We need FERGUSON individuals who were in any engagements...we covered
the world...

The following excerpts are from "The Fergusons" by Sir James Fergusson of Kilkerran, Baronet, Chief of the Name. Published by Johnston & Bacon, Edinburgh and London, 1956-1973.

Sir James, btw, is the honorary chief of Clan Fergusson of North America.

"The Dumfriesshire Fergussons were more law-abiding than some border clans and were occasionally summoned by the king to join a muster of the royal forces against them. In the 17th century they were nearly all staunch Covenanters. The signatures of William Fergusson of Craigdarroch and John Fergusson of Corrochdow to the National Covenant of 1638 are both extant. Robert Fergusoon of Craigdarroch at the head of a troop of Nithsdale men had a victorious skirmish with a party of Cromwell's cavalry. John Frgusson of Craigdarroch was killed fighting under Mackay at Killiecrankie in 1689, and the saddle on which he rode that day is still preserved by his descendants. William Fergusson of Caitloch was prominent among the Covenant leaders at the battle of Bothwell Brig in 1679. But the Caitloch family, though their sufferings under Charles II and James VII gave them no cause to love the Stewarts, subsequently turned Jacobite and a daughter of this house was the wife of the execrated John Murray of Broughton. James Fergusson of Craigdarroch, on the other hand, who was Chamberlain to the Duke of Queensberry, was in 1745 a most active supporter of the government and the Protestant succession." p 11

"Like several other warlike Highland families, the Perthshire Fergussons developed a Jacobite tradition. Many of them probably fought under Montrose. A generation later some of them joined after Killiecrankie, the Highland army which the Viscount of Dundee had commanded and which was beaten back in disorder a week or two later by the Cameronian regiment at Dunkeld. Finlay Fergusson of Baledmund was out, apparently against his will, in the 'Fifteen, and John Fergusson of Dunfallandy and Thomas Fergusson of Ballyoukan in the 'Forty-five. Dunfallandy was taken prisoner, and was fortunate to escape condemnation when he was tried at Carlisle in the summer of 1746. Some of the Strathardle Fergussons are also said to have been out in the 'Forty-five. p. 15

"In the seventeenth century the Fergussons of Carrick were nearly all Covenanters like other Ayrshiremen, with the rather strange exception of Sir John Fergusson of Kilkerran (who was knighted by Charles I about 1641) and his four sons--a quarrelsome generation, often at odds with their neighbors--one of whom served in 1648 in the ill-fated Royalist army of "the Engagement" which was scattered by Cromwell at Preston. In general, Ayrshire was a stronghold of the Covenant and loyalty to the Protestant succession at and after the Revolution was so deep that in 1746 the county was reputed not to have produced a single rebel in the last Jacobite rising." p 18


From the Toronto Scotian, April 1972--

"the Fergusons of Dunfallandy were among the gallant men who followed the banner of Montrose and took their place alongside Prince Charlie in 1745."

and from The Highlander, an article called "The Fergussons" by Archie McKerracher:

"Lt. Col. Patrick Fergusson of the Aberdeenshire Pitfour family was killed at King's Mountain, South Carolina in 1780."

 From: John Ferguson <TheBruce17@compuserve.com>

As far as I know the Ferguson rifle was a breach loading rifle (the first
successful model in history) where a portion of the breach was opened by
twisting the trigger guard.  This allowed the rifle to be loaded very
quickly and without the soldier exposing himself to enemy fire. Also, since
it was a rifle and not a musket, it had a greater range and was more
accurate.   Between 500 hundred and 1000 where made and where issued to
Patrick Ferguson's regiement.  Once Ferguson was killed at the Battle of
King's Mountain in N.C., the british army (which had used the Brown Bess
since sometime in the early 1700's) withdrew them all from service.  This
may sound like another case of a military not willing to change, but the
rifle had a very precise calibration and a low tolerance for dirt.  Black
powder being extremely corrosive and dirty, the weapons Ferguson Rifle
would jam at a higher rate then the Brown Bess (after the third volley
about 25% of the Brown Bess muskets where out of action while the soldiers
cleaned them) and could be as readily cleaned as the Brown Bess.  Basically
you ended up with a very expensive club or spear.  They are scarce in
museums, mostly weapons that were captured during the war.  I do not know
what ever became of the rifles put in storage, though they where never
reissued, nor (that I know of) where they sold.  As a side note, Louis
L'Amour, wrote a fictional book titled The Ferguson Rifle, about a
frontiersman who receives one as a gift from Patrick Ferguson as a youth.
Hope this helps.

