1900 Barry Co., Mo.
Milligan (Champion) Cox  Sep 1852 49 Ga.SC.??  b. 6 Sep 1848.
Vinita A.(Angeline) w.   Jul 1850 49 Ga.Ky.Ga. Vanetta.
Allie          dau       Apr 1874 26 Ga.Ga.Ga. b. 12 Apr 1874.
Almon Felix*   son       Mar 1875 25 Ga.Ga.Ga.
Oscar          son       Mar 1876 24 Ga.Ga.Ga.
Alvin Hugh**   son       May 1877
Malvin**       son       May 1877
Felton**       son       Feb 1878
Anna Maude**   dau     2 Sep 1889 Mo. m. Washington Jones White.
Loyd C.        son    22 Jul 1887 Mo. m. Flossie Glen Marshall
Julius Carrel  son    29 Aug 1891 Mo. m. Lenore Clyde Marshall
     Anna Maude died 25 Jul 1983, Texarkana, Tex., buried IWOF
Cemetery, Monette, Mo., m. 3 Sep 1916, Washington Jones White; Loyd C. d. 5 Sep 1963, Frisco Hospital, St. Louis, Mo., m. 24 Dec 1912, Flossie Glen Marshall; Julius Carrel d. 2 Nov 1948, Frisco Hospital, St. Louis, Mo. Allie Margeline Cox m. Burness Wellington Withers. 
     This was an extremely hard micro film to read. Census
reconstructed from White Co., Ga. data is marked with *, ** shows
children of these parents but not appearing on this census.

1920 Howell Co., Mo. soundex
Vol 38, 91, 21, 51.
Albert J. Ferguson       38 Ar. Albert Jackson s/o Eli A. Ferguson
Bertha J.      wife      32 Ar. Bertha Jane Smith
Verneen        dau       11 Ar. b. 15 Apr 1908
Cleo R.        son        7 Ar. b. 27 Mar 1913 d. 25 Dec 1961
     Verneen m. 14 Oct 1930, Jefferson City, Mo., J. Dwight Cook;
Cleve Renel m. Salem, Ark., Neva Pauline Morrison. Verneen & Cleo both buried West Plains, Mo.

1870 Lawrence Co., Mo.
Mt. Pleasant Twp.
Alford H. Cox            30 Ga. s/o Carey Cox
Sarah A.                 28 Ga. d/o Wm. J. Ferguson
Joann M.                  8 Tx.
Malone                    6 Ar.
Mollie C.                 4 Mo.
Alcie B.                  1 Mo.

1870 Lawrence Co., Mo.
Mt. Pleasant Twp.
Carry Cox                55 SC
Tolitha                  53 NC Talitha Duckett, d/o Jacob
Milton B.                24 Ga.
Milligan C. (Champion)   19 Ga. 
Eli D.                   16 Ga.
Malcom J.                14 Ga.
Wilburn B.               12 Ga.
Wails M. (Wales)          9 Ga.
Carey Cox s/o William Cox, grandson of Carey Cox, see brother Eli Cox in Parker Co., Tex., and in Ga.

1870 Lawrence Co., Mo.
Mt. Pleasant Twp.
Marshall Cox             28 Ga. s/o Carey Cox
Nancy                    33 Ga.
Mary A.                   1 Mo.

1870 Lawrence Co., Mo.
Mt. Pleasant Twp.
Jessee Brite             46 Ky.
Julia A.                 48 NC d/o John Heggs
John W.                  16 Mo.
Martha E.                14 Mo.
Arizona                  10 Mo. m. George William Wilson

1880 Lawrence Co., Mo.
A.H. Cox (Alford)          42 Ga.SC.Ga.
Sarah A.              wife 35 Ga.SC.Ga. d/o Wm. J.  Ferguson
Joanna                dau  18 Tx.Ga.Ga.
Malone                son  16 Ar.Ga.Ga.
Molla                 dau  13 Mo.Ga.Ga.
Asia                  son  11 Mo.Ga.Ga.
Addie                 dau   9 Ar.Ga.Ga.
Lillie                dau   4 Mo.Ga.Ga. m. George B. Hornish
Albert                son   2 Mo.Ga.Ga.
Boy (Olda)            son 1/12 Mo.Ga.Ga. m. Hattie Mae Murray
     See 1850 Habersham Co., Ga., 1860 White Co., Ga., home of Carey
     Cox and home of William J. Ferguson.

