/Palatine descent. My mother was a Ferguson, I have traced
her family back to 1759 in Virginia. Unfortunately, we haven't made it
back to Scotland or wherever yet  . . .

My father [and I, of course] are descended from David Kail, b1716 in the
Palatinate, who arrived with wife Alberdina in Philadelphia in 1742.
After ten years in New Jersey, they moved to a place near Staunton,
Virginia, right on the Philadelphia Road.

Actually, my Scot/Palatine liaison occurred in 1923 when my parents
married -- in California. That is only a technical qualification, but a
year or so ago I discovered a reverse-whammy on the situation. A
descendant, probably grandaughter, of David Kail's daughter Elizabeth
[Keziah] Kail Handley married a Ferguson in Greenbrier Co VA. So far as
I know I'm not related to that Ferguson, but the couple worked their way
across the continent and finally settled in Astoria, Oregon.

This is typical of the kind of thing we're looking for. Ben Franklin
said "one third of Philadelphia is English, one third is German and the
other third is Scottish". These people fanned out into Pennsylvania and
down THE ROAD into the South. My Fergusons and my Kails lived 70 miles
apart [Staunton and  Roanoke] during the Revolutionary War! Did they get
together? I'd love to know. Probably not. That would be too good a
story. I am told that "the Cales, the Wetzels and the Handleys all hung
out together in Greenbrier" about 1800. Don't remember who said that.
But it's an interesting mix . . .

But there are good stories out there. This is the emphasis of this list.
Scots/German movement from their point of origin . . .what do you have
to add? I'm sure there are many facets of this saga yet untold. Let's
find them.

I started a web page. It is unfinished. It includes material from a post
by Mac MacCutchan which I found on another list. I've written him asking
permission to use it, meanwhile I'm giving credit here for its
authorship  . .it it very germane.
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Let's hear from y'all, OK?

Paul Cales
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