History of Tulare and Kings Co., Calif.
Abstracted, History of Tulare & Kings Co., Calif.:
     Josiah M. Ferguson b. 25 Mar 1843, Ga., s/o Champion and Rachel (Dackett) Ferguson (Should read Duckett). The former an old Ga. planter and a native of Ky., his wife being a native of Ga. (She was b. NC, dau. of Jacob and Amy Duckett). Josiah M. Ferguson joined the Tenth Tenn. Cavalry, Co. G., serving in that Co. until discharged. Soon after the war he removed to Tenn. (See him in the home of Champion Ferguson, 1870 Meigs Co., Tenn. census.) On 22 Oct 1872, he married Miss Parthenia C. Cundiff, a native of that state. In 1875 they moved to Tulare Co., Calif., homesteaded 160 acres which Josiah developed into a good farm, and upon which they lived until 1904 when they moved to Porterville, and he died there in 1909. He was affiliated with the Masons and a member of the G.A.R., and a Republican in Politics. He was survived by his wife. Her parents were Thomas and Mary Gross Cundiff, who were natives of Va.. 
     I wrote to the chamber of commerce of Porterville, Calif., giving names of children of James M. Ferguson and Parthenia Cundiff, and who they married as given in this history. In response to this request I received material from Louis W. Futrell of resno, Calif., formerly of Porterville, Calif. Note that he is a grandson of Dora Alice Ferguson, who married Hartwell A. Futrell. He stated that the last entry in this data was made about ten years ago, said data being received in 1992, following is the data as given by Louis W. Futrell.

     Josiah Messer Ferguson was born in 1843, and m. 10 Oct 1872,
Meigs Co., Tenn., Miss Parthenia Christina Cundiff, b. 30 Aug 1843,
Tenn., the dau. of Thomas and Mary Cundiff, who had additional
children, Isaac Henderson, Francis Jane, Rhoda Ann, William Riley,
Mary Elizabeth, Catherine Miller, James Murnor, Gabriel Jefferson and Willie Caroline. In addition, Mary Cundiff, mother of Parthenia, her maiden name being Gross, had previously been married to a Smelsor, and by him had children Sarah and Paskel Smelsor.

     The following was also included, "At the age of 21, Josiah Messer Ferguson began his service between the States for the United States Army. His certificate of service recorded on 9 Oct 1891 is as follows".

     "This is to certify that Josiah Messer Ferguson who was enrolled on the 18th day of Jan 1864 to serve three years in the Army was discharged on the first day of Aug 1865 by muster out of his company at Nashville, Tenn. while holding the grade of Quartermaster Sgt. in Co. G. 10th Regt. of Tenn. Cavalry and serving honorably in the Military Service of the United States."

 The children of Josiah Messer & Parthenia (Cundiff) Ferguson were:

Cordella Emline Ferguson, b.  26 Jul 1874, Tenn., nine months of         when they moved to Calif. m. Fletcher Tevis Martin, 27 Sep           1896, he b. 1865 d. 1909. Cordella d. in 1949
     Hazel Martin, b. 22 Jan 1901, m. Laurence Anderson 2 Oct 1919.
          Clarence Anderson, b. 8 Jan 1921, m. Ila Ann Minter, 3                    Mar 1946.
               Robert L. Anderson, b. 14 Jul 1951.
     Ruth Martin, 27 Feb 1898, m. Roy Wilson Chamberlain, 16 June
          1921, divorced & then m. Ray Olson.
          James M. Olson, b. 4 Feb 1933, m. Janet Lee Hammond, 12
              Jan 1958, son Jeffrey Donald Olson b. 2 Jun 1965.
Dora Alice Ferguson, b. 13 Dec 1876 Calif., m. Hartwell A. Futrell        31 May 1896, divorced & Alice m. Edwin Sharp, 14 Mar 1916,           divorced 
     Louis Wesley Futrell, b. 16 Jun 1897, m. Lucile Celinda Porch,
          29 Aug 1918.
          Charlotte Fernal Futrell, b. 25 May 1919, d. 1921.
          Louis Willard Futrell, b. 4 Jun 1923, m. Carolyn Ann
               Daniels, 9 Apr 1949, divorced 26 Apr 1954, m.                        Blanche Rachel Edgar, 26 Aug 1955.
               Marriage 1,
               Merylle Dennise Futrell, b. 5 Jan 1951.
               Marriage 2,
               Melanie Lynne Futrell, b. 30 Apr 1959.
               Kendall Ann Futrell, b. 24 Apr 1961.
               Gail Leighe Futrell, b. 29 Jun 1964
     Hector Edward Futrell, b. 11 Oct 1899. No children.
     Mae Futrell, b. 17 Nov 1902, m. 30 Oct 1920, Roland T. Duncan.
          Roger T. Duncan, b. 15 Dec 1929, m. 2 Feb 1952, Carolyn
               May Roads.
               Rand Thomas Duncan, b. 15 Dec 1954.
               Alan Justus Duncan, b. 2 Dec 1956.
               Briana Lynne Duncan, b. 10 Aug 1962.
          Donald Duncan, b. 27 Dec 1933, m. 24 Nov 1961, Rose Lynn