1880 Lawrence Co., Mo.
M.B. Cox             male  32 Ga.
     Milton B. Cox, s/o Carey & Talitha (Duckett) Cox.

1880 Lawrence Co., Mo.
M. Cox                male 36 Ga.SC. __ Marshall Cox
Nancy                 wife 40 Ga.Ga.NC.
Nancy A.              dau  11 Mo.Ga.Ga.
Sanders               son   5 Mo.Ga.Ga.
Hattie                dau 5/12 Mo.Ga.Ga. born Feb.
     Marshall Cox, s/o Carey & Talitha (Duckett) Cox, see 1850
     Habersham Co., Ga. & 1860 White Co., Ga.

1880 Lawrence Co., Mo.
Cary Cox              male 65 SC.VA. __ m. Talitha Duckett in Ga.
C.Q.                  fem- 62 NC.NC.NC.
Eli                   male 26 Ga.SC.NC.
Malcom                male 23 Ga.SC.NC.
Wilburn B.            male 22 Ga.SC.NC.
Wales M.              male    Ga.SC.NC.

1900 Lawrence Co., Mo.
214A, Pierce Twp. 14 June
Milton B. Cox            May 1847 53 Ga.Ga.Ga.
Missouri E.    wife      Jan 1853 47 Mo.Tn.Tn.
Walter         son       Mar 1880 20 Mo.Ga.Mo.
Landon         son       Mar 1884 16  "  "  "
Frank          son       Jun 1886 13  "  "  "
Ama?           dau       Oct 1888 11  "  "  "

1900 Lawrence Co., Mo.
214B, Pierce Twp, 15 Jun
Malcomb J. Cox           Apr 1856 44 Ga.Va.Ga.

1900 Lawrence Co., Mo.
Marshall M. Cox          Jun 1843 56 Ga.Va.Ga.
Nancy          wife      Apr 1840 60 Ga.Ga.SC.

1900 Lawrence Co., Mo.
Pierce Twp. 15th June
Lewis C. Ferguson       Mar 1849 51 Ga.Ga.Ga. m. 30 yrs
Nancy (Stewart)    wife Sep 1848 51 SC.SC.SC. m. 30 yrs
John H.             son Jan 1874 25 Ga.Ga.SC.
Lizzie              dau Dec 1876 23 Ga.Ga.SC.
Lewis H.            son Apr 1883 17 Ga.Ga.SC.
Arthur              son Dec 1884 15 Ga.Ga.SC. William Arthur
Mary A.          mother Mar 1828 72 Ga.Ga.Ga. widow of Hugh Ferguson
     Lewis C. Ferguson, son of Hugh Ferguson and Mary A. Garrin., b.
in Habersham Co., Ga. See 1850 Habersham Co., Ga., 1860, 1870, 1880, White Co., Ga. Lewis H. a doctor at Monett, Mo., he m. Lillian Meader. Lizzie apparently named Alice Elizabeth, m. George Crater. John H. m. Lula Withers, sister to Burness Wellington,and Nellie Withers. Children not seen this census: Fletcher, m. Nellie Withers; James B. m. Frances Williams.

1840 Morgan Co., Mo.
Moreau Twp. pg 171
                        Eldest male
William W. Ferguson     0010001-212101 b. 1794 SC, s/o Wm. & Juda
John Lindley            00011001-02200001 Father of Samuel?
Bellfield Ferguson      200001-01001 b. 1804 SC, s/o William & Juda.

1850 Morgan Co., Mo.
Moreau Twp. pg 222
Bellfield Ferguson      47 SC farmer m. 1st. Ruthe Shelton, 1827
Matilda                 39 Ky.
William W.              14 Ky.
John S.                 12 Mo.
Joel M.                  9 Mo.
Thomas B.                7 Mo. Thomas Benton
Louisa E.                4 Mo.
Ruthe Shelton d/o Ezekiel Shelton and Margaret Davis, Margaret d/o of Robert Davis and Avarilla Wood.

