From: Leonard Damron <>
Subject: Searcy Co., Ark. History

Searcy Co., Ark. History, prepared by Jim G. Ferguson, date unknown, but
according to what is given as the parents of Jim G. Ferguson, it was
surely written in the first part of this century. I will give in this
only the genealogical portion of this history and will note in () my
comments as to its contents.

        Jim G. Ferguson notes that information pertaining to this Ferguson
family tree will be found  in the book entitled, "Annals of Haywood Co.,
NC", by W.C. Allen. He also notes that the sponsor for this part of that
history was Homer L. Ferguson, and that this book was published in 1925.

        As to my comments on the following genealogical study, in comparing
what I see in this study and butting it against the Ark. and NC census
reports, we find a number who are mentioned, however there does seem to
be some omissions as I see some NC families that are not mentioned, and
also see some in the study that are not seen in the census reports, and
I refer only to males as the females may be under other surnames. Using
the 1850 NC census as a source of documentation it would appear that
this study is by and large correct back to Robin/Robert Ferguson Sr.,
but I find no documentation beyond that, and indeed the study is rather
vague in regards to his ancestry.

        Robin/Robert Ferguson was born in 1764, near Kings Mountain SC, he died
the 18th of Feb. 1826. He married Frances Love, born 1768 Ireland, died
16 Oct 1858. They removed from SC to Buncombe Co., NC and as that county
was cut into other counties we find some in those counties, principally
Haywood Co., NC. 
Their Children were as follows:
A. Polly, married Solomon Rhea
B. Nellie, married Steven White.
C. Robin/Robert Love Jr., married and had two sons, John and Thomas. I 
have a note from CFSN that there were 8 sons and daus.
D. Andrew, born 16 Jul 1800, married Rachel Jones, their issue:
        1. Ebed Riley, b. 9 Dec 1824, m. in 1865 Lizzie Fincher. Ebed 
           was in the Calif. gold rush, returned and served during the
           Civil War until its conclusion.
        2. Robert Marion, b. 17 Jul 1826, m. Louisa Murray.
        3. Andrew Jackson, b. 16 Sep 1827, m. Emiline Rogers, d/o Cyrus
           & Margaret (McCracken) Rogers, and lived in Rush Fork. Issue:
           1. Fannie, dsp.
           2. Zachary Taylor, dsp
           3. Grover C., m. 2nd Bonnie Morrow, m. 1st. Nora Davis.
           4. Richard Depender (Dee), m. Nettie Ray/Rhea
           5. Mary Ellen, m. Dave or William David, Wilson McCraken and              
removed to Montana.
           6. Rachel Anna, m. Franklin Boring Davis of Canton.
           7. Flora Belle, m. Ulysses Hays Ferguson.
           8. Sallie Florence, m. Thomas B. Allen of Toledo, Wash.
           9. Texie Samantha, died at 18.
          10. Dovie Lee, m. 1st John Wright, 2nd R.W. Teague.
          11. Iola Della, died at 16.
          12. Bertha, died infancy.
          13. Iva, never married. lived Lake Junaluska.
          14. Johnie Glee, m. Sam Love Queen.
        2. Lee, m. Nannie Redmond, lived first at Fines Creek Twp.,
           then Jonathan Creek, where they lived on the Howell place.
           1. Grover, m. Annie Davis.
           2. W. Shook, m. Sue Penland, d/o Dave Penland.
           3. Pritchard, m. Farady Green, note by CFSN says Helen Green,             
lived Atlanta.
           4. Mollie, m. W.C. McCracken.
           5. Marie, m. Fred Allison.
           6. Manila, m. Cad Green, note by CFSN says Carl Silas.
           7. Beulah, m. Julius Boyd.
           8. Georgia, m. Faraday Green. (CFSN)
        3. Andrew, m. Miss Maggie Lou Redmond, CFSN notes that Andrew m.
           2nd. Cora Kirkpatrick, 6 children by her, 4 is all I have.
           1. Robert
           2. William
           3. Annie
           4. Lizzie
        4. Melvin, m. Cenie Fisher, had three children.
           1. John J. m. Lena Boyd.
           2. Grayden C., m. Ova Patterson.
           3. Lillie, m. George Jones of Canton.