John Ferguson

From: Bob Ferguson <rwferguson@ualr.edu>
As I understand it, Patrick Ferguson invented the first breech-loading
rifle used by the British Army. I've read at least one comment by a
supposed arms expert that contended the American Revolution might have come
out differently if Patrick's rifle had been invented a little sooner and
all of the British troops in America had been equipped with them, instead
of the smooth-bore muzzle loaders that most British troops had. The
Ferguson Rifle was said to be faster reloading and more accurate than the
British army musket. As it was, only a few of them were used on an
experimental basis.

Patrick was a major when he commanded the losing British and Loyalist
(Tory) force at King's Mountain in NC, and he is buried on the battlefield
there, his grave marked by a cairn on the Battlefield Trail of the King's
Mountain National Military Park.

From: <FergusonTX@aol.com>
Not too long ago I saw on PBS or TLC a history of the rifle. As I remember,
Ferguson (from Scotland) developed a breech loading mechanism for the musket.
It permitted rapid reloading of the muskets and was introduced during the
Revolutionary War for England, but was too little too late. I don't know if
this is the same Ferguson you asked about. Good luck!

Bob Ferguson

From: robert denman <rbrtpl@worldnet.att.net>
i once found a story on it.  they only made a few(100)? it was
never used in revolutionary war(thank goodness). invented in
england/scotland. demonstrated and manufactured there. patrick
died fighting for english at kings mt sc/nc      bob ferguson

Submitted by Carolyn Carver

(Virginia Militia in the Revolution) Section No. 210, page 161: Robert Ferguson (Pittsylvania, Aug 22, 1832). Born at Halifax, 1761, Substituted for Bezaliel Wier in 1779, Served under Capt. Witcher, while marching to join Gen. Lincoln in So. Carolina. A volunteer next spring under Capt. William and Col. John Cleveland. Affiant served against tories, drove cattle for Joseph Terry to Wilkes C.H., N.C. December next he substituted and went out for William Bennett, under Capt. John Winn, and was in Battle at Guilford, and discharged at Ramsey's Mill. Drafted in 1781, under Capt. Henry Burnett, later served under Captain John Beckley and Capt. William Clark. "Joined Gen. Lawson at Charlotte C.H., was several weeks at Malvern Hill and was in the battle of Jamestown." Enlisted after return home in August as wagoner with William McGraw, serving one year, total service was thirty months.

Submitted by:    Barbara Ferguson McMillan
Elijah L. Ferguson, son of Isaac and Mary (Lindsey) Ferguson, was b.
1831 in Clermont Co., Ohio.  He was mustered into Co. H, 4th Regiment,
Indiana Volunteers as a Private on the 12th day of Jun3, 1847, and
mustered out 16th July, 1848.  He received a pension for his Mexican War
service.  He later served in the Civil war in Co. C, 31st Indiana
Infantry.  He was severely injured at the battle of Ft. Donelson.  His
left arm was "shattered by a cannonball..." and later amputated.  He was
discharged as unfit for further service, "...The loss of arm prevents
him from being able to perform the duties of a soldier, although very
willing to do so-he should be discharged from service."

Submitted by Sandi Smith--Texas
Ferguson Texas Confederate Soldiers
                          1861 - 1865
                        Name Roster Volume I