1850 Morgan Co., Mo.
Moreau Twp. pg 223
William W. Ferguson     56 SC farmer s/o Wm. & Juda
Jemima                  49 SC
Matilda                 21 Ky.
Margaret                19 Ind.
Martha Jane             14 Mo.
Lean B. female          16 Mo. (Probably Lee Ann)
Miranda                 12 Mo.
Nancy Ferguson          10 Mo.
William M. Ferguson      3     See 1860 Sebastian Co., Ark.

1850 Morgan Co., Mo.
Moreau Twp. pg 222
Elizabeth Lindley       28 Ky. Elizabeth Ferguson, m. Samuel Lindley.
Louisa J.                6 Mo.
Mildrid                  4 Mo.
Arene C. female      11/12 Mo.
     See Wm. W. Ferguson, 1860 Sebastian Co., Ark.

1860 Morgan Co., Mo.
Osage Twp., P.O. Mining, pg 692, 23 Aug.
Belf Ferguson           56 Ky. farmer 630
Quintilla               45 NC 3rd wife of Belfield?
George Hutchinson       20 Mo. s/o Quintilla?
J. Ferguson             18 Mo.
Benton                  17 Mo. Thomas Benton, see 1850 census.
Louisa                  14 Mo.
Elizabeth               14 Mo.
Sarah                   11 Mo.
James                   10 Mo.

1840 Taney Co., Mo., Marion Twp.
Obidiah Pruit              11000001-0000001
Henry W. Ferguson          12311010-1013001
Hiram Pruit                20000100-000010000
Aaron Cox                  11000100-3000100
     Hiram Pruitt must have been married prior to his marriage to
Juda Ferguson, Juda Ferguson, the d/o Henry Wood Ferguson, this is
proven by the death certificate of Juda, information given by Hiram
Pruitt. It gives as father, Henry Wood Ferguson, mother as Elizabeth,
and Juda b. 1815, Hamilton Co., Tenn. One son of Hiram and Juda was
named William Henry Pruit, who m. Jemima Doolin, the elder half sister of Bill Doolin the outlaw. Aaron Cox's wife was named Sarah, who would appear to have been related to Elizabeth Neil Davis, wife of Henry Wood Ferguson. See children of Aaron and Sarah Cox in the home of Elizabeth Ferguson, Scott Co., Ark. See also the bible records of William A. Cox. I have a photo of Hiram Pruitt, this the one who must have been the informant, so he must have been a son.

Marion Twp., Taney Co., Mo. Was cut off into Ozark Co., Mo. In 1841.

Missouri Marriages
                        Spouse                  Date        County
Elizabeth Ferguson      Samuel Lindley          18 Oct 1843 Morgan
     JP Wm. K. Anthony.  (Surely a dau. of Wm. W. Ferguson See 1850
     census Morgan Co., Mo., and 1860 census, Sebastian Co., Ark.,
     also m. of Elizabeth Lindley to Joseph Shadrick, 24 Aug. 1852,
     Morgan Co., Mo.).
F.B. Ferguson           Jerusha Huff            25 Aug 1867 Morgan
     MG William Mobley
Louisa Ferguson         Frank Erwin             18 Mar 1877 Morgan
     JP Wm. Leahy (Probably Louise E., dau.  of Belfield Ferguson, see 1860, Morgan Co., Mo.)
Maranda Fergerson        John Smith             04 Mar 1858 Morgan
     MG William Mobley (Probable d/o William W. Ferguson, see 1850
     census, Morgan Co., Mo.)
Margaret Ann Ferguson    William P. Akins       20 Sep 1855
     MG Andrew Estes. (Possible dau. of William W. Ferguson,
     see 1850 census, Morgan Co., Mo.)
Margaret Ann Ferguson   William P. Akins        20 Sep 1855 Morgan
     MG Andrew Estes.
Mary Jane Ferguson      Henry C. Callison       10 Dec 1874 Morgan
     MG Jamers W. Sappington.
Sarah Ferguson          Phillip Damph           23 Feb 1864 Morgan
     MG William Mobley (Probable dau. of Belfield Ferguson, see 1860
     census, Morgan Co., Mo.).
Andrew J. Howser         Sarah Ann Hutchinson   06 Dec 1863 Morgan
     At the home of B.W. Ferguson, Witness: James L. Lamm, John Kelly. (B.W. Ferguson is Belfield W. Ferguson, son of William & Judah (Wood) Ferguson. The bride would appear to be the dau. of
     Quintilla, wife of B.W., this by a prior marriage, see 1860
     census of Morgan Co., Mo.).
Joseph Shadrick          Elizabeth Lindley      24 Aug 1852 Morgan
     MG William Mobley. (This is apparently the Elizabeth
     Ferguson who m. Samuel Lindley, this Elizabeth is surely a dau.
     of William W. Ferguson, see 1840 & 1850 Morgan Co., Mo. census,
     also 1860 Sebastian Co., Ark. census, and Cumberland Co., Ky.
     Court Orders. See also 1800 and 1810 Pendleton Dist. SC census,
     and 1820 Cumberland Co., Ky. census reports.).
IOOF Cemetery, Monett, Mo.
Gilbert M. Withers              1882-1948
Nellie S. Withers               1880-1964
Loren P. Withers                17 May 1884-4 Apr 1920
Myrtle T. Withers               1 Mar 1883-25 Dec 1972
P. Fletcher Ferguson            1872-1928
Nellie E. Ferguson              1870-1958
John Ferguson                   No dates
Ann Ferguson                    No dates
Bertha Ferguson                 No dates

