1840 Clinton Co., Ky.  Wayne, Cumberland 1836
John Ferguson            1 m. 40-50, 1 f. 10-15, 1 f. 30-40
     John a s/o Wm. & Judah, wife Mahala, dau. Mary, m. Wm. Groom?
James Ferguson           2 m. 0-5, 1 m. 5-10, 1 m. 20-30,
                         2 f. 0-5, 1 f. 30-40
This appears to be James Hamilton Ferguson, born 1802, s/o
William and Juda.

1840 Clinton Co., Ky.
Pg 329
Jonathan M. Davis       1 m. 15-20, 1 m. 20-30, 1 f. 15-20.
Due to the age of the youngest male, this may be two brothers and a sister, or a man & wife & his/her brother.

1840 Clinton Co., Ky.
Pg 331
Warren Davis    1 m. 15-20, 1 m. 40-50, 1 f. 10-15, 1 f. 30-40

1840 Clinton Co., Ky.
Pg 336
John Davis      1 m. 5=10, 1 m. 10-15, 1 m. 40-50, 1 f. 40-50

1840 Clinton Co., Ky.
Pg 336
Peter Davis     1 m. 5-10, 1 m. 30-40, 1 m. 50-60
1 f. 15-20, 1 f. 30-40, 1 f. 40-50
A Peter Davis is not shown among the descendants of John Davis and Jemima (Jefferson) Collins.

1840 Clinton Co., Ky.
Pg 337
William Davis   1 m. 5-10, 1 m. 10-15, 2 m. 15-20, 1 m. 40-50
1 f. 10-15, 1 f. 40-50
William s/o Robert and Avarilla Davis, b. 20 Nv 1792, Sevier Co., Tenn., d. 5 May 1878, m. 1st Catherine McCullom, 12 Apr 1818. Children are John M., Thomas, Greenberry, William Wallace, Joel, Catherine, Polly. One of these males and 1 female must have died prior to this census.

1840 Clinton Co., Ky.
Pg 340
James Davis     3 m. 0-5, 1 m. 5-10, 1 m. 10-15, 1 m. 15-20,                             1 m. 30-40, 1 m. 80-90, 2 f. 5-10, 1 f 10-15,
1 f. 15-20, 1 f. 30-40.
John Davis is the eldest male, son of John Davis & Jemima (Jefferson) Collins, he was born 12 Dec 1758, Augusta Co., Va., died 30 Sep 1841, Clinton Co., Ky., married Mourning Guffey/McGuffey in 1789, she born 1768. James Davis, shown as head of house this census, was born 12 Dec 1803, Ky., married 1st to Jane (Jennie) Hopkins, dau. of Dennis and Martha (Cox) Hopkins, 24 Jan 1822, Wayne Co., Ky., she born 5 Mar 1806, Ky.

1840 Clinton Co., Ky.
Pg 340
John Davis Jr.  1 m. 0-5, 1 m. 15-20, 1 m. 40-50
                 2 f. 0-5, 1 f. 5-10, 3 f. 10-15, 1 f. 30-40
John Davis Jr. m. Nancy Hamilton 20 Oct 1820, Wayne Co., Ky. Hamilton and James K. are the two sons, Nancy Jane, Lovina, Angeletta, are three of the females, Syrena another.           

1840 Clinton Co., Ky.
Pg 340
Absolom Davis   1 m. 0-5, 1 m. 5-10, 2 m. 10-15, 2. m. 15-20,                            1 m. 40-50, 2 f. 0-5, 2 f. 5-10, 1 f. 10-15,                            1 f. 30-40             
Absolom s/o Robert Davis and Avarilla Wood, b. 3 Jun 1797, Sevier Co., Tenn., d. 30 Sep 1858, Clinton Co., Ky., m. Allie Fair Guffey. Male Children, William F., Cebern J., Miles H., John R., Thomas C., Constant E.W., Absolom B. Female children, Sallie Ann, Allie Fairf, Avarilla C. Martha E., Margaret M., Mary E., Nancy.
1850 Clinton Co., Ky.
157 Dist. 1, 27 July
John Ferguson            53 SC
Mahala                   45 Ky.
     John Ferguson son of William & Judah (Wood) Ferguson.  Unable to
find this John after this date. A Mary is the wife of William Groom,
see 39/39, and of such an age that she could be the dau. of John and
Mahala as seen in the 1830-40 census.  Have found that a descendant of William Groome states the wife of William Groome was Mary Ferguson, and if so she would be the dau. of John & Mahala Ferguson. Some evidence indicates that Mahala may have been a d/o John & Patsy Wright

