1900 OK, Indian Territory, Cherokee Nation
Thomas Higgins          Sept 1859 Ga.Ga.Ga. Merchant
s/o John Higgins and Rebecca Fain       
8 yrs 2 child 2 living

1900 Soundex, Okla. Indian Territory
Vol 9, ED 135, Sheet 13, Line 95
J.A. Ferguson            Aug 1836 63 Ga. s/o William J. Ferguson
M.E.           wife      Mar 1836 64 Ga. Martha Smith
     e/w A. Dunbar s/l. John Alexanders dau. Ida m. Archie Dunbar. See
1910 Comanche Co., Lawton City, OK.

1900 OK, Indian Territory
Chickasaw Co., Twp. 2 N., Range 6 W.
P. 202A
James L./G. Ferguson    Mar 1876 24 Tn.Ga.Ga. James R. s/o Andrew W.
M. Idela                w.      Mar 1879 21 Ar.SC.SC. Mother of 1
Ester                   d.      Apr 1899  1 IT.Tn.Ar.

1900 OK, Indian Territory
Chickasaw Co., Twp. 2 N., Range 6 W.
P. 202A
Andrew W. Ferguson      May 1838 62 Ga.Ky.NC. m. 40 yrs.
Sarah                   w.      Aug 1846 53 Ga.SC.GA. m. 40 yrs.
Lawrence Natman s/s     Jan 1880 20 Ar.Al.Ga.
Morgan M. Natman        s/s     Aug 1881 18 Ar.Al.Ga.
Jane Ferguson   d.      Mar 1886 14 Ar.Al.Ga.
Tolton Ferguson         Mar 1867 33 Ga.Ga.Ky. m. 5/12 yrs.
Celine Susan    w.      Feb 1875 25 Ar.UN. Ga.
Andrew W. a son of Edward Ferguson and Selina Duckett, Andrew m. first
Malvina Jane Wheeler, who is living in 1880. Jane Ferguson surely a dau. of Andrew and Sarah. See 1880 Independence Co., Ark., 1870 Hamilton Co., and Bradley Co., Tenn., 1860 Clinton Co., Ky., and 1860 Rhea Co., Tenn., also 1850 Habersham Co., Ga. Talton s/o Andrew W. Ferguson.

1900 OK, Indian Territory
Chickasaw Co., Twp. 2 N., Range 6 W.
P. 202A
Silas Ferguson          Feb 1861 39 Ky.Ga.Ky. m. 19 yrs.
Anna                    w.      Apr 1863 37 Ga.SC.Ga. m. 19 yrs.
Wayne                   s.      Sep 1881 18 Ar.Ky.Ga. Calvin Wayne
John                    s.      Jan 1884 16 Ar.Ky.Ga. John Talton
Myate                   d.      Aug 1887 12 Ar.Ky.Ga. Mertie Mae
Emery                   s.      Nov 1889 10 Ar.Ky.Ga. James Emory
Malvina         d.      Jan 1892  8 Tx.Ky.Ga. Malvina Jane      
Joseph          s.      Mar 1894  6 Tx.Ky.Ga. Joseph Andrew
Lucille         d.      Jun 1895  4 IT.Ky.Ga. 
Viola                   d.      Jul 1898  1 It.Ky.Ga. Susan Viola
Silas Ferguson m. Anna Suzannah Howard. Children after this census
Thomas Ozro, Beulah Odessa. See 1880 Independence Co., Ark.

1920 Cimarron Co., OK
ED 40 Sht 4
Joseph P. Duckett               45 Ga. s/o Jackson T. and Amanda
Anna L.         w.      29 Mo.
Carl J.         s. 1 4/12 OK

1910 Comanche Co., OK,
013-0050-0218 Lawton City
C.A. Barre               23 OK.Mo.Ga.
Mary           wife      22 Tex.Ga.Ga.
Julia          sister    19 OK.Mo.Ga.
J.A. Ferguson  f/law     75 Ga.Va.Ga. s/o William Jasper Ferguson
M.A.           m/law     75 Ga.Ga.Ga.
     This is John Alexander Ferguson and his wife Martha A. Smith. In
1900 he was in Lawton, Okla. in the home of his s/law, A. Dunbar.
There is a difference between the soundex and census proper, the
soundex shows C.A. Barre as a Grandson. I would guess from the states
of birth that Mary was a dau. of Ida, youngest child of John Alexander
Ferguson. See 1850 Habersham Co., Ga., 1860 White Co., Ga., 1870 &
1880 Sebastian Co., Ark.