Cox Cemetery, out of Monett, on the road to Pierce City, Hwy. 37.
Alfred H. Cox            1838-1894 s/o Carey & Talitha
Basil Monroe Cox         9 Oct 1895-11 May 1973
Cary Cox       2 Nov 1814-18 May 1896, m. Talitha Duckett in Ga.
Eli Cox                  11 Jun 1854-24 Mar 1892, s/o Carey Cox
Everett Cox              27 Feb 1972, 77 yrs., s/o Malone
Gertrude A. Cox          1875-1922
Leona Cox                d. 8 Feb 1980, d/o Malone Cox
Lillie M., w/o George B. Hornish, could not read dates.
     Think a dau. of Malone Cox.
Loren Cary Cox           26 Jun 1882-16 Dec 1898, s/o M.B. & M.E. Cox
M.B. Cox (Milton B.)     11 Jan 1854-24 Mar 1892, s/o Carey Cox
Malcom Cox               1856-1937, s/o Carey & Talitha
Malone Cox               d. March 1954, age 84, s/o Alfred & Sarah
Margaret Cox             19 Sep 1873-15 Dec 1966
Marshall Cox             1844-1916 1890 Special census shows Marshall
     M. Cox, 1 Ky St Cav., in low state of health, life doubtful.
     Pierce City, Lawrence Co., Mo.
Nancy Cox                1835-1906
Sally (Boucher) Cox      d. 27 Feb 1979, w/o Everett Cox
Samantha C. Cox          4 Oct 1852-20 Nov 1873
     Said to have died of a broken heart when the family left Ga.,
     leaving the one she was in love with behind in Ga.
Sanders A. Cox           1875-19__, only 19 recorded
Sarah A. Cox             1841-1893, d/o Wm. J. Ferguson, s/o Hugh
Sarah A. Cox             d. Dec 1959, w/o Malone Cox
Sarah J. Cox             1868?-13 Jun 188?, w/o A.E. Cox
Talitha Cox   14 Apr 1818-27 Jul 1887. Talitha Duckett, m. Cary Cox.
     Talitha d/o Jacob and Amy Duckett.
Wales M. Cox             1860-1909, s/o Carey & Talitha
Wilburn B. Cox           25 Mar 1858-5 Jun 1937, s/o Carey & Talitha
Lewis C. Ferguson        15 Mar 1849-7 May 1918
     s/o Hugh & Mary (Garrin) Ferguson. See Habersham & White Co's Ga
Nancy Ferguson           25 Sep 1848-18 Apr 1919
     Nancy Stewart, w/o Lewis C. Ferguson
Information from a descendant of Lewis C. Ferguson states that Mary A. (Garrin) Ferguson is buried adjacent to Lewis C. Ferguson, has a stone but no inscription.

1917 Publication of the Lawrence Co., Mo. History.
     In many respects this history is amazingly correct, there are
some errors that are easily recognized, making it of interest in its
entirety, this despite the errors seen.

