Did you know...

 that among the most venerable and outstanding writers of Scottish
poetry were: the mythical-historical Ossian (circa 300 A.D3; King James I (1420-1437); William Dunbar (d. 1513); David Lindsay (d. 1555); William Drummond (1535); Allan Ramsay (1686-1758); Robert Burns (1759-1796); and Thomas Campbell (1777-18~)?

 that among the most outstanding Scottish novelists were: Sir Walter Scott (1771-1832); Robert Louis Stevenson (1852-1894); and Sir James M. Barrie (1860-1937) who was also an accomplished playwright?

 that among the most outstanding writers of Scottish prose were: John Knox (d. 1572); Robert Lindsay (d. 1565); George Buchanan (d. 1596); Bishop John Leslie (d. 1596); and King James VI?

 that the most outstanding producers of Scottish songs were: Hector MacNeill (d. 1818); James Hogg (d. 1835); Allan Cunningham (d.1842); Lady Nairne (d. 1845); and Joanna Baille (d. 1351)?

 that contrary to popular belief, Robert Burns did not compose "Annie Laurie," the beautiful love song? It was written by William Douglas; later revised and set to music by Lady John Scott.

 that the real Annie Laurie and William Douglas, who wrote the ballad bearing her name, did not wed, but finally parted, and each married another?

 that Robert Burns' greatest contribution to Scotland's and the World's literature and music was not so much his own poetry, nor even his liberal philosophy, but that he was able to rescue snatches of long lost Scottish poetry and songs, and rebuild them so naturally that they might well be the complete originals; and to present an accurate and colorful picture of the simple, uncomplicated lives of the Lowland Scots?

 that a copy of the First Edition of Robert Bums" poems, now on display in the cottage museum at Alloway, sold for three shillings in 1786; and was purchased for £1000 in 1905? This is the equivalent of about $5,000 for a 75-cent book. What might it bring in today's market?

 that of Robert Burns' fifteen children, of whom we have knowledge, nine of them, including two sets of twins, were born to his only wife, Jean Armour?

 that Franz Josef Hayden (1732-1809) arranged the harmonies and settings for one hundred fifty Scottish songs in several collections, dedicating them to the Duchess of York, the Right Honorable Lady Charlotte Campbell, the Right honorable Countess of Dalkeith, and Her Majesty the Queen?

 that Ludwig Von Beethoven (1770-1827) composed a total of thirty-seven Scottish songs for solos, ducts and small choruses?