1920 Comanche Co., Okla. soundex
16-123-20-31 1st No. family, 2nd No. ED
Lawton City, Gore, Ave.
John L. Ferguson         43 Ark. s/o Fred W., s/o John A.
Minnie         wife      10 Ill.
Dorothy        dau       15 Ok.
Marjorie       dau       10 Ok.
Roberta        dau        7 Ok.
Julia Bays     m/law     64 Ill.
Charles Ferguson bro     24 Ok. s/o Fred W.

1910 LeFlore, Co., OK,
034-0162-0081  (Spiro)
Thomas H. Ferguson       56 Ark.Tn.Ark s/o John & Martha Ferguson
Lucretia       wife      59 Ark.Ala.Tenn.
Claude         son       22 Ark.
Maud Moore     dau       24 Ark.
James H. Moore g/s        3 Ark.Ark.Ark.
Hugh Moore     g/s        2 Ark.Ark.Ark.
     6 children born to this mother, 5 living. See 1870 & 1880,
Sebastian Co., Ark. My cousin Irene stated that Tom Ferguson had a son
Claud and a dau. Maud, and here they are. Maud was obviously married
to a Moore. Note that LeFlore Co., Okla. is adjacent to Sebastian Co.,
Ark. Irene also said that Claude resided Spiro, Okla. Thomas H.
Ferguson was cultivating corn in Sebastian Co., Ark. when he was
overcome with sunstroke. He was not found for some time and when they
did find him he was unconcious. Tom was never just right after that.

1920 Lincoln Co., Ok. soundex
38, 124, 4, 21.
Wiley C. Chadwick        35 Ar.
Emma           wife      32 Ar. d/o Fletcher A. Ferguson
Ruby           dau       14 Ar.
Ward           son       11 Ar.
Elvis          son        9 Ar.
     Wiley C. & Emma both buried at Clinton, Okla.

1910 Mayes Co., Okla.
Pg. 99, Bryan Twp., 17 May
Nathan E. Woodruff       26 Ar.Iowa,Iowa
Myrtle         wife      18 AR.Ar.Ar. Myrtle Stewart d/o China Duckett

1920 Mayes Co., Ok.
Bryant Twp., 20 June
Ernest Woodruff          35 Ark.Mass.Iowa
Myrtle         w         29 Ark.Ark.Ark. (Myrtle Stewart)
Cressie        s          9 Ok.Ark.Ark.
Kenneth        s          6 Ok.Ark.Ark.
Harold         s          2 Ok.Ark.Ark.
     Nathan Ernest Woodruff, b. in Jasper, Newton Co., Ark., s/o
William Francis Woodruff and Mary Ann Kendall.

     I recently contacted Leroy Woodruff of Tulsa, Okla., and he
informed me that Myrtle Stewart Woodruff was his grandmother, that she
was born at Texarkana, Ark., a dau. of Jeremiah Stewart and China L.
Duckett. China L. Duckett was a dau. of Alfred Hamilton Duckett and
Malinda Brock. It would appear that Jeremiah Stewart and wife China
moved from Sebastian Co., Ark. to Garland Co., Ark., a little prior to
the 1880 Garland Co. census, then by 1891 they removed to Miller Co.,
Ark., then after 1900 they moved to Logan Co., Ark., then before 1910
they removed to Mayes Co., Okla. China died prior to the 1910 census,
and is buried at the Newhome Cemetery, near Peggs, Okla.  China died
in childbirth and the baby is buried with her. after the death of
China, Jeremiah moved to Ariz. with all the children save Robert and
Myrtle. Myrtle Stewart married Ernest Woodruff in 1909, Mayes Co.,
Okla. Children of Jeremiah Stewart and China L. Duckett were: Robert,
who remained in Mayes Co., Okla.; Rallis, who lived at Tucson, Ariz.;
Clyde, who lived in Calif, and was a Major League ball player; Canary,
who resided Calif.; Dixie, who also resided in Calif. Additional
information provided by Opal Stewart, grand dau. of Robert, says that
her father was born around Talequah, Okla., which would indicate that
Robert lived around there before residing in Mayes Co., Okla.

