From: Waldy & Jean Cuevas <>
Copied from the Izard County Historian, Vol. 6, No. 1, January 1975


In October, 1910, Mr. and Mrs. Victor FERGUSON; Mr. Ferguson's parents, Mr.
and Mrs. George A. FERGUSON; a brother, Oliver; and a friend of the family,
Ernest REGAMAN, left their home in Freedom, Missouri, bound for the
community later to be known as Dolph.

They traveled with two covered wagons, a hack and about 18 head of horses
and mules.  Mrs. Irene FERGUSON MORRISON, of West Plains, Missouri, a
daughter of Victor, said that her grandfather, George, was " quite a horse
trader and traded along the way.  The trip took about three weeks."

Victor FERGUSON built a store at Dolph and established a post office which
he named after a young man by the name of Dolphus HOOD who worked for him.

Mr. FERGUSON applied to E.B. OLDFIELD, State Representative for the
district, to obtain permission to establish the post office which was
established on May 3, 1911.  For a time, George A. FERGUSON carried the
mail on foot from Dolph to Iuka.  Later a mail route was established from
Elizabeth to Dolph to Calico Rock and the mail hack was driven by a girl
named Jesse JAMES.