1840 Census
Forgeson            Alexander                TN    Greene; no twp listed
1850 Census
Forguson        Elizabeth       24          TN      Greene; Subdivision 10
Forguson        Thomas          1           TN      Greene; Subdivision 10
Forguson        William         22  TN      TN      Greene; Subdivision 10
1860 Census
Furgason     Ison L          28  Male    Sc     TN      Greene Greenville P O
Furguson     William         31  Male    Tn     TN      Greene Timber Ridge P O
1870 Census
Furgerson    William M       49  Male    Tn     TN      Greene Little Chucky P O
1900 Census
Ferguson        William R        34  Male    Tn      TN      Greene 13-Dist
Ferguson        John C           44  Male    Va      TN      Greene 20-Dist
1910 Census
Furgeson        Frankie          19  Male    Tn      TN      Greene 10-Dist
Furgeson        John C           54  Male    Va      TN      Greene 14-Dist
1920 Census
Furguson        L T              77  Female  Tn      TN      Greene 10-Dist
Ferguson        James            38  Male    Tn      TN      Greene 20-Dist
Ferguson        John             63  Male    Va      TN      Greene 20-Dist
Ferguson        Thomas           22  Male    Nc      TN      Greene 22-Dist

Tennessee 1870 Census--Greene Co.
Ferguson, Allen                29    1841page 261black

TENNESSEE--1880 Census, East TN,  Greene Co. FERGURSON    Frank          25    1855page 193 FURGENSON    William        71    1809page 219

1870 Greene Co., Tenn.
page 216, P.O. Little Chucky, 23 Aug
Wm. M. Furgerson        49 Tn.
Elizabeth               45 Tn.
Thomas                  21 Tn.
James                   19 Tn.
David                   17 Tn.
Manuel                  14 Tn.
Susan                   12 Tn.
John                     9 Tn.
Sarah E.                 6 Tn.
Mary J.                  4 Tn.
        I have a note that Wm. M. went to Howell Co., Mo. in 1871, died in
1880; Elizabeth d. 1892, Willow Springs, Mo.; Thomas J. b. 12 Aug 1849,
m. Miss M. Harris in 1879; James A. b. 9 May 1851, moved to Indiana;
Manuel is Emanual O. No further information this family.