          Fergerson. - 1st Hvy.Aity. Co.E
          Fergerson. CO. 17th lnf. CoD
          Fergerson. Dayis Cay. Martin's Regt. Co.G
          Fergerson. J.L. 1st llyy.Arty. Co.ll.A.E
          Fergerson. Joshaway Cay. Martin's Regt. Co.G
          Ferguerson. W.W. Cay. 1st Regt.St.Troops Co.C
          Ferguson. John 21st Cay. Co.I
          Ferguson. A. 15th lnf Co.G 2nd Lt.
          Ferguson, A.D. 28th Cay. Co.K
          Fer~uso.-. A.j. 12Lh InI. Co.A Jr. 2nd ;.I.
          Ferguson. A.O. Vol. Benton's Co.
          Ferguson. Aaron P.4th Cay. Co.C
          Ferguson, Abram 12th lnf. Co.F Cpl.
          Ferguson. Alexander 11th lnf Co.F
          Ferguson. Alexander M. 13th Vol.3rd Co.K
          Ferguson. Alexander M. lnf. Griffin's Bn. Co.F
          Ferguson. Alexandria lnf. Cotton's Co.
          Ferguson. Alfred J. 13th Cay. Co.G
          Ferguson. Austin 0.4th Cay. Co.A
          Ferguson. Calyin M. 35th (Brown's) Cay. Co.l
          Ferguson. Calvin M. 13th Vol.3rd Co.l
          Ferguson. Daniel W. 4th Cay. Co.A 1st Sgt.
          Ferguson. Daniel W. 36th Cay. Co.D
          Ferguson. David 30th Cay. Co.l
          Ferguson. George 20th lnf Co.G
          Ferguson. George A. 1st (McCulloch's) Cay. Co.E
          Ferguson, ll.C. Inf. Chambers' Bn.Res.Corps
          Ferguson. H.N. 7th Cay. Col
          Ferguson. Henry 5th lnf. Co.B
          Ferguson. Henry M. 4th Cay. Co.H
          Ferguson. Hugh C. 16th Cay. Co.D
          Ferguson. l.D. 16th Cay. Co.C
          Ferguson. J. Cay. Giddings' Bn. Pickerell's Co.
          Ferguson. J. 1st Hyy.Auy. Co.K
          Ferguson. J.A. 32nd Cay. Co.K Sgt.
          Ferguson. J.A. 1st lnf. Co.C Cpl.
          Ferguson. J.A. 11th lnf. Co.F
          Ferguson. J.A. 11th (Spaight's) Bn.Vol. Co.C
          Ferguson. J.E. 25th Cay. ACS
          Ferguson. J.G. 3Oth Cay. Co.C
          Ferguson, J.H. Cay. 4th Regt.St.Troops Co.K
          Ferguson, J.H. 37th Cay. Gmy's Co.
          Ferguson. J.H. 20th Inf. Co.G
          Ferguson. J.J. 7th Cay. Co.1
          Ferguson. J.L. 17th Inf.
          Ferguson, J.T. Cay. 4th Re~StTroops Co.
          Ferguson, J.W. LLArty. Jones' Co.
          Ferguson, James 7th Cay. Co.A
          Ferguson, James 16th Cay. Co.D
          Ferguson, James 22nd Cay. Co.K
          Ferguson, James 21st lnf. Co.A Music.
          Ferguson, James lnf Chambers' Bn.Res.Corps Co.D 3rd Lt
          Ferguson. James A. lOth Cay. Co.
          Ferguson. James E. 11th (Spaight's) Bn.Vol. Co.C,A
          Ferguson, James P. 3oth Cay. Co.l
          Ferguson, James T. 26th Cay. Co.E
          Ferguson, John 8th Cay. Co.C
          Ferguson, John 17th Cay. Co.H
          Ferguson, John Cay. Waller's Regt. Co.D
          Ferguson, John 2Oth lnf. Co.G
          Ferguson, John F. 7th Cay. Co.l
          Ferguson. John F. 3oth Cay. Co.C
          Ferguson, John H. 8th Cay. Co.H
          Ferguson. John M. 5th Cay. Co.B
          Ferguson. John R. 18th lnf Co.E Capi
          Ferguson. John W. 13th Cay. CoG
          Ferguson, Joseph 1st (Yager's) Cay. Co.A
          Ferguson. Joseph 1st Hyy.Auy. Co.K
          Ferguson, Joseph J. 1st (Yager's) Cav. Co.A 2nd Lt.
          Ferguson. Joseph J. Cay. 3rd (Yager's) Bn. Co.A
          Ferguson. louis W. 2nd lnf. Co.E
          Ferguson. Maddison M. Cay. Baylor's Regt. Co.H
          Ferguson. 0. Alexander 11th lnf. Co.F
          Ferguson. ally A. lnf. Cotton's Co.
          Ferguson. R.C. Lt.lnf. & Riflemen Maxey's Co. (Lana'Rif~)
          Ferguson. R.M. 2nd lnf. Co.l
          Ferguson. R.S. 33rd Cay. Co.C
          Ferguson, Robert A. 17th Cay. Co.D
          Ferguson. Samuel Cay. Wailer's Regt. Co.D
          Ferguson. W, Cay. Border's Regt. Co.K
          Ferguson. W.B. Cay. Benayides' Regt. Co.G
          Ferguson. W.D. Cay. Benayides' Regt. Co.G
          Ferguson. W.J. 9th (Young's) Inf Co.B
          Ferguson, W.L. 9th (Young's) lnf. Co.l
          Ferguson. W.L. 17th lnf Co.D
          Ferguson. William 26th Cay. Co.A Cpl.
          Ferguson. William 1st Hyy.Arty. Co.D
          Ferguson. William 11th lnf. Co.D
          Ferguson. William A. 4th Cay. Co.A
          Ferguson. William B. 27th Cay. Co.B
          Ferguson. William E. 12th lnf. Co.F
          Ferguson. William L. 28th Cay. Co.A
          Ferguson. WiU 11th lnf. Co.D
          Fergusson. Austan 15th lnf. Co.G 2nd Lt.
          Fergusson. Robert A. 19th Cay. Co.D
          Fergusson. W.J. 1st Hvy.Arty. Co.D Cpl.