1910 McClain Co., OK, soundex
039-0186-0040 20 Apr
Fred W. Ferguson         50 Ga.Ga.Ga.  s/o John Alexander
Martha         wife      52 Ark.Ga.Ga. Martha Redding?
John L.        son       25 Ark.Ga.Ark. Bakery at Tulsa.
Will           son       21 Ark.
Jim            son       19 Ark. James Morgan Ferguson
Ivy            dau       17 Ark.
Charley        son       14 Ark.
Lue (Lou?)     dau       10 Ark.

1910 Payne Co., OK.
Indian Twp., 27 April
J.D. Cargill                    John Daniel Cargill b. 1872
Belle          wife             Rachel Nancy Belle O'Kelly
Clarence       son       12 Ar. Clarence Wesley b. 18 Jun 1897
Della          dau       10 Ar. Clara Della b. 19 May 1899
Lula           dau        9 Ar. Lula Stella b. 9 Dec 1900
Gordon         son        7     Gordon Oscar b. 15 May 1902
Orgel          son        5 Ar. Orgle Charlie b. 11 Aug 1904
Lois           dau        3 Ar. Lois Pearl b. 23 May 1906
Nathan         son        2 Ok. Nathan Alvin b. 24 Feb 1908
Leroy          son     1/12 Ok. Leroy Dearl b. 19 Mar 1910
     Child born before this census & out of home: Nora Ethel Cargill,
     m. 15 Dec 1909, Elmer T. Curry.

1920 Payne Co., OK.
Indian Twp.
J.D. Cargill             47 Ky.
Rachel Bell    wife      45 Tn.
Della          dau.      20 Ar.
Gordon         son       17 Ok.
C. Orgle       son       15 Ar.
Pearl Lois     dau.      13 Ar.
Nathan Alvin   son       11 Ok.
Leroy D.       son        9 Ok.
Jerome E.      son        6 Ok. Jerome Ruel, b. 24 Sep 1913
Oran (Orion)   son        4 Ok. Orion b. 20 Apr 1915
Gertrude E.    dau        1 Ok. Gertrude Eva b. 28 Dec 1918
     Note by this & the foregoing census that this family appears to
have moved to Okla., then back to Ark, then again to Okla,

1920 Payne Co., OK.
City of Cushing, 930 Maple St.
John Jenkins             41
Lizzie S.      wife      40 Ar. Elizabeth L. Keylon, d/o John H.
Clarence (E.)  son       17 Ar. 17 Jan 1903-1955
Clara E.       dau       14 Ar.  9 Dec 1905-7 Aug 1981
James Homer    son       10 Ar. 1910-Aug 1993
Virgil         son        4 Ar.
     Born after this census, Harold Jenkins. Clarence buried Resthaven
Cemetery, Okla. City, m. Fern Over; Clara d. Naples Fla., m. Casteel
Brigance; Homer m. Pauline Carter.

1920 Payne Co., OK.
Indian Twp. 2 Jan
Jim C. O'Kelly           43 James Champion, b. 6 Oct 1876 Tn.
Nancy E.       wife      38 Nancy Marie Elizabeth Miller
Otho O.        son       19 Otho Oliver, b. 9 Sep 1901, Ark.
Thelma M.      dau       14 Thelma Mary, b. 3 Aug 1905, Ark.
Lloyd F.       son       12 Francis Lloyd, b. 2 May 1907, Ok.
Samuel S.      son        9 Samuel Scelous, b. 19 Aug 1910 Ark.
Hazel A.       dau        6 b. 15 May 1913, Ok.
Treva          dau     9/12 Treva Ouida, b. 12 Mar 1919, Ok.
     See 1910 census Fulton Co., Ark. Dau. Sarah Alma missing from
this censis, she b. 3 Jul 1903, Ark., m. Loss G. Daniels. This family
also appears to have moved to Okla., then back to Ark., & then Okla.