1850 Clinton Co., Ky.
William Groom            27 farmer     SC
Mary                     22            Ky.
Louisa                    3            Ky.
Mahala                10/12            Ky.
Jasper Ferguson          17 laborer    Ky.
William   "              12            Ky. b. 7 May 1838
    Note a child is named Mahala, see 38/38. Jasper Newton & William
Marion Ferguson, sons of James Hamilton Ferguson and Mary Campbell.
James Hamilton Ferguson b. 1802, SC m. 7 Mar 1822 Mary Campbell, b.
10 Mar 1806, d. 2 May 1886, Bells, Tex. Children: Riley H., b. 1825,
Josephine, b. ca 1827, Richard, b. ca 1829, Jasper Newton, b. 9 Jun
1833, d. 27 Jul 1905, Henry, b. ca 1835, John b. 1840, Benjamin b.
1843, James b. 1845, Mary L., b. 1847.  Source: Jack Ferguson, Albany, Ky. See William Marion, Milam Co., Tex. Jasper Newton, Hall Co., Ga., Meigs Co., Tenn., Roane Co., Tenn., he moved to Grayson Co., Tex. during the 1880's.

1850 Clinton Co., Ky.
Pg 164, Dist. 1, 27 July.
Wm. Davis                57 Tenn.
Catherine (McCullem)     55 Ky. m. 12 Apr 1818
Thomas                   19 Ky.
     William Davis a son of Robert Davis and Avarilla Wood, he was
born 20 Nov 1792, died 5 May 1878. William Davis married second
Angeline Beard, who died about two years after marriage, no children
by Angeline Beard. William Davis married third to an unknown woman, no issue. C.E.W. Davis in his genealogical study on the line of Robert Davis and Avarilla Wood, gives also as children of William Davis, Polly; Greenberry, 28 Jan 1824-6 Jun 1850; Joel; William Wallace, 14 Oct 1828-28 Jan 1894; and J.A.W. As the 1850 census was taken in July it is clear why Greenberry does not show in it, however I can not account for Polly, Joel, William Wallace, or J.A.W. not being shown in this census as they are shown as younger than Thomas.

1850 Clinton Co., Ky.
Pg 160, Dist. 1, 5 Aug.
Absolom Davis            53 Tenn. farmer
Alfare                   48 Ky. Allie Fair Guffey, m. 17 Feb 1820.
Alfare F. (Allie Fair)   20 Ky. 9 Oct 1829-27 Oct 1910
Avarilla C.              19 Ky. 20 Feb 1831
Thomas C.                17 Ky. 10 Feb 1833
Martha E.                15 Ky. 14 Mar 1835-6 May 1881
Constant E. W.           13 Ky. Constant Elisha Watson 18 Dec 1836
Margaret M.              11 Ky. 8 Apr 1839-15 Jan 1891
Absolom B.                9 Ky. 2 May 1841-29 Dec 1923
Mary E.                   7 Ky. 12 Apr 1843
Nancy M.                  4 Ky. 16 Jan 1848-1918
     Absolom Davis was a pioneer Methodist preacher in Clinton Co., Ky. He was born 3 June 1797 in Sevier Co., Tenn., a son of Robert Davis and Avarilla Wood, he a son of John Davis and Jemima (Jefferson) Collins, Avarilla a dau. of Henry Wood. Absolom Davis died 20 Sep 1857, and is buried along with his wife at the cemetery adjoining the Davis Chapel Church. Children not seen this census, William, b. 24 Dec 1820, Sallie Ann, b. 22 Jun 1822, Cebern J., b. 26 Dec 1823, John R., b. 17 Nov 1824, Miles H., b. 18 Mar 1826.

1850 Clinton Co., Ky.
Pg 164, Dist. 1, 6 Aug.
John Ferguson (John H.)  28 farmer     NC  so Hugh Ferguson
Martha                   30            Ky. d/o Elizabeth Wright
William H.                4            Ky.
Elijah F. (Eligah)        3            Ky. b. 8 May 1848
Hugh F.                   4/12         Ky.
     See 1860 Rhea Co., Tenn., 1870-80, Clinton Co., Ky. Also see
     deeds, Habersham and White Co's., Ga.
1850 Clinton Co., Ky.
Page 177, Dist. 1, 19 Aug.
John Wright              75 NC farmer, 3,000
John R. Bandy            20 Ky.
Elizabeth "              18 Ky.
     John Wright may have been a brother to Elizabeth Wrights deceased husband, Lewis Wright.

