Ark Confederate  Veterans and Widow Applications.
Vet Name             Vet # Co. Regt. Div Dates Appl    County Death
A.C. Ferguson        12051 A   ---- AR-I 62-65 08/10/14  Sevi 04/20/33

D.T. Ferguson        3271  C   3    Ar-I 64-65 08/09/01  Carr
Duke Ferguson              C   3    AR-I 61-65           Drew 02/13/01
     Widow, Mrs J.M. Ferguson submitted under #16804, 08/11/02
F.M. Ferguson        23063 A   ---- AR-C 62-65 08/14/15  Howa 01/01/20
     Widow, Lucy Ferguson     submitted under #23063, 08/12/20
G.W. Ferguson              K   1    SC-I 64-65           Izar 09/28/08
     Widow, Sarah A. Ferguson submitted under #19232, 08/04/09
Gilbert Ferguson           A   ---- TX-- 61-65           Carr 11/--/98
     Widow, Harriett Ferguson submitted under #3273,  08/05/02
Ira Ferguson               -   ---- AR-C 62-65           Bent 07/08/80
     Widow, Charlotta submits under #22715  08/07/16, her d. 03/01/39
J.A. Ferguson        14565 C   3    AR-I 62-65 08/07/11  Ashl 02/16/16
     Widow Ura (Laura, nee Roberts)     under #14565  08/07/16
J.G. Ferguson        2047  F   1    AR-C 62-65 --/--/95  Craw 10/29/11
     Widow, Phillias A.       submitted under #2047   08/08/12
J.L. Ferguson              F   18   TX-- 62-65           Pope 02/02/15
     Widow, Mrs. M.J.,     submitted under #22871  Her d. 05/21/29
J.P. Ferguson        26764 -   22   TN-C ---65 08/10/25  Clar 05/20/32
James R. Ferguson     5176 E    4   AR-I 61-65 08/08/06  Hemp
      I think this is James R. Ferguson, s/o Elijah
Jasper N. Ferguson         I    5   AR-V 61-65w08/04/93  Pula
John Ferguson              A   --   AR-C 63-65           Jack 08/--/78
     Widow Martha J. submitted under #19395, 08/11/03
John C. Ferguson           -   --   AR-I 62-65           Howa 10/20/93
     Widow, Mrs. M.A. submits under #20703, 08/12/19
John C. Ferguson     7883  H   4    MS-I 61-65w08/13/10  Mont
John B. Ferguson           E   4    AR-I 61-65           Howa 10/24/93
     Widow, Mattie A. submits under #18833, 08/04/04
John B. Ferguson           E   4    TX-C ---63d          Colu 12/30/63
     Widow, Mrs. J.E. submits under #2323 --/--/96
John P. Ferguson           H   22   AR-I 62-65           Pope 09/14/98
     Widow, Mrs. J.P. submits under #9557 08/09/10, she d. 05/21/29
Joseph J. Ferguson         K   1    GA-I 61-65           Inde 04/--/65
     Widow, Adline submits under #20607 08/14/17
Kimzy Ferguson       7679  E   --   GA-- 63-64 08/24/01  Mont
M.A. Ferguson        16802 B   19   AR-I 63-65 08/23/01  Linc
M.E. Ferguson              -   --   ---- -----           Drew 01/--/04
     Widow, Mrs. M.E. submits under #16801 08/10/14
M.F. Ferguson        11299 F   2    GA-I 61-65w08/30/01  Wood
R.A. Ferguson        3571  A   17   SC-I 61-65w08/15/01  Clev
R.R. Ferguson        10132 F   25   AR-I 61-65w08/27/01  Pula 08/04/10
     Widow, Argent R. submits under #10132 08/11/11
T.M. Ferguson              A   19   NC-C 61-65           Sear 05/07/07
Widow, Malinda E. submits under # 21542 08/15/17
W.O. Ferguson              I   1    AR-C 63-65           Pope 09/19/98
     Widow, Kate submits under #21376 08/08/18
W.P. Ferguson        15143 A   6    SC-I 61-65w08/15/01  Brad 06/22/32
     Widow, Susan M. submits under #15143 10/18/37, she dies 12/24/32
     I don't understand how she submits after the given date of death?