1920  Pottowatamie Co., OK. soundex
69, 195, 5, 80.
William Keylon           44 William Champion b. 5 Aug 1876 Tn.
Fannie         wife      38 Fannie Payne
Thel           dau       15 Ar. Mary Ethel
Bertha         dau       14 Ar.
Bernice        dau       11 Ar.
Orgel          son       10 Ar.
Gladys         dau        6 Ar.
Ira            son        4 Ok.
Arlie          son        2
     William Champion s/o John H. Keylon and Roxanne Ferguson, d/o
Champion Ferguson. Children born after this census: Juanita; Norma
Jean. See also Izard Co., Ark.

1900 Cherokee Nation (Rogers Co.)
76/79 21 June
William Buster        In Jun 1854 45 I.T.Unk.Ga. m. 19 yrs
Martha         wife   wh Oct 1864 35 Ark.Ill.Ark. m. 19 yrs.
Ellen          dau    In Jun 1886 13 I.T.I.T.Ark.
Charles        son    In Jul 1892  7 I.T.I.T.Ark.
Thomas         son    In Nov 1899 6/12 I.T.I.T.Ark.
     7 children this mother, 3 living. Wm. Buster listed as farm
labor, can't read or write, Martha & Ellen could read & write, owned
home, free of mortgage, lived at house & not on farm. There is a
problem with the state of birth for Martha's father, he was born Tenn.
and not Ill. Martha a dau. of John W. Ferguson & Martha Bollinger, she
was born in Sebastian Co., Ark., see 1870 census that county. Martha a
cousin to my grandfather, William Thomas Damron, whose mother was
Susan Ferguson, sister to John W. Ferguson, both being children of
Henry Wood Ferguson and Elizabeth Neil Davis.

1910 Rogers Co., Ok.
B-236  0064-0174-0058
Wm. Buster               49 Ok.IT.Va. m. 28 yrs. 1/16 Cherokee
Martha         wife      45 Ark.Va.Ark. d/o John & Martha Ferguson
Charley        son       18 Ok.Ok.Ark. 1/32 Cherokee
Etta           d/law     18 Mo.Mo.Mo. non Indian
Thomas         son        9 Ok.Ok.Ark. 1/32 Cherokee
Rhoda          dau        6 Ok.Ok.Ark. 1/32 Cherokee m. Patterson
Billie D.      son        3 Ok. m. Dicey______?

1920 Texas Co., Ok.
Nabisco Twp., 24 Jan
John G. Duckett          37 Ga. b. Aug 1882
Eunice         sister    27 Ga. b. Apr 1893
Russell B.     brother   39 Ga. b. Sep 1880
     Children of Library Duckett, see Banks Co., Ga., and Wichita
Falls, Tex.

1910 Stephens Co., Ok.
P 12B, Brown Twp. Ward 3, Dist. 5-231
James F. Ferguson               57 Tx.Scotland.Al. M. 24 yrs. Insurance agent
Mary L.         W.      42 SC.Ms.Al. M. 24 Yrs. 7 children, all living.
James R.                S.      22 Tx.Tx.Ms. Single
J. Frank                S.      18 Tx.Tx.Ms. Single

1920 Texas Co., Ok.
Nabisco Twp., 24 Jan
Ervin Duckett            46 Ark. Gresham Duckett has him as David
     Edwin Duckett, son of Library Duckett & Martha Weaver. Mrs. Lane
     has him as Edwin.