From: Bill Ferguson <wbfergus@geocities.com>

The following Ferguson's can be found at:
by performing a name search for "Ferguson".

These Ferguson's were either KIA or MIA.
At the web page, after performing the search,
each of the names is a link to additional info.
Korean War Project (Name List)
(23 name(s) found)
Name                   State

Name              Rank Co. Regiment       Death Date Grave Location
Rock Island, IL

Ferguson, Bellfield W.     Conscript, MO  Dec 21, 1861690 C.C.
Ferguson, Carroll          Conscript, MO  Dec 13, 1861878 C.C.
Ferguson, Jas. D. SGT  G   12 TN          Sep 12, 1861496 C.C.
Ferguson, Jas. L. SGT  Parkers Co. TurnersDec 10, 1861657 C.C.
Ferguson, Liberty PVT  E   1 TN CAV       May 10, 1861135 C.C.

Point Lookout, Maryland -- Confederate Cemetery

Ferguson, G.W.    PVT  I   17 TN          Apr 14, 186Con. Cem.
Ferguson, H.      PVT  K   2 VA           Aug 13, 186Con. Cem.
Ferguson, S.W.    PVT  I   17 TN          Apr 23, 186Con. Cem.

St. Louis and Jefferson Barracks, MO -- National Cemetery

Ferguson, Jno. N. PVT  A   48 AR          Apr 5, 18654818 N.C.

Finn's Point (Salem), New Jersey

Ferguson, A.J.    PVT  C   60 TN          Jul 22, 186Nat. Cem.
Ferguson, Jas. M. PVT  C   43 GA          Jul 23, 186Nat. Cem.
Furguson, E.F.    PVT  K   17 VA INF      Sep 26, 186Nat. Cem.

Oak Woods Cemetery, Chicago, IL, Confederate Mound

Furgurson, Benj.F.PVT  B   24 AR INF      Mar 16, 186 Con. Md.
Ferguson, Eli H.  PVT  A   Harrold's AL BaJan 14, 186 Con. Md.
Ferguson, J. J.   PVT  H   4 MS INF       Apr 12, 186 Con. Md.
Ferguson, Robert FPVT  A   62 NC INF      Sep  15, 18 Con. Md.

Louisville, KY--Cave Hill Cemetery, Confederate Lot

Ferguson, Wm.              CSA            Sep 21, 186 Con. Lot

Elmira, NY--Woodlawn National Cemetery

Furguson, D       PVT  C   3 NC           Mar 10, 186      1868
Furguson, Geo. S. PVT  A   17 SC          Jan 5, 1865      1257
Ferguson, Thos. S.PVT  C   50 VA          Dec 18, 186      1277

Indianapolis, IN--Confederate Section

Fergus, C.B.      PVT  B   2 MS           Nov 15, 186Con. Sec.
Ferguson, David   PVT  A   36 VA INF      Aug 1, 1864Con. Sec.
Ferguson, Pat. H. PVT      63 GA          Jan 22, 186Con. Sec.

Camp Chase--near Columbus, OH--Confederate Cemetery

Fergurson, J.B.   PVT  G   37 MS INF      Dec 30, 186       682
Furguson, A.P.    PVT  G   21 VA CAV      Nov 15, 186       469
Ferguson, Thos. B.Citizen  Simpson Co, KY Oct 13, 1862

NY and Brooklyn, NY--Cypress Hill National Cemetery

Ferguson, G.N.             CSA            July 16, 18       210

Alton, IL--Confederate Cemetery

Furgerson, M.M.   PVT  D   35 MS INF      Feb 6, 1863Con. Cem.
Ferguson, J.T.    PVT  K   3 AR INF       Jan 7, 1864Con. Cem.
Ferguson, Martin LPVT      20 MS          Jul 22, 186Con. Cem.