     L.C. Ferguson died in 1918, his wife Nancy in 1919, both are
buried in the Cox Cemetery, located just out of Monett, Mo., on the
road leading to Pierce City, Lawrence Co., Mo., and therefore at least a major portion of the history came from him, Johna Goade, a descendant of Lewis C. says the information was given by a son of Lewis C. Ferguson. One should consider that some 60 years had elapsed between the time Lewis C. Ferguson saw or heard of some that are mentioned, and the date this history was recorded.

     While this history is printed here exactly as seen in the book, I will show the errors by underlining the individual in question and
will follow this by explanations that are in parenthesis or italics.

     L.C.  Ferguson, one of the well known citizens of Pierce City, a
man of the old south, the home of hospitality and chivalry, is L.C.
Ferguson, who was born in White County, Georgia, 15 Mar 1849 (He was
born in Habersham Co., Ga., White Co., Ga. being cut from that part of Habersham in 1857) He was reared on a farm and received his early
education in subscription schools.

     His parents were Henry (Hugh, as can be seen in the Ga,
census reports) and Mary A. (Garrin) Ferguson. The father was
a native of South Carolina, and was of Scotch ancestry.  His father
William was but a boy when the Revolutionary War broke out, but at the age of sixteen he enlisted in the Army and served the last three years of that great struggle. After the War he migrated into Kentucky (As I have shown earlier, by the deposition of this William he moved several places before arriving in Cumberland Co., Ky.) where he married May A.Wood. (It was Juda, as is shown in both William's
deposition and the Greene Co., Tenn.  marriage records. We also see in her deposition for a widows pension that her name is Juda, and also in the 1860 White Co., Ga. census) She was also a native of Carolina, but it was North Carolina. They had children as follows, Champa (Champion), Edward, James, Belfine (Belfield), Elijah, Andrew, Elizabeth who became Mrs. Louis Wright, and Henry (Hugh), the father of our subject, who later went to Georgia. He joined the Georgia State Militia and became a Major in the army. Hence he was generally known as and called "Major Ferguson". He was married twice.

     The children by his first wife were William; John; Elijah;
Sallie; who became Mrs. Adolphus Duckett, Nancy, married Josiah
Duckett, Polly A. who became Mrs. Milton Moore and Elizabeth who
married Martin Jones.

William is William J., who married Nancy Jane Brock, d/o Thomas
Brock, John is John H., who married his cousin Martha Wright, see
Clinton Co., Ky. & Rhea Co., Tenn.  He also had a son Hugh H., who
married Mary Ellen Service.  This Hugh H. Ferguson has two children of Josiah Duckett and Nancy Ferguson in his home in 1860, White Co., Ga. Nancy died prior to 1850 and Josiah remarried, then he died c 1854. One of the children in question was Jane Duckett, and she married James Elijah Ferguson, he a son of William Ferguson and Nancy Jane Brock shown above. See 1870 and later census reports of Sebastian Co., Ark.

     William W. Ferguson is one of the sons of William and Juda
(Wood) Ferguson who is not named in this history, probably the result
of a confusion in William's as there were several. See the 1850 census of Morgan Co., Mo., the 1860 census of Sebastian Co., Ark., also deeds in Morgan Co., Mo., and the 1800 & 1810 census of the Pendleton Dist. SC. Also see the census reports of Cumberland Co., Ky., and the court orders in that county.

     The children by the second marriage were L.C.; Vinetta (Vanetta), now Mrs. Milligan Cox, Samantha C., now wife of James Stewart and John M. The father died in 1862, the mother died in 1914, having reached the age of almost 88 years. (The John M. Ferguson shown here could not have been a son of Hugh Ferguson, this as Hugh died in 1862 and this is apparently the John shown as age 1, this in the home of Mary A. (Garrin) Ferguson in the 1870 White Co., Ga. census. In 1880 this John Ferguson is in the home of Mary (Garrin) Ferguson, age 12, shown as son, therefore this John has to be an illegitimate son of Mary's).

     The rest of this history has to do with the children and
wife of L.C. Ferguson so I wont go into it further. Omitted from this
history are three children of William and Juda.  One was Ellis who
died at about 21 or 22 years of age in Hempstead Co., Ark.  This the
result of a bite by a rabid panther. There was also a William & a
daughter who married a Davis, this can be seen in a deposition made by Judah regarding the Revolutionary pension of her husband William
Ferguson. In this she refers to grandson J.S. Davis.