William Webb Ferguson 2628 C   --   AR-B 64-65 --/--/23  Carr 02/24/29
     Widow, Sarah E. submits under #2628 03/04/29, she d. 06/22/31
     Wm. W. s/o David T. & Elizabeth Ann Ferguson.
     Notations do not exist for the small w. or d. that exists between the years of service and the date of application. In the case of the one d. it does indicate a death during service and therefore w. probably indicates wounded and d. indicates death in service.

Index To Ark. Confederate Soldiers
A. J. Ferguson           Pvt./Sgt. Co., K. 37th Ark. Inf.
A. J. Ferguson           Pvt. Co., G. 50th Ark. Militia
A. M. Ferguson           Pvt. Co., I. C., 5 Ark. Inf.
Alexander H. Ferguson    Sgt. Co., D. 23rd Ark. Inf.
B. F. Ferguson           Pvt. Co., L. 1st. (Monroe's) Ark. Cavalry
B. N. Ferguson           Sgt./Pvt. Co., L, 1st (Monroe's) Ark. Cav.
Booker Fergueson         Pvt. Co., F. 18th Ark. Inf.
Charles C. Ferguson      Sgt./Sgt Mjr, Co. A., F & S, 1 Ark Mtd Rfls
Elijah H. Ferguson       Pvt. Co., C., 3rd Ark. Inf.
H. H. Ferguson           Pvt. Co., G., 16th Ark. Inf.
Ira Fergerson            Pvt. Co., F. Gordon's Regt., Ark. Cav.
J. Ferguson              Pvt. Co., E., 51st Ark. Militia
J. A. Ferguson           Pvt. Co., A., Crabtree's 46th Ark. Cav.
J. A. Ferguson           1st Lt/Lt. Co., F., Gordon's Regt. Ark.Cav.
J. A. Ferguson           Pvt. Zimmerman's Batt'y, Ark. Lt Artillery
J. A. Ferguson           Sgt. Co., E., Hardy's Regt., Ark. Inf.
J. A. Ferguson           Pvt/Sgt. Co., H., 24th Ark. Inf.
J. H. Ferguson           Pvt. Co., F., 32nd Ark. Inf.
J. H. Ferguson           Sgt. Co., E., 1st Ark. Mtd Rifles
J. K. Ferguson           Cpl/2nd Lt., Co., C, 19th (Dawson's)Ark.Inf
J. L. Ferguson           Pvt. Co., H., Cocke's Regt., Ark. Inf.
J. N. Ferguson           Sgt/Pvt. Co., I., 5th Ark. Inf.
J. R. Ferguson           Sgt/QM Sgt. Co., F & S, 4th Ark. Inf.
J. R. Ferguson           Pvt. Co., E., 1st Ark. Mtd Rifles
J. T. Ferguson           Pvt. Co., K., 37th Ark. Inf.
J. W. Ferguson           Pvt. Co., I., 5th Ark. Inf.
James Ferguson           Pvt. Co., E., 4th Ark. Inf.
James Ferguson           Pvt. Co., C., 1st (Colquitt's) Ark. Inf.
James G. Ferguson        2nd Lt. Co., F., 1st (Stirman's) Btn,ArkCav
James L. Ferguson        Sgt. Co., Parkers; Tiners, Ark. Cav.
James M. Ferguson        Pvt. Co., D., 2nd Ark. Cav.
James M. Ferguson        Pvt. Co., C., 9th Ark. Inf.
James O. Ferguson        Pvt. Co., C., 3rd Ark. Inf.
James P. Ferguson        1st Sgt/Pvt. Co., H., 35th Ark. Inf.
James R. Ferguson        Lt/1st Lt. Co., A., 20th Ark. Inf.
Jefferson E. Ferguson    Pvt. Co., B., Hardy's Rgt., Ark. Inf.
Jerome W. Ferguson       Pvt. Co., B., 1st Ark. Vol.
John Ferguson            Pvt. Co., C, 11th & 17th Consol. Ark. Inf.
John Ferguson            Pvt. Key's Battery Ark. Lt. Artillery
John Ferguson            Pvt. Co., H., 15th (Northwest) Ark. Inf.