1850 Clinton Co., Ky.
Page 177, Dist. 1, 19 Aug.
Elizabeth Wright         51 SC
Lean (Lee Ann) Davis      8 Ky.
Lewis Davis               6 Ky.
     See Pension records of Juda (Wood) Ferguson, Habersham Co., Ga.,
also History of Lawrence Co., Mo., also 1860 census, Rhea Co., Tenn.,
also Tenn. marriages, J.C. Ferguson to L. Davis, Rhea Co., Tenn., also 1880 census, Clinton Co., Ky., home of John C. Ferguson.

1850 Clinton Co., Ky.
Dist 1, 19 Aug pg 177
James Ferguson           48 SC laborer, James Hamilton s/o Wm. & Juda
Jasper (Newton)          16 Ky. b. 9 Jun 1833, d. 11 Jan 1905, Tex.
Nancy                    13 Ky.
William (Marion)         12 Ky. b. 9 May 1838, d. 26 May 1925
John (John C.)           10 Ky. see 1880 Clinton Co. Ky.
James                     5 Ky.
     The Jasper & Wm. Ferguson shown here are the same as those shown
     in 39/39, 1850 Clinton Co., Ky. James H. & Mary are apparently
     separated, some children living with the mother and some with the father. James Hamilton Ferguson was a son of William and Juda {Wood) Ferguson. See Meigs Co., Tenn.

1850 Clinton Co., Ky.
2nd Dist, pg 199, 13 Aug
Mary Ferguson            40 Ky. Mary Campbell, b. 10 Mar 1806
Benjamin                  7 Ky.
Mary L.                   2 Ky.
     Mary (Campbell) Ferguson d. 24 May 1886, Bells, Grayson Co., Tex. See 1860-70 Hall Co., Ga., 1880 Clinton Co., Ky., home of John C. Ferguson, James Hamilton Ferguson & Mary Campbell m. 7 Mar 1822,
separated prior to the 1850 census, see other children in home of
James Hamilton Ferguson, 319/319, page 177.

1860 Clinton Co., Ky.
W. Andrew Ferguson       22 Ga. farm labor, s/o Edward
Malvina (Jane Wheeler)   15 Ky. m. 1960, d. 1884 Healing Spgs. Ark.
     Wm. Andrew s/o Edward & Salina (Duckett) Ferguson, he was b.
     Habersham Co., Ga., d. Dec 1909, Hazel Twp., Tillman Co., Ok.

1870 Clinton Co., Ky.
P.O. Albany, Dist. #1, pg 31, 12 Aug.
John H. Ferguson         49 NC s/o Hugh, s/o Wm. & Judah
Martha                   50 Ky d/o Elizabeth Wright
Wm. H.                   24 Ga
Elijah                   22 Ky school within year
Hugh                     20 Ky
Edward L.                18 Ky
John H.                  16 Ga
George W.(Washington)    14 Tn moved to Texas
Calvin B.                 8 Tn
     See also 1860, Rhea Co., Tenn., 1850 Clinton Co., Ky. While I am
unable to find a Ga. marriage for John H. & Martha, states of birth
for children, as well as some other data, indicates that Elizabeth
Wright and dau. Martha, were in Ga. in or before the 1840's.

1870 Clinton Co., Ky.
P.O. Albany, Dist. #1, pg 32, 12 Aug.
Mary E. Ferguson         39 SC Mary Ellen Service, b. 22 Sep 1830
Margaret J.              16 Ga school within year.
John D.                  14 Ga        "
Thomas W.                13 Ga        "
Wm. E.                    9 Ga        "
Fletcher                  8 Ga        "
Hamilton(Hugh Hamilton)   5 Ky b. 22 Aug 1864, d. 25 Jan 1925.
     Edmondson Co., Ky. Mary E. b. South Carolina, wid/o Hugh H.
Ferguson, brother to John H. Ferguson in the preceding census.      See Hugh H. Ferguson in the 1860 census of White Co., Ga. Hugh H. Ferguson b. 22 Aug 1818, d. 23 Sep 1866. See Ky. cemetery data. Hugh Hamilton Jr. m. Doreas Dorthula Stice, children: Lemuel Adrian, b. 11 Dec 1886, d. 8 Jan 1962, m. 29 Oct 1911, Della Ethel Sanders; Maggie Marie, b. 17 Jun 1893, d. 23 Oct 1965, m. Herbert Hazelip; William Tandy, b. 28 Aug 1888, m. 25 Jun 1908, Velma Wells; Gertrude, b. 17 Jun 1895, d. 2 Jan 1978, m. Smith Skaggs; Leonida Fletcher (Bob), m. Jewell Logan; Mabel, b. 22 Oct 1898, never married. All children b. Edmondson Co., Ky. See the chronicles of Horatio Hennion, these in Ga. pages, for additional information on both Hugh Hamilton Ferguson and Mary Ellen Service. 