     What is of significance is that the majority of children of
William and Juda are shown in this history. In some way there is an
error and Henry is shown as the father of L.C. Ferguson. This has to
be Henry Wood Ferguson, a brother to Hugh Ferguson who was the father
of L.C. Ferguson. This can be determined beyond any doubts by the
examination of the Habersham and White Co., Ga. records.

I might also note that the shown children were determined to be
children of William and Judah long before I had a copy of this

In large part I have confined the information in this book to
documents themselves. In this History of Lawrence Co., Mo. I would
like to indicate the mathematical possibilities of there being this
many children of William and Judah being named by chance, add to this
the names Belfield, who they call Belfine, and Champa, who was
Champion and usually called Champ.

     One should also consider that both L.C. Ferguson and his mother
Mary A. (Garrin) Ferguson resided in the same home as Judah (Wood)
Ferguson, widow of the Rev. War soldier William Ferguson, from
sometime in the 1850's until the death of Judah in Feb. of 1862. This
would have made them both privy to any lineages given by Judah (Wood)
Ferguson. See the 1850 and 1860 census reports of Habersham and White
Co's., Ga. Also see the family history written by Gresham Duckett, son of Dolphus and Sarah, this Sarah the one named in the foregoing
history as a dau. of Hugh by his first marriage.  In this it names
Hugh Ferguson & Mary Ann Higgins as the parents of Sarah, and goes
beyond this to name William Ferguson & Judy Wood as the parents of
Hugh. Also note that Dolphus & Sarah Duckett reside next door to Judah (Wood) Ferguson in the 1850 Habersham Co., Ga.  census. This I think insures that Sarah would have known of the family history back to and including William and Judah (Wood) Ferguson.

     We also note in a letter written in 1905 to a Dr. P.Y. Duckett,
(Pierce Young, s/o Dolphus) that the wife of Dolphus Duckett was Sarah Ferguson, she a dau. of Major Ferguson. This assures us that as given in the foregoing history, Hugh Ferguson was indeed known as Major Ferguson, and considering that Hugh died in 1862, Lewis C. being only about age 13 at the time, it is I think possible that he had never heard his father addressed by his given name, and this I think explains the problem we see in the foregoing history.

Deed Morgan Co., Mo.  (abstracted) 8 Mar. 1837
     Indenture between William W. Ferguson of Morgan County, State of
Missouri, and Joseph Meador, late of the County and State aforesaid.
William W. Ferguson and Jemima his wife, in consideration of $175.00
prompt payment, and by note to me paid by the said Joseph Meador, do
deed in form and law a certain tract of land in Morgan County, State
of Missouri, said land in the South East Quarter of the North East
Quarter of Section 18, Twp. 42, North of the Baseline and West of the
5th principal Meridian, Range 17, containing 40 acres, said land
granted to William Ferguson by the Receivers receipt 13390, bearing
date 28 Nov. 1836.
     Signed William W. Ferguson, Jemima makes her mark.

     See the 1840 & 1850 Morgan Co., Mo. census reports for this
William W. Ferguson, also the 1860 Sebastian Co., Ark. census. Also see the Cumberland Co., Ky. court orders where William, Belfield and John Ferguson are cited to keep the peace. Note that this William W. Ferguson was born about 1794 SC, and that he has Ky. connections in the birth state for children.
Deed Morgan Co., Mo.  (abstracted)
10 Oct. 1837
     Indenture between William W. Ferguson and Jemima his wife, of
Morgan County, Missouri of the one part, and Joseph Meador of the
County and State aforesaid of the other part, that the said William W. Ferguson and his wife Jemima, in consideration of the sum of $175.00 to us in hand paid by the said Joseph Meador, bargain, sell etc. and deliver to the said Joseph Meador etc., a parcel of land contained in Morgan Co., State of Missouri, being by the Receivers receipt, the South East Quarter of the North East Quarter of Section 18, Twp. 42, North of the Baseline and West of the 5th principal Meridian, Range 17, containing 40 acres, granted to William W. Ferguson  by the Receivers receipt 13390, bearing the date 28 Nov. 1836.
     Signed & sealed by William W. Ferguson, Jemima makes her mark.

