Did you know...

 that Harry Lauder (1870-1950) was first a weaver, then a miner in Scotland before his great talent as an entertainer was discovered? He 'himself wrote both the words and the music to his delightful songs, which so clearly express the whimsical, the comical, the philosophical, and the romantic qualities of Scottish character.

 that Harry Lauder once gave an impromptu concert to an audience of several hundred stark naked men? In 19] 7, during World War I, while entertaining British and Allied troops at the front in France, he and his 2-car party came upon a regiment deployed along the Scarpe River where the soldiers, during a lull in the fighting, were relaxing, washing their clothes and bathing. Recognizing the popular "Harry," they gathered 'round completely unabashed, good-naturedly demanding that he "Gie us a song!" This, of course, he did, to their delight, and to his own!

 that Harry Lauder was knighted by King George V in 1919, for his songs and speeches on recruiting tours, and for personally financing a recruiting band of 14 pipers and drummers to travel throughout Britain, as well as for his unabating zeal in entertaining troops at the front, and in hospitals and rest homes, during World War I?