Hugh Hamilton Ferguson is also mentioned by his elder brother William J. Ferguson, this in one of the letters written by him to Gresham Duckett. Hugh Hamilton is not mentioned by name, only as his youngest brother. William J. states that while in good health, his youngest brother died suddenly. He also stated that his eldest sister died alone in the woods. This was Nancy, who married Josiah Duckett. We see two of her children in the home of this Hugh Hamilton Ferguson in the 1860 census of White Co., Ga.

1880 Clinton Co., Ky.
3rd & 6th Precinct, Super. Dist. #3, pg. 10
John C. Furgison         39 Ky NC Ky s/o James Hamilton
Lee Ann (Davis)     wife 38 Ky Tn Ky J.C. m. L. Davis, Rhea Co. Tenn.
George L.           son  19 Tn Ky Ky See Madison Co. Ark.
James E.            son  15 Ky Ky Ky
John H.             son   9 Ky Ky Ky
Mattie B.           dau   7 Ky Ky Ky
Annie Lee           dau   4 Ky Ky Ky m. a Teague, Madison Co. Ark.
Martha E.           dau   1 Ky Ky Ky
Mary C.          mother  74 Ky Ky Va Mary Campbell, w/o James H.
Malvina Wright   cousin  19 Ky Ky Ky niece of Martha(Wright)Ferguson?
George Furgison  bro/law 20 Tn NC Ky  s/o John H. & Martha
James Daniel     nephew  29 Tn Tn Ky
     See John C. Ferguson in 1900 Madison Co., Ark. and 1910, Walker
Co., Tex. Mary (Campbell) Ferguson died in 1886, Bells, Grayson Co., Tex. See Mary in the 1850 Clinton Co., Ky., 1860 & 70 Hall Co., Ga. census. Geo. L. Ferguson, 1900 Madison Co., Ark., 1910 Logan Co., Ark. George Washington Ferguson m. Malvina Wright, and they removed to Texas. Information is that Martha (Wright) Ferguson, mother of George Washington Ferguson, went to Texas on a visit and died there, she is reportedly buried At Palestine, Tex.

1880 Clinton Co., Ky.
Albany voting precinct, #1, Super. Dist #3, 575C
Elijah Ferguson          32 Ky.NC.Ky. s/o John H. & Martha Wright
Mary E.                  24 Tn.Ky.Ky. Mary Ellen Burchett
John C.                   4 Ky.Ky.Tn.
Wm. E.                    2 Ky.Ky.Tn. m. Bertha Mackey
Mary L.                9/12 Ky.Ky.Tn.  Sept.
     Elijah b. 8 May 1848, d. 29 Oct. 1932. Other children of
John H. were: William H. b. 1846, Hugh, b. 1849, d. Nov. 1879, Charles, removed to Texas. Source: Jack Ferguson, Albany, Ky.

1880 Clinton Co., Ky.
Albany voting precinct, #1, Super. Dist #3, 595C
Martha Ferguson          60 Ky.Ky.NC. wid/of John H. Ferguson
Calvin B.                18 Tn.NC.Ky.

1820 Cumberland Co., Ky.
John Ferguson          145 000100-01000-01 s/o Wm. & Judah (Wood)
     Ferguson, the female is Mahala, see 1850
William Ferguson       145 321201-11011-01 m. Juda Wood
William Ferguson Jr.   145 000100-00100-01 This may be Big Creek Bill
     Ferguson (William W.), son of Wm. & Juda, b. ca 1794 SC and can
     not be William R., s/o Champion. See Morgan Co., Mo. and
     Sebastian Co., Ark. for William W. Ferguson.
John Wright Jr.        145 010201-
John Wright Sr.        145 000001-
Lewis Wright           145 100110- m. Elizabeth Ferguson?