1920 Texas Co., Ok.
Nabisco Twp., 6 Jan
Fred? L. Duckett         33 Ga.Ga.Ga.
James          brother   32 Ga.Ga.Ga.
Nancy J.       mother    69 Ga.Ga.Ga. Nancy J. (Cash) Duckett.
     Head of house is Lester Duckett, see in Gresham Duckett's family
history under Ga. Nancy is Nancy (Cash) Duckett, widow of Library
Duckett. See census of Wichita Falls, Tex. Mrs. Lester Lane states
that Library died in 1918, Wichita Falls, Tex., however she gives the
exact date and place of death for Nancy (Cash) Duckett. She also
states that Lozie married and resided in Okla. Mrs. Lester Lane also
states that Nancy (Cash) Duckett died at Epworth Hospital, Liberal,
Kan., 20 June 1926.  Liberal, Kansas is but a short distance from
Tyrone, Okla., and Epworth perhaps the nearest hospital to Tyrone in
1926. Mrs. Lane also wrote that Edwin Duckett was born in Polk Co.,
Ark., but lived in Okla. and was single, and that Edwins mother,
Martha (Weaver) Duckett, died 26 Oct 1875, Polk Co., Ark. 
Edwin is surely the Ervin Duckett shown in the foregoing census reports of
Texas Co., Okla. Mrs. Lester Lane also states that Mattie, dau. of
Elijah Duckett and Sarah Caudell, was born 9 April, 1875, Polk Co.,
Ark. See Banks Co., Ga.  With this data I think we can state with some
degree of authority that Allen Turner Duckett removed from Sebastian
Co., Ark. soon after his marriage to Sarah E. Bell in 1870, returning
to Ga., and there a son Selma was born in 1872. While in Ga. he visited with Dolphus Duckett and his sons, who at that time were in Banks Co., Ga. Due to this visit or visits, Library and Elijah Duckett, sons of Dolphus Duckett and Sarah Ferguson, returned with Allen Turner Duckett when he removed from Ga. to Polk Co., Ark., this move transpiring prior to 1875.

1920 Texas Co., OK
ED 194 Sh 6
John G. Duckett         37 Ga. b. Mar 1882 s/o Liberry & Nancy
Eunice          sis     27 Ga. b. Apr 1893
Russell B.              bro     39 Ga. b. Sep 1880

Calvin Wayne Ferguson    Rosilea Huffman      8 Jan 1908 Stephens      s/o Silas Edward Ferguson, s/o Edward Ferguson, s/o William
     Ferguson and Juda Wood.
Talton Wayne Ferguson   Susan Sarah Sarilda Jane Brock
m. 26 Jan 1900, Duncan, Ok. s/o Andrew William Ferguson, s/o Edward & Selina. The names of bride would indicate that she also descended from Edward Ferguson, & also from Thomas Brock Jr., s/o Thomas and Jane Brock.

Duncan, Stephens Co., Okla.
Hope Cemetery
Rosannah Selina Gertrude Smith 21 Jul 1867-10 Aug 1940
     d/o Andrew William s/o Edward Ferguson

Hogan Cemetery, Mayes Co., Okla.
1/2 mile west & 1/4 mile north of Locust Grove, Okla.
Nathan Ernest Woodruff             1893-1911
Myrtle Woodruff                    1891-1975
     Myrtle Stewart, dau. of Jeremiah Stewart & China L. Duckett, m.
     Nathan Ernest Woodruff, in 1909, Mayes Co., Okla.
Robert Stewart                     1878-1939
     s/o Jeremiah Stewart & China L. Duckett.

Snyder, Kiowa Co., Okla.
Deep Red Cemetery
Talton Wayne Ferguson     7 Mar 1867-23 Jan 1930 s/o Silas Edward

