Civil War Room, Ga. Archives.
A.J. Ferguson, White Co., Ga. 426th Ga. Militia Dist., Capt., Aug 23
1862. A.G.Om. 38-20 unidentified. (This has to be Andrew J. Ferguson, and this a Confederate Unit, considering the time element where no Federal Units would have existed. This again shows that in the depositions regarding the payment of money due this Andrew J. Ferguson's mother, this for the amount due her for pension, Andrew J. Ferguson perjured himself in several ways. See other annotations for the probable reason for this).

G.B. Ferguson, See 524 Regt., Ga. Inf., Co., B.
(Probably Greenberry Ferguson)
J.H. Ferguson, Spalding Co., Ga. See 26th Senatorial Dist., Ga.
     Militia 490 Dist.
Jasper N. Ferguson, 1st. Sergeant. Habersham Co., Ga. See 65th Regt.
     Ga, Infantry, Co's. I & K.  (This is Jasper Newton, s/o James
     Hamilton Ferguson)
John Ferguson, See 65th Regt., Ga. Infantry. Some cards of this John
     are in Jasper Newton Ferguson's record.
R.H. Ferguson, No County given. Co., G. 1st (Galts) Regt. Inf., Ga.
     St. Line.  (This is probably Riley H. Ferguson, s/o James
     Hamilton Ferguson.)
R.P. Ferguson, Co., A. 42nd Ga.
     There were a number of other Fergusons listed but the researcher
was looking for particular Fergusons and did not take them.
Georgia Archives, Central Research Card Catalog.
Andrew J. Ferguson, 2nd Lieut, Hall Co., Ga., 21 Oct 183? (M.R. 1829-
     1841, page 169) (This the son of William & Judah.)
Edward Ferguson, Capt., Habersham Co., Ga.  24 Jan 18?? rest of date
     cut off on page. (M.R. 1829-1841, page 149.) (This appears to be        a son of William & Judah, see foregoing annotation. Also see            letter by Edward Ferguson in which he declines a Captaincy.)

Roster of Confederate Soldiers of Georgia 1861-1865

Jackson Ferguson - Pvt 11 Mar 1862 Co. D., 36th Regt. Army of Tenn.
Apptd. Sgt., captured at Nashville Tenn. 16 Dec 1864, released at Camp
Chase Ohio 12 Jun 1865.- Bartow Co. (May be a s/o Andrew J. Ferguson)

John Ferguson - Pvt. Sep 1862, Co. K., 65th Regt. Army of Tenn. Smiths
Legion, Ga. Vols. Transferred to Co. K, 65th Regt. Ga. Infantry, Mar
1863. - Habersham Co., Ga.

Milligan F. Ferguson - Pvt. 18 Apr 1861, Co. F. 2nd Regt.  Army of
Northern Va. "Cherokee Brown Riflemen" On detatched duty 31 Dec 1864,
no later data.

Volunteer Soldiers Serving during Cherokee Disturbances & Removal.
Champion Ferguson, Pvt. Mounted Militia, Clevelands Co., Lindseys Ga.
     s/o William & Juda (Wood) Ferguson
Edward Ferguson.   Same.
     s/o William & Juda (Wood) Ferguson
John Ferguson,     Same.
John Ferguson, Pvt. Mounted Militia, Means Co., Lindseys, Ga.  
Andrew J. Ferguson, Pvt. Glasscocks Co., Norwoods Battalion, Ala. Militia.
     s/o William & Juda (Wood) Ferguson