From: Trisha Ferguison

Subject: Re: [FERGUSON] Name Variation
I pulled this off of rootsweb a long time ago. I think I got it from the
"archives of this list, but I'm not sure. I hope it helps."
Trisha Ferguison
Hello everyone.......I am not sure where I printed this list you are talking
"about from, it does not have the web site address on it anywhere.. But"
here are the ways they mentioned spelling Ferguson. ( Thank you to whomever
typed this list up)
"Fargerson, Fargeson, Fargurson, Fargusen, Farguson, Fergarson, Fergason,"
"Fergenson, Fergerson, Fergesan, Fergeson, Fergesson, Fergeuson,"
"Fergison, Ferguerson, Fergueson, Ferguhason, Ferguison, Fergurson,"
"Fergusin, Fergusion, Ferguson, Fergusson, Firguson,
Fogerson, Forgarson, Forgason,"
"Forgasson, Forgerson, Forgesan, Forgeson, Forgesson, Forgison, Forgoson,"
"Forgusean, Forguson, Forgusson, Fugason, Fugeson, Furgarson, Furgasan,"
"Furgason, Furgenson, Furgerson, Furgesen, Furgeson, Furgesson, Furgison,"
"Furguerson, Furgulston, Furgurson, Furguson, Furgusson"