by Stuart E. Brown, Jr., Lorraine F. Myers, ad Eileen M. Chappel
A revision, enlargement and extension of the list as set out by Wyndham
Robertson in his book

5 Martha Bolling (1713-10/23/1749), m. 1737, (her first cousin), Thomas
Jr. (1710-12/4/1754), of Henrico and Sussex Counties, son of Thomas and
Kennon Eldridge of "Rochdale", located twelve miles from Richmond. Thomas
Eldridge, Jr., practiced law in Amelia County, and later moved to Prince
George County, and died in Sussex County. He m. (2nd) Elizabeth Jones, dau.
of James
III and Sarah Edmunds Jones of Surry County. Thomas Eldridge, Jr., and
Elizabeth Jones Eldridge had children including Aristotle, Howell and Sarah
who m. Col. Thomas Edmunds of Brunswick (MB 11/25/1771-28 V 167). After the
death of Thomas Eldridge, Jr., Elizabeth Jones Eldridge m. Col. Drury Stith
Brunswick County (she was his second wife).
For material on the Eldridges, see 46 V 172 and 267.
MEADE, Vol. II, 28, states that Rev. Clement Read (son of Col., Isaac Read)
married " a descendant of Pochontas, ---a Miss Edmunds, of Brunswick --- by
whom he had thirteen children". And GOODE 195 states: "Miss Edmunds was a
descendant of Pocahontas. Thomas Eldridge, according to Mr. Brock, m. Martha
Bolling (b. 1713, d. Oct. 23, 1749). Their eldest son, Thomas, m. H. E.
Read, and
their (italicized) eldest dau., Sarah, m. Col. Thomas. Edmunds".
"Miss Edmunds was Clarissa, daughter of Sarah Eldridge and her husband, Col.
Thomas Edmunds, and MEADE and GOODE were apparently laboring under the
impression that Sarah Eldridge was the daughter (granddaughter?) of
descendant Martha Bolling (1713-10/23/1749), the first wife of Thomas
Eldridge, Jr.
However, ROUSE 336,m shows quite conclusively that Sarah Eldridge "who
married 1771 Capt. Thomas Edmunds", and who was born in 1754 (several years
after the death of Martha Bolling Eldridge), was the daughter of Thomas
Eldridge, Jr.'s second wife, Elizabeth Jones, who was not a descendant of

51 Thomas Eldridge III (1730's- ) who probably moved to Goochland County,
m. Winifred Jones Miller, dau. of William Miller, Sheriff of Goochland County
in 1741,
and his wife, Mary Heath Miller, dau. of Thomas Heath and Winifred Jones
dau. of Robert Jones, Jr., and his wife Sarah Garlington (dau. of Christopher
Garlington, Jr., and his wife Margaret). Thomas Heath's mother was Mary Lee,
dau. of Capt. William Lee and grand-dau. of Col. Richard Lee NOTE: There is
some confusion concerning the wife or wivesof Thomas Eldridge III. One
states that he married, first, Winifred Jones of Goochland County, and that
married, second, in 1776, Winifred Anne Miller Povall, dau. of William Miller
widow of Robert Povall. And GOODE says that he married H. E. Read (see above).
511 Thomas Eldridge IV (Will prob. Madison County, Ala., in 1822)
5111 John Bolling Eldridge
5112 Mary Miller Eldridge
5113 Martha Bolling Eldridge
5114 Winifred Jones Eldridge
5115 Sally Eppes Eldridge
5116 William Miller Eldridge
5117 Elizabeth Susan Eldridge
512 Judith Eldridge (1774-1852), m. 4/3/1794, Henry Cox (1774-1821) of
Nottoway County, son of Henry and Ann Harris Cox (Cumberland
County MB). Ann Harris Cox was the dau. of Benjamin and Ann
Eppes Harris. Henry and Judith Eldridge Cox moved to Madison
County, Ala. (Huntsville).
5121 Winifred Miller Cox (1798-1802)
5122 Ann Harris Cox (1800- ), m. 1816, William Stratton Jones (1796-1870),
son of Thomas Speck and Prudence Jones Jones of Amelia County
(Thomas Speck Jones, a son of Peter Jones of Dinwiddie County, was
a Colonel in the Revolution). Willliam Stratton Jones moved to
County, Ala., in 1813, and he and his wife moved to Franklin County,
Ala., in 1819
5123 Martha Bolling Cox (1803-1818)
5124 Henry Cox, Jr. (1805-1839), m. (1st) Matilda Moore. No issue. m. (2nd)
Sarah A. Steward
5125 Thomas Eldridge Cox (1807-1818)
5126 Judith Eldridge Cox (1810-1852), m. John Harris
5127 Vincent P. Cox (1815-1832)
5128 Sarah Eldridge Cox (1815-1819)
513 Winifred Jones Eldridge (1776- ), m. Rev. David Thompson
5131 Judith Bolling Thompson, m. John Gay Bentley (4125)
5132 John Eldridge Thompson, m. Blanche B.
514 John Rolfe Bolling Eldridge (1783-1868), d. Madison County, Ala.
(Huntsville), m. Susan Miller (1788-1844)
5141 William Eldridge. Moved to Ohio
5142 John M. Eldridge, m. Frances Powell, dau. of Peyton Powell
soldier) and his wife Elizabeth Biscoe
515 Sarah ("Sally") Eppes Eldridge, m. (1st) Thomas Hill. M. (2nd) George
Moseley (Will recorded Madison County, Ala.
Child by first husband:
5151 Winifred Jones Thompson Hill, m. (her cousin), John Rolfe Bolling
5152 George Moseley, Jr.
5153 Joseph Eldridge Moseley
5154 George Miller Moseley
516 Jane Eldridge, m. John Johnson
52 Jenny Eldridge (1740-in the 1800's). Unm.
53 John Bolling Eldridge (4/22/1741- ). unm.
54 Judith Eldridge (3/11/1742*3- ) (twin), m. James Ferguson of
Goochland County (he made his will in 1769 in Amelia County)
541 Maj. James Boswell Ferguson, m. (1st) Jane S. Payne Bolling ( -1806)
(widow of Robert Bolling) (126). M. (2nd) Sally Gay (419). For Maj.
Boswell Ferguson's children by Sally Gay, see 419.
419 Sally Gay, m. 1808, Maj. James Boswell Ferguson (541). She was his
second wife.
4191 Judith Gay Ferguson (1801-1839), m. John A. Carr, U.S.N., grandson of
Martha Jefferson and Dabney Carr
4192 Rebecca Pocahontas Ferguson, m. 10/22/1833, John Meriwether Vaughan,
M.D. (1805-1/3/1855), son of Nicholas Meriwether and Ann Randolph
Pleasants Vaughan
4193 Maj. James Boswell Ferguson, C.S.A., m. 12/22/1858, Emma Cabell Henry
(2/14/1838- ), dau. of Col. John Henry, and grand-dau. of Patrick
4194 Mary Frances (Fanny") Ferguson, b. ca 1818. Unm.
4195 William Gay Ferguson, M. Margaret Bryce, nee Pickett
4196 Robert Ferguson
5411 Jane Elvira Ferguson (4/6/1806-9/8/1898), m. 1827, Peachy R. Grattan
(11/7/18019/8/1771), son of Maj. Robert Grattan of Rockingham County
and his wife, the former Martha Divers Minor Grattan (or Elizabeth
Thornton. See LM, p. 174).
5412 Robert Bolling Ferguson. Settled in St. Louis ca. 1840, and died there
5413 (son)
5414 (son)
5415 (son)
5416 (dau)
5417 (dau)
5418 (dau)
542 (son)