Morgan Co., Mo.  (abstracted)
21 Dec. 1839
     Indenture between Henry W. Ferguson and his wife Elizabeth, of
Morgan Co., Missouri of the one part, and P.S.E. Williamson of the
County and State aforesaid of the other part, that the said Henry W.
Ferguson & his wife Elizabeth, for & in consideration of $400.00 in
hand paid by said P.E. Williamson, hath bargained, sold etc. to P.E.
Williamson, a parcel of land in the County and State aforesaid, said
land in the North East Quarter of the South East Quarter of Section
71, Twp. North 42, North of the Baseline and West of the 5th principal Meridian, Range 17, containing 40 acres, dated 14 Oct. 1836, No. 12616 the other entry being the North West Quarter of the South East Quarter of Section 21 and Twp. North 42, North of the Baseline & West of the 5th Principal Meridian, Range 17, containing 40 acres, the last receipt dated 28 Nov. 1836, No. 1339, together with all woods, minerals etc.
     Signed & sealed by Henry W. Ferguson, his wife Elizabeth makes
her mark.

     This is Henry Wood Ferguson, who removed to Marion Twp., Taney
Co., Mo.by the time of the 1840 census. Marion Twp. cut off into
Ozark Co., Mo. when it was formed. Henry W. then moved to Scott Co.,
Ark. about 1842-3. This part of Scott cut off into Logan Co. in 1870.
Henry Wood Ferguson born 2 Aug. 1793, Pendleton Dist. of SC, a son of
William and Judah (Wood) Ferguson. See Bat Roost Cemetery, Logan Co.,
Ark. for dates on Henry W. and Elizabeth Ferguson, 1880 census of
Logan Co., Ark., home of son William L., for the state of birth for
his father, Henry Wood Ferguson. Also note that descendants of Hugh
Ferguson wrote letters in 1939, and in these named children of William Ferguson & Juda Wood, and in these they name besides others, Henry & Ellis.

Morgan Co., Mo.  (abstracted)
17 Jan. 1859
    Indenture between James K. Willson of Morgan Co. and State of Mo.
of the one part, and Belfield W. Ferguson of the same County and State of the other part, in consideration of the sum of $500.00 to the said James K. Willson in hand paid by the said Belfield W. Ferguson, James K. Willson has bargained, sold etc. to Belfield W. Ferguson, land in the county and state aforesaid, said land in the South East Quarter of the North East Quarter of Section 34 in Twp. 41 in Range 17, and also part of the South West Quarter of the North East Quarter of Section 34 in Twp 41 of Range 17. This land extended to the center of the main channel of Soap Creek, said land consisting of 34.95 acres and including appurtenances. Page 273 of I assume Bk. 11, as in 1860 Belfield Ferguson sells this and some other land he had. The price of his sold land was $400.00, although it contained more acreage than is shown in this tract, the reason apparently is the appurtenances shown in this deed, and these are not shown in the 1860 deed.

     See 1840, 1850 and 1860, Morgan Co., Mo. census reports, also
court orders of Cumberland Co., Ky. and Wayne Co., Ky. marriage bond
for Belfield Ferguson, also see the Lawrence Co., Mo.

Morgan Co., Mo.  (abstracted)
16 March 1860, Recorded 19 Mar 1860, Bk 12, pgs 669, 670, & 671.
     This indenture between Belfield W. Ferguson and Quintilla his
wife in the county of Morgan and the State of Missouri, parties of the first part, and Joseph H. Houser, of the County and State aforesaid, party of the second part, for and in consideration of the sum of $400.00 to the said Belfield W. Ferguson, in hand paid by the said Joseph H. Houser, the said Belfield W. Ferguson hath sold, bargained etc. a parcel of land in the county and state aforesaid, said land being in the South East Quarter of the North West Quarter of Section 34, in Twp. 41 of Range 17, containing 34.93 acres.  Also land in Section 35, same Twp. and Range, containing in all 79.05 acres. This land went to the center of the main channel of what was then called Soap Creek. Dower rights relinquished by Quintilla Ferguson. Signed and sealed by B. W. Ferguson and Quintilla Ferguson.

Alvin Cox b. 4 May 1877, White Co., Ga., m. Irene Brite 26 Oct. 1881,
     Rogers, Ark. This would indicate that Alvin Cox was probably
     related to Carey Cox, who married Talitha Duckett.