Cushing, Payne Co., Okla.
Fairlawn Cemetery
Belle Cargill            1874-1951 } (11 Jan 1874-30 Oct 1951)
     Rachel Nancy Belle O'Kelly, m. John Daniel Cargill.
John D. Cargill          1872-1950 } common stone
Clarence Wesley Cargill  18 Jun 1897-29 Jun 1990
     s/o John Daniel Cargill & Rachel Nancy Belle O'Kelly
Eva S. Cargill           19 Jan 1901-29 Jun 1990
     Eva Davison, m. Clarence Wesley Cargill.
Wesley J. Gray           27 Mar 1881- 8 Sep 1964
     Wesley Jerome Gray, m. 14 Nov 1908, Crowder, Okla., Pearl Anne
Pearl Anne Gray          11 Feb 1888- 3 Sep 1970
     Pearl Anne Polina O'Kelly, d/o Lonzo Theophilis O'Kelly, s/o
     Sarah Ann Manerva (Ferguson) O'Kelly, d/o Champion Ferguson.
Thomas H. Harkleroad     1873-1955 } common stone
Auda Harkleroad          1884-1973 }   "      "  (d. 17 Feb 1973)
     Mary Auda Paralea O'Kelly, m. Thomas Henry Harkleroad.
J.C. Harkleroad          11 Oct 1893-11 Aug 1963
     J. Charles Harkleroad, m. Alma Annabelle O'Kelly
A. Annabelle Harkleroad  25 Apr 1899-18 May 1980
     Anna Annabelle O'Kelly, d/o Benjamin Fletcher O'Kelly.
Charles Hull             23 Mar 1902- 2 Sep 1970
Lois Pearl Hull          23 May 1906-12 Aug 1976
     Lois Pearl Cargill, d/o John Daniel Cargill.
John T. Jenkins          1873-1934
Elizabeth L. Jenkins     1880-1931 Elizabeth L. Keylon, d/o John H.
     Keylon & Roxanne Ferguson, d/o Champion Ferguson.
Otto Moncy O'Kelly       13 Mar 1905- 2 Apr 1992
     s/o Benjamin Fletcher O'Kelly.
Orville B. O'Kelly       18 Jan 1913- 8 May 1987
     Orville Benjamin O'Kelly, s/o Benjamin Fletcher O'Kelly.
Ewell O'Kelly            14 Jun 1919- 1 Jul 1919
Jewel O'Kelly            14 Jun 1919-14 Jun 1919
     Ewell & Jewel twins of Benjamin Fletcher O'Kelly.
Maud A. O'Kelly          16 Jan 1877-19 Aug 1970
     Maud Alma Beard, m. Benjamin Fletcher O'Kelly.
Ben F. O'Kelly           23 Oct 1871-23 Jun 1967
     Benjamin Fletcher O'Kelly, s/o Sarah Ann Manerva Ferguson.
Clyde T. O'Kelly         18 Nov 1895-15 Sep 1972
     Clyde Theophilis O'Kelly, s/o Benjamin Fletcher O'Kelly.
Nona Webb O'Kelly        28 Dec 1898-16 Apr 1989
     Nona Webb, m. Clyde Theophilis O'Kelly.

Elizabeth O'Kelly        28 Jan 1882- 7 Feb 1970
     Elizabeth Miller, sister of Frances, m. James Champion O'Kelly.
James C. O'Kelly          6 Oct 1876- 3 Jan 1956
     James Champion O'Kelly, s/o Sarah Ann Manerva Ferguson.
Edda Jane O'Kelly        1876-1950
     Edda Jane Caruthers Runnels, 2nd w/o William F. O'Kelly.
William F. O'Kelly       1876-1948 (6 Oct 1876, twin of James C.)
     William Francis O'Kelly, s/o Sarah Ann Manerva Ferguson.
James Orbie Ray          18 Jun 1909-
     m. 29 Jan 1949, Buna Maud O'Kelly, d/o Benjamin Fletcher O'Kelly
Buna Ray                 26 Aug 1916-15 Oct 1993
     Buna Maud O'Kelly, d/o Benjamin Fletcher O'Kelly.
Floyd E. Sorrels          9 Oct 1895- 5 Nov 1974
     m. Clara Della Cargill
Della C. Sorrels         15 May 1899- 9 Mar 1974
     Clara Della Cargill, d/o John Daniel Cargill
Arthur Sweeney
Sarah Pricilla Sweeney   21 Jun 1887-22 Oct 1962
     Sarah Pricilla Moss, d/o James A. Moss & Mary Malinda Ferguson,
     d/o Champion & Rachel (Duckett) Ferguson.