1830 Cumberland Co., Ky.
William Ferguson     118 1 m. 0-5, 2 m. 5 10, 1 m. 30 40,
                         1 f. 0 5, 1 f. 20-30  
This has to be William  W., s/o Wm. & Judah. William R., s/o Champion Sr., was born 1802, also the first son of William R. was Champ Jr., born 1822, but William W. was born 1794-5, SC, so the foregoing fits for him but no others.
Lewis Wright        121 1 m. 20-30, 1 m. 30-40, 1 f. 5-10, 1 f. 10-15
                        1 f. 30-40. This appears to be the Lewis
     Wright who m. Elizabeth Ferguson, see Lawrence Co., Mo. History.
     Elizabeth d/o the following William Ferguson & Juda Wood.
William Ferguson     121 2 m. 10-15, 1 m. 18-20, 2 m. 20-30, 1 m.
                         60-70, 1 f. 15-20, 1 f. 20-30,
                         1 f. 50-60
     This is William Ferguson and Juda Wood. The two males 10-15 are
Edward, born 1816 Ky., and Andrew, born 1820, Ky. The 18-20 male is probably Champion. One of the 20-30 males is Ellis, the other must be Elijah, b. 1807 SC. Belfield was married 1827 Wayne Co., Ky., and he and wife must be in the home. Elijah removed to Hempstead Co., Ark. in 1830 but too late to make the census there.
John Ferguson        121 1 m. 20-30, 1 f. 0-5, 1 f. 20-30
     John s/o Wm. & Judah, his wife is Mahala, dau. is the Mary
     Ferguson who m. William Groom, see 1850 Clinton Co., Ky.
John Wright          121 00001001-10100011
     The eldest male is 50-60, the eldest female, 50-60
John Wright Sr.      121 00000000001-00000000001
     The male is 80-90, the female 80-90.
     This is surely the John Wright who made the deed of 101 acres to
     John Ferguson, that John Ferguson seen in the foregoing as a
     neighbor to these Wrights, note they are all on the same page.
James Ferguson       122 2 m. 0-5, 1 m. 20-30, 1 f. 20-30
     Probably James Hamilton, b. 1802 SC, s/o William & Juda (Wood)
     Ferguson. Riley H. & Jasper Newton, were both born by 1830, see
     1860 Hall Co., Ga. 1850 Clinton Co., Ky.
John W. Williams     122 1m. 0-5, 1m. 5-10, 2m. 15-20, 1m. 40-50
                         3f. 15-20, 20-30
     This is the John W. Williams who Elijah Ferguson traveled with
     from Cumberland Co., Ky. to Hempstead Co., Ark. in 1830.

1860 Wayne Co., Ky.
450, P.O. Newberry, 29 Aug.
Thomas Davis             54 Ky. day labor 50/50 can't read.
Margaret                 45 Va. can't read/write
Nelson                   26 Ky.
Wm.                      24 Ky.
Mary                     22 Ky. spinster
Sarah                    19 Ky. spinster
Elizabeth                16 Ky. spinster
Thomas                   14 Ky.
James W.                 12 Ky.
John W.                  10 Ky.
     This appears to be the Thomas Davis who made the affidavit on
behalf of Nancy, widow of Belfield Wood, this in 1858, Clinton Co.,

1860 Wayne Co., Ky.
298 P.O. Monticello, 28 June
Belfield Woods           46 Ky. can't R/W
Sarah                    42 Ky.   "    "
Sarah                    22 Tn.
Wm.                      19 Ky.
Harrison                 13 Ky.
Louis                     9 Ky.
Nancy E.                  6 Ky.
Thursa (f)                3 Ky.
Henderson                 1 Ky.
Nancy Millsaps           65 SC. Mother of Belfield Wood Jr.
Micajah Sowders          23 Ky. Day labor
Sarilda Sowders          25 Tn.
John Woods                3 Tn.
     Belfield Wood, son of Belfield Wood Sr. and Nancy Kidwell, Nancy
(Kidwell) Wood married Thomas Milsaps after the death of Belfield Wood Sr.

1860 Wayne Co., Ky.
298 P.O. Monticello, 28 June
Jesse Davis              56 Tn.
Elizabeth                58 Ky.
Lettice                  39 Tn.
Jane                     25 Tn.
Mary                     22 Ky.
James                    20 Ky. Day labor
Nancy                    18 Ky.
Seborn                   16 Tn.
Wm.                      23 Tn.
Sarah                    20 Tn.
Jerry                     2 Tn.
James                  3/12 Tn.
     Jesse Davis may well be a brother or cousin to the Thomas Davis
of the 1858 Clinton Co., Ky. affidavit. William Davis in this census
would appear to be a son of Jesse Davis and married to a Sarah. As we
see their son James was 3 months of age at the time of this census,
and that he has a birthstate of Tenn., and as Belfield Wood Jr.
formerly resided in Fentress Co., Tenn., see the 1850 census of that
county, it would appear that Jesse Davis et al, removed from Fentress
Co., Tenn. also.

