Payrolls of Militia entitled to Land Bounty under the Act of Congress 
September 28, 1850 and: Muster Rolls of the Virginia Militia in the War of 1812
Library of Virginia

Farguson, Asa
Farguson, Daniel
Farguson, Hawkey, Ord. Sergeant
Farguson, James
Farguson, Newby
Farguson, William
Ferguson, David
Ferguson, Edmund
Ferguson, Felix
Ferguson, Fergus, Q. M. Sergeant
Ferguson, Haley
Ferguson, John F., Ord. Sergeant
Ferguson, R.
Ferguson, Josiah, Srgt. Ferguson, Leo
Ferguson, Lovell
Ferguson, Peter
Ferguson, William
Ferguson, William
Fergusson, Berry
Fergusson, Daniel
Fergusson, Felix, Sergt
Fergusson, Royal
Fergusson, William
Forgie, Robert
Forgie, Robert
Forgie, Robert
Furgison, Darius H.
Furguson, Daniel
Furguson, Desa
Furguson, James B., Lt.
Furguson, Theoderick