We have a conflict between data by CFSN and the Searcy Co. History by
Jim G. Ferguson, this has to do with Andrew, shown as (D.) in ythe
foregoing data. CFSN has his name listed as Andrew Fitzpatrick Ferguson
and gives the following information.
Andrew Fitzpatrick Ferguson, m. Rachel Jones, Issue:
        1. Mary Eleanor, b. 24 Feb 1829, m. Hiram Rogers.
        2. Margaret Angeline, b. 6 Aug 1830, m. Francis M. Davis.
        3. Violet Cyrena, b. 12 Sep 1831, m. John Haynes.
        4. Frances Esther, b. 22 Feb 1833, killed by lightning, 3 Jun      1838.
        5. Thomas Josiah, b. 17 Jul 1834, m. Sarah Ann McCracken.
        6. Nathan Jones, b. 10 Jun 1836, killed by accident, 18 Apr 1863
        7. William Isaac, b. 15 Jun 1837, died Confederate, 25 Dec 1861.
        8. Matilda Caroline, d. infancy.
        9. Rachel Sarah d. infancy.
       10. James Wiley, b. 8 May 1842, Mary Elizabeth Jones.
       11. Martha Jane, b. 11 May 1844, m. A.J. Fincher.
       12. Zachary Taylor, b. 24 Apr 1846, m. Sarah (Katie) Rogers.
E. Thomas Ferguson, s/o Robin/Robert and Frances (Love) Ferguson, m.
        Mary (Polly) Jones, d/o Ebed Jones of Rush Fork. They lived at        
the old home place in Crabtree Twp. Their Issue:                
        1. Ebed, died Confederate Army.
        2. Andrew "       "         "
        3. Robert Allen  "  "       "
        4. Harrison, m. Ann Reeves, lived Fines Creek. CFSN shows          William
        5. Elbert, m. Arbenzinia (Arbie) Owen, lived Fines Creek.
        6. Thomas, m. Harriet Duckett, lived Madison Co. on Spring Creek
        7. Winfield, m. Jane McCracken, lived Rush Fork, Crabtree, Twp.
        8. Riley, m. Mary Emily Noland,   "     "    "       "      "
        9. Sarah Ann, m. John Reynolds of Buncombe Co.
       10. Rachel Clementine, m. John Anthony Reeves of Buncombe Co.
       11. Esther, m. Dr. Fitzpatrick James Boyd of Jonathan's Creek.

F. Samuel Ferguson, the youngest son of Robin/Robert Ferguson and 
Frances Love. He m. Matilda (Tilda) Lovingood, lived Rush Fork.
        1. Fannie, m. A. Jackson Teague of Buncombe Co., NC.
        2. Violet, d. young & unmarried. CFSN cites other reports.
        3. Mary Ann, m. Jesse Rogers, lived Rush Fork.
        4. John A., m. Sarah Ann Owen, lived Jonathan's Creek.
        5. George W., m. Malinda Owen, lived Canton.
        6. Eli, m. Cummi Massey, removed to New Jersey.
        7. Clara Eleanor, m. Cicero Howell.
        8. Carolyn, twin of Clara, m. D.J.L. (Doc) Haynes.
G. William, son of Robert Ferguson and Frances Love, m. Ruth Gibson.
        1. William Burder, m. 26 Aug 1866, Laura Reeves. History states
           seven children, I find but 4.
           1. Herbert R., b. 14 Dec 1870, dsp.
           2. Homer L.
           3. Hartley B., West Point graduate, Brigadier General.
           4. William B., attended Naval Academy at Annapolis.
        2. Garland Sevier, b. 6 May 1843, was a judge and m. 22 Nov 1866
           Sarah F. Norwood, sister to judge W.L. Norwood, Waynesville,            NC.
Sarah F. d. 14 Jun 1912, Garland S. d. 1924.
           1. Nathan
           2. Sarah Frances
           3. James William, m. Hester Lillian Cooper, 3 children.
              1. James William Jr., managing director B.F.
Goodrich,                  Brazil.                              
              2. Edwin Cooper, Firt Lt. Marine Corp.
              3. Isabelle, teacher, Salem College, Salem, NC.
           4. Joeseph B.
           5. Garland Sevier Jr. b. 30 May 1878, graduate U.S. Naval         
Academy, chairman Federal Trade Commission, m. Margaret S.              
              1. Margaret
              2. Sarah
              3. Garland Sevier III.
           6. John N., graduate U.S. Naval Academy.
           7. Lillian
        3. Thomas M., son of William and Ruth (Gibson) Ferguson, m.
11            Mar 1875, Barbara West, nine children, I make 10.                 
           1. Keturah, m. Lawson Kirpatrick, two children.
              1. Beulah, teacher
              2. Conares,   "
           2. Precious, m. W.J. Campbell, 4 children
              1. Ralston
              2. Leon
              3. Paul
              4. Louise
            3. W. Forrest. m. Ada Kirpatrick, 2 children.
               1. Lowery
               2. Wilena
            4. Taft, m. Mary Williams, 7 children.
               1. Kate
               2. Harry Lee
               3. Gladys
               4. Taft Jr.                
               5. Ada Ann
               6. Mildred
               7. Joseph
            5. Nathan, m. Mattie Graham, 2 children
               1. Graham
               2. Joel
            6. Mabel, m. George Few, 4 children.
               1. Geraldine
               2. Harold
               3. Edith
               4. Dorothy
            7. Neva, m. Carter Russell, 2 children
               1. Kathleen
               2. Neal
            8. Millard, m. Daisy Nolan
            9. Ruth
           10. Ebed, lives Marion, NC.
        4. Nathan J., son of William and Ruth (Gibson) Ferguson, m. Catherine
           Worley, one child recorded.
           1. Lura
        5. Andrew M., son of William and Ruth (Gibson) Ferguson, m. Mary
           1. George Robert
           2. Ruth Ann, m. Wade Noland.
        6. John Love, son of William and Ruth (Gibson) Ferguson, moved
to Whittier.

        I can't warrant any of the foregoing, all I'm doing is copying someone
else's work and your only as exact as your sources.