Cora Belle Ferguson, twin of Dora Alice, m, William T. Walker, 7               Oct 1900.
          William James Walker, b. 2 Feb 1906, m. 6 Dec 1929, Alice
               adopted dau. 20 Jul 1944, 
               Nancy Ann Walker, b. 1 Jun 1943.
Mary Rachel Ferguson, b. 13 Feb 1879, m. 14 Oct 1904, Arthur Hayes.
     Mildred Hayes, b. 4 Apr 1917, m. 3 Jul 1937, George Robert
          McDonald, divorced & m. 18 Sep 1953, Wade Sharp.
Tena May Ferguson, b. 24 Nov 1880, m. 15 Oct 1908, Ernest E.              Ridgeway
     Verna Maybelle Ridgeway, b. 24 May 1912, m. 14 Jul 1934,                  Eugene Duncan.
          Gary E. Ducan, b. 26 May 1942.
     Doris Parthenia Ridgeway, b. 14 Oct 1919, m. 14 Jul 1936,                 Wilbur Larson.
          Judith Dee Larson, b. 17 Jan 1943.
          Phillip Greg Larson, b. 22 Feb 1948.
James Thorton Ferguson, b. 19 Jun 1883. drowned 1903, Oakland, Ca.
Thomas Franklin Ferguson, b. 18 Aug 1885, m. 27 Oct 1906, Lahalla
     Harold Armand Ferguson, b. 29 Jan 1908, m. 1 Jan 1932, Ann
          Simmermore, divorced in Oct. 1960. No children.
     Thomas Franklin Ferguson Jr., b. 4 Jun 1910, m. 5 Aug 1934,
          Catherine Lowe.
          John F. Ferguson, b. 14 Nov 1941, m. 11 Jun 1960, Lynn
               Lynn Stocking.
          Jim T. Ferguson, b. 5 Mar 1944.
     Frances Arlette Ferguson, b. 19 Jun 1911, m. 19 Feb 1938,
          George Tinker, divorced, m. 18 Feb 1945, George Grosse.
     Arthur Leonard Ferguson, b. 17 Nov 1913, m. 26 Sep 1937,
          Dorothy Hall.
          Susan Lee Ferguson, b. 17 Jun 1939.
          Andrea LeAnn Ferguson, b. 21 Feb 1945.
          Erik A. Ferguson, b. 22 May 1949, child Brian Thomas
               Ferguson, b. 13 Oct 1972.

William Willard Ferguson, b. 11 Jan 1919, m. 20 Jan 1941,
          Edwina Pope.
          Karen Lillian Ferguson, b. 13 Nov 1941, m. 24 Jun 1060,
               Leon Griffis.
          Sharen Alice Ferguson, b. 13 Nov 1941, twin/o Karen's.

Fletcher Messer Ferguson, b. 5 May 1889, m. 18 May 1910, Erma
     George Day Ferguson, b. 23 Nov 1913, m. 15 Aug 1940, Dorothy
          George Omar Ferguson, b. 10 Dec 1941.
     Helen Lucile Ferguson, b. 16 Jul 1919, m. 21 Jan 1940, Gordon
          Barbara Michele Nunes, b. 31 Mar 1943.

Peace Cemetery, Porterville, Calif.
James Walter Ferguson              30 May 1876-30 Jul 1938
Bertha Ferguson                     1 Oct 1880-18 Dec 1947
     Bertha Whitaker, w/o James Walter Ferguson.