Harrell Cemetery, Cushing, Okla.
George H. Iven           1891-1948
     m. Lula Stella Cargill
Lula S. Iven             1900-1980 (9 Dec 1900-25 Nov 1980)
     Lula Stella Cargill, d/o John Daniel Cargill.
Orgle C. Cargill         11 Aug 1904-26 Sep 1972
     Orgle Charles, s/o John Daniel Cargill
Myrtle Cargill           23 Feb 1904-10 Feb 1987
     Myrtle Goldie Winkleman, m. Orgle Charles Cargill.

New Zion Cemetery, Cushing, Okla.
Steve  R. Raffety        20 Feb 1892-24 Nov 1980
Nancy Evelyn Raffety      6 Feb 1892-23 Mar 1987
     Nancy Evelyn Moss, d/o James A. Moss & Mary Malvina Ferguson, d/o
     Champion & Rachel Ferguson, m. Steve Raffety.

Stroud, Okla.
Nora E. Curry            1891-1974 (14 Dec 1891-20 Apr 1974)
     Nora Ethel Cargill, d/o John Daniel Cargill
Elmer T. Curry           1889-1935
     m. Nora Ethel Cargill

Shady Point Cemetery, Choctaw Co., Ok.
Henry Wilson Damron      1843-1902
s/o William Damron and Susan Ferguson, d/o Henry Wood Ferguson. 

Kiowa Co., Ok.
Deep Red Cemetery, Snyder, Ok.
Talton Wayne Ferguson   7 Mar 1867-23 Jan 1920
Talton b. Ga., s/o Andrew William, s/o Edward

Tyrone, Texas Co., Okla.
Nancy (Cash) Duckett      3 Oct 1850-20 Jun 1926, widow of Library
     Duckett, s/o Dolphus & Sarah (Ferguson) Duckett.

Wards Grove Cemetery, Rogers Co., OK, near Foyil.
Mary Jane Damron                11 Jul 1848-10 Mar 1935
Mary Jane Ferguson, b. Habersham Co., Ga., d/o Wm. J. Ferguson,
      m. Wm. Thomas Damron, my grandmother.     
Julia Ann Eastep                14 Sep 1880-5 Aug 1972  d/o Wm. T. Damron
Spence Eastep                                        m. Julia Damron
Eucal Eastep                                         s/o Julia
Lawson D. Eastep                        -23 Mar 1996 s/o Julia  

Tillman Co., Ok.
Cemetery unknown
Andrew William Ferguson  1838-Dec 1909
s/o Edward Ferguson and Selina Duckett

                        General Affidavit
Indian Territory, Central District (Shady Point, Choctaw Co., OK.)
In the matter of William T. Dammon, guardian of minor children of 
Wilson Dammon, Co. I, 2nd Regt. Ark. Cavalry Volunteers. Dr. J.C. 
Lindsay attests that he attended the above named Wilson Dammon in 
his last sickness, and that he died on the 31st day of Jan 1902 of 
cerebral conjunction, was sick 3 days. (This is Henry Wilson Damron, 
commonly known as Wilson or Wilse. While the surname was Damron, 
Wilson wrote it as Dammon, and as this had to do with a Civil War 
pension, my grandfather, William Thomas Damron, brother to Wilson 
Damron, wrote it in the same manner when addressing this pension. 
Wilson and Thomas Damron sons of William Damron and Susan Ferguson, 
she a dau. of Henry Wood Ferguson and Elizabeth Neil Davis)(See data 
regarding original pension under Sebastian Co., Ark. data, and data 
regarding guardianship of minor children of Wilson's under data in 
Logan Co., Ark.)

United States Pension Agency, Topeka, Kan.
dated 5 Apr 1902
Certificate 720502, Class: Invalid, Pensioner: Wilson Dammon, 
Service: I Co., 2nd Regt., Ark. Cav. Vol.
Last paid at the rate of $6.00 per month, 4 Nov 1891.
Dropped from rolls due to death.