John Fergerson           Pvt. Co., F. 26th Ark. Inf.
John A. Ferguson         Pvt. Co., C., 3rd Ark. Inf.
John D. Ferguson         Pvt. Co., I., 1st (Colquitt's) Ark. Inf.
John F. Ferguson         Pvt. Co., F., 1st (Stirman's) Btn Ark. Cav.
John F. Ferguson         Pvt. Co., C., 1st (Colquitt's) Ark. Inf.
John H. Ferguson         Pvt. Co., E., 4th Ark. Inf.
John P. Ferguson         Sgt. 1st (Stirman's) Bat'n, Ark. Cav.
John P. Ferguson         Pvt. Co., F. Cocke's Regt., Ark. Inf.
John R. Ferguson         Pvt. Co., B., 34th Ark. Inf.
John S. Ferguson         Pvt/2nd Lt. Co., B., 25th Ark. Inf.
John T. Ferguson         Sgt/2nd Lt. Co., I., 25th Ark. Inf.
John W. Ferguson         Pvt. 4th Batt'y, Ark. Lt. Artillery
Junius Ferguson          2nd Lt. Co., C., 7th Bat'n., Misc.
Lewis Ferguson           Pvt. Co., B., 18th (Marmaduke's) Ark. Inf.
M. A. Ferguson           Pvt. Co., B., Hardy's Regt., Ark. Inf.
Newton G. Ferguson       Pvt. Co., C., 9th Ark. Inf.
R. H. Fergueson          Pvt. Co., H. 38th Ark. Inf.
R. R. Ferguson           Peyton Rfls., Borland's Rgt. Ark. Militia
R. S. Ferguson           Pvt. Co., K., 37th Ark. Inf.
R. V. Ferguson           Pvt. Zimmerman's Bat'y, Ark. Lt. Artillery
Robert Ferguson          Cpl/Pvt. Co., K. 2nd Ark. Inf.
Robert R. Ferguson       Pvt. Co., F., 25th Ark. Inf.
Robert S. Ferguson       Pvt. Co., K., 3rd Ark. Inf.
Robert T. Ferguson       Pvt. Co., C., 8th Bat'n., Ark. Inf.
T. C. Ferguson           Pvt. Co., C., 13th Ark. Inf.
Thomas L. Ferguson       Pvt. Co., H., 35th Ark. Inf.
Tolliver Ferguson        Pvt/Sgt. Co., A., 31st. Ark. Inf.
W. A. Fergusson          Pvt. Co., I., 2nd Ark. Inf.
W. B. Ferguson           2nd Lt. Co., H., 21st Ark. Inf.
W. C. Ferguson           Sgt/Pvt. Co., I., 19th (Dawson's) Ark. Inf.
W. J. Ferguson           3rd Lt./Pvt. Co., L., 1st(Monroe's)Ark.Cav.
W. T. Ferguson           Sgt/1st Lt. Co., I., 25th Ark. Inf.
W. W. Ferguson           Sgt. Co., B., 21st Ark. Inf.
William H. Ferguson      Pvt. Co., B., 3rd Ark. Inf.
William J. Ferguson      AQM Co., F & S., 4th Ark. Inf.
William L. Ferguson      Pvt. Co., I., 1st (Colquitt's) Ark. Inf.
William P. Ferguson      Cpl/Sgt. Co., G., 2nd Ark. Inf.
William W. Ferguson      Pvt. Co., F., 14th (McCarver's) Ark. Inf.

Arkansas Confederate Veterans.
First Regiment Cavalry.
Name                     Rank      Company   Comments
Joel M. Ferguson           Sgt.       B.
Henry H. Ferguson        Private   B.
John W. Ferguson         Private   C.
2nd Regiment Cavalry.
William W. Ferguson        Sgt.         C.
James F. Ferguson            Corporal  C.
John D. Ferguson              Private    C.
Daniel Ferguson                Private    C.
George W. Ferguson          Private   C.
John W. Ferguson              Private   G. deserted La Gr. Tenn. 7/8/65
3rd Regiment Cavalry.
Thomas Ferguson              Colonel   B.
Robert V. Ferguson            Private   E.