United States Pension Agency, Topeka, Kan.
dated 23 Dec 1909
Certificate 682410, Class: Minor Child of Wilson Dammon, Pensioner: 
Arpha Dammon, Service: I Co., 2nd Regt., Ark. Cav. Vol.
Last paid at the rate of #14.00 per month, 8 Dec 1909.
Dropped after reaching age 16.
(Arpha the dau. of Lucinda (Anderson) Sevley, a widow and 3rd wife of Henry Wilson Damron. William Thomas Damron, brother to Henry Wilson, raised both Arpha and Rosa Damron after the death of Henry Wilson. Rosa the dau. of Susan Holland, second wife of Henry Wilson Damron, they had another dau. Julia, who was 14 when her father died, she remained in Okla., worked at a boarding house, married Virgil Cagle, who she met at this boarding house. Rosa married Fate (Lafayette) Borum, resided Logan Co., Ark., Arpha married a Brooks then a McFadden, 2 children by Brooks, one named Hazel, the other a son who I can not name at this date. Arpha died 1943, San Francisco, Calif. See Washburn Cemetery, Sebastian Co., Ark. for Rosa)

Dept. Of The Interior, Bureau of Pensions:
Washington D.C., 20 Oct 1895.
Sir: Will you kindly answer at your earliest convenience, the questions enumerated below? The information is requested for future use, and it may be of great value to your family. This addressed to:
Wilson Dammon
Shady Point, Indian Territory.
1. Are you a married man? If so state her full name & maiden name.
   Answer: Lucinda Anderson.
2. When, where & by whom were you married?
   Answer: 6 Feb 1892 at Fort Smith, Ark., by clerk of circuit court.
3. What record of marriage exists?
   Answer: I have a certificate of marriage.
4. Were you previously married, if so name your former wife and name       and place of death or divorce.       
   Answer: No. 1, Harriett Mayfield, died March 1880, (Harriett            Mayfield married a Hickson, and was a widow when she and Wilson         married) No. 2, March 4 1885. (No. 2 was Susan Holland)
5. Have you any children living? If so state their names and the dates     of their birth. 
   July Dammon is 15 years old.
   Rosa is 11 years old.
   Arpha is 5 years old
   William Richard is 2 years old.
Signed: Wilson Dammon

(July is Julia, she married Virgil Cagle. Rosa married Fate Borum, Arpha married a Brooks, then a McFadden, Richard is buried next to Wilson at Shady Point Cemetery, they share the same headstone. Wilson had other children than those named here, but they were deceased at the date shown. Sam, a child of Harriett, died in a roping accident at age 16. Two other known children of Harriet were Mary and Henry, both died young, Henry of scarlet fever.)

Declaration For Additional Invalid Pension:
Indian Territory, Choctaw Nation.
On 5 Aug 1895, personally appeared before me, a Notary Public, within and for the county and state aforesaid, Wilson Dammon, age 51 years, a resident of near Poteau, county of Choctaw Nation, state of Indian Territory, who being duly sworn according to law, declares that he is a pensioner of the United States under the act of Congress approved 27 July 1890, and duly enrolled in the Topeka, Kansas Pension Agency, at the rate of 6 dollars per month, having served in the Military Service of the United States, as Pvt., Co. I, 2nd Regt., Ark. Cav. Vols., that his present physical condition is such that he believes he is entitled to receive an increased rate for his pensioned disabilities, all are which are permanent in character, and are not due to vicious habits. Etc.

(Apparently Wilson did not receive additional payment for his injuries as at his death his pension was still 6 dollars per month. In his original pension for injuries, it states that he suffered a broken arm and broken ankle, both as results of his military service, and that he was unable to perform manual labor as a result of these injuries. Henry Wilson Damron also served in the Confederate Army, apparently conscripted.

Application For Accrued Pension: On 24 March 1902, Indian Territory, Central Dist., Lucinda Dammon, widow of Wilson Dammon, applied for a widows pension and accrued amount of Wilson's pension, last paid on the 4th of Nov. 1901. No children mentioned. (I don't know if she drew a pension as Wilson's widow, I do know that grandfather raised her dau. Arpha, as well as Rosa, and drew a pension for them as the guardian of Wilson's minor children).