William H. Ferguson          Private   H.
Joseph W. Ferguson            Sgt.      H. d. pest house Dardenelle, 5/4/64
John A. Ferguson               Private   L.
4th Regiment Cavalry.
John B. Ferguson             Corporal  C.
Second Regiment Infantry
William T. Ferguson         Private   I.
Fourth Mounted Infantry.
Ellis A. Ferguson             Private   A. s/o Jerome?
Elijah Ferguson, Confederate Colonel of Washington, Ark., is absent
from this list. His obit in the Ark. Gazette shows him to have been a Confederate Col., and also articles in the Washington Gazette refer to him as Col. Ferguson. See abstracts of these articles in this book.

Damn Yankees in Ark.
     The following list has to do with pensions to Union soldiers,
their widows or dependant children not over age 16.
Co.       Unit
Daniel Ferguson          C Pvt     2nd Ark. Cav        W 1886
     Age 22, 5'6", complexion dark, eyes blue, hair black, b.             Walker, Ala., occupation farmer, enlisted 23 Nov 1862, mustered in 1863 at Patterson, Mo., 3 years, mustered out at Memphis, Tenn., 20 Aug 1865. Was in confinement, charged with shooting a citizen, escaped from prison 24 Feb. 1865. These dates do not appear to fit as he was mustered out after he escaped from prison.
Ellis A. Ferguson        A         4 Ark Inf           I 1901
Francis Ferguson         A         2nd Ark. Cav
     Age 34, 5'10", complexion dark, enlisted 18 Aug 1862, Helena,
     Ark., b. Montgomery Md.?, died in hospital, Helena, Ark. 3 Feb
George W. Ferguson       C Pvt/Pvt 2nd Ark. Cav        I 1890
     b. Williamson Co., Tenn., age 18, farmer, enlisted 1 Feb 1864,
     Cassville, Mo., 3 years, complexion dark (one card says fair),
     hair dark, eyes grey, mustered in at Springfield Mo., mustered
     out at Memphis, Tenn, Aug 1865.
Henry H. Ferguson        B Pvt/Pvt 1st Ark. Cav        I 1888
James F. Ferguson        C Cpl/Cpl 2nd Ark. Cav        minor 1883
     eyes grey, hair light, enrolled for duty at Houston, Mo., b.
     Cumberland Tenn., mustered out as Cpl., age 31, Memphis, Tenn., retained revolver.
Joel M. Ferguson         B Pvt/Sgt 1st Ark. Cav        I 1883
John A. Ferguson         L Pvt/Pvt 3rd Ark. Cav        I 1897 W
John D. Ferguson         C Pvt/Pvt 2nd Ark. Cav        I 1882 W
     Joined at Houston, Mo., 1 Jan 1863, age 18, b. Haywood, Tenn.,
     mustered out at Memphis, Tenn., Aug 1863
John W. Ferguson         C Pvt/Pvt 1st Ark. Cav        I 1872 W
     This must be the John W. Ferguson s/o Henry Wood Ferguson. It      would appear that this John W. Ferguson is buried in the  Coleman Cemetery, which is located on the Camp Chaffee Military Reservation in Sebastian Co., Ark. This is near the place of residence for this John W. Ferguson in the 1870 census of Sebastian Co., Ark. The tombstone shows only that he was in Co., C., 1st Ark. Cav., no dates shown.
Joseph W. Ferguson       H Pvt/Pvt 3rd Ark. Cav        W 1865

Robert V. Ferguson       E Pvt/Pvt 3rd Ark. Cav        I 1903 W 1915
Thomas Ferguson          B Pvt/Pvt 3rd Ark. Cav
William H. Ferguson      H         3rd Ark. Cav        I 1892 W 1910
William T.  Ferguson     I Pvt/Pvt 2nd Ark. Inf        I 1890 W 1920
William W.  Ferguson     C Pvt/Sgt 2nd Ark. Cav        I 1897 W 1910 Joined for duty, 1 Jan 1863, 3 years, at Houston, Mo., mustered in 20 Apr 1863, Springfield, Mo., b. Williamson, Co., Tenn., mustered out Memphis, Tenn. Aug 1865.