1860 Wayne Co., Ky.
298 P.O. Monticello, 28 June
Wm. Davis                30 Ky. Day labor
Phoebe                   22 Tn.
Calvin                    2 Ky.
James G.              8/365 Ky. 8 days of age.

Kentucky Marriages
                    Spouse                         County Bk. Pg.
Belfield Ferguson   Ruthe Shelton      22 Nov 1827 Wayne
     s/o William & Juda (Wood) Ferguson, license. Ruthe a dau. Of Margaret (Davis) Shelton, she a dau. of Robert Davis and Avarilla Wood.

G.W. Ferguson male  N.V. Wright              1881 Clinton Bk 6-37
     George Washington Ferguson, who m. Malvina Wright, he a son of John H. Ferguson, who was a son of Hugh Ferguson, she a cousin to John C. Ferguson, this shown in the 1880 census of Clinton Co,, Ky., so George W. and Malvina Wright were of some relation.
Thomas Ferguson     Nancy Smith          9 Sep 1830 Warren
     Nancy Belfield Lane, m. 1st Wm. Lane, 2nd Enoch Smith m. 23 Apr 1778, Prince William Co., Va. Enoch the s/o Henry Smith, & came to Ky. with Daniel Boone. Source: Shirley Doran
Thomas Milsaps          Nancy Wood                      4 Dec 1847  Wayne
This is the date of bond, not the marriage. Security of 50 pounds by Thomas Milsaps and Joshua Oatts.

Clinton Co., Ky. Cemeteries.  (Note: p/o Clinton cut from Cumberland)
Ferguson               Dates                    Cemetery
Ed'w Ferguson           00 000 0000 00 000 0000 Hopkins
     Union Military records show this to have been Edward Ferguson,
     s/o Wm. & Judah (Wood) Ferguson, he died 17 Jan 1862.
Eligah Ferguson        08 May 1848-19 Dec 1932 Burchett
     Elijah, s/o John H. & Martha (Wright) Ferguson, see 1850 Clinton
     Co., Ky., 1860 Rhea Co., Tenn., 1870 Clinton Co., Ky.
Mary E. (Burchett) Ferguson 27 May 1856-05 Dec 1926 Burchett
     w/o Elijah (see Eligah) Ferguson

Edmondson Co., Ky.
Silent Grove (Baptist Church Cemetery), On Hwy 70 between Mammoth Cave and Brownsville.
H.H. Ferguson, born 22 Aug 1828, died 23 Sep 1866, buried at Lebanon,
     Ky. Photo shows large stone with Ferguson on the base. This is
     Hugh Hamilton Ferguson, s/o Hugh Ferguson and Mary Ann Higgins.
     See 1850 Habersham Co., Ga, 1860 White Co., Ga., and 1870 
Clinton Co., Ky.
Bell Key Methodist Church, Rhoda, Ky.
Hugh Hamilton Ferguson  23 Aug 1864-25 Jan 1917 s/o H.H.        
Dorothy Dorthula Ferguson       13 Aug 1868-11 Jan 1905 w/o Hugh H.
Dorothy Dorthula Stice, d/o James Washington Stice and Nancy           Kelly.

Adair Co., Ky.
                                             State of Kentucky
                                                   Adair County

Champion Ferguson states on oath that he was present at the marriage
of Edward Ferguson and Selina W. Duckett and saw the marriage ceremony legally performed by a legally authorized minister of the Gospel-said marriage was solemnized in the County of Habersham in the State of Georgia on or about the 7th day of April 1835 - Affiant further states that the Records of said county being now beyond the lines of the Federal Army, it is impossible to obtain Record evidence of said marriage - Said Edward Ferguson dec'd was a bugler in Capt. John Owsleys' Company, Col D.K. Haggaras Regt 5th Ky. Cavalry. Affiant further states that he is in no way interested in the claim of said Selina Furgorson.
                                   Champion Ferguson
Sworn to and subscribed before me by Champion Furguson this 28 day of
Septem 1863
                                   R.T. Garnett P J ACC

     Another document signed by J.W. Butler, clerk of the Adair Co.,
Ky. Court, dated 29 Sept. 1863, states the signature of R.T. Garnett
to be genuine, and that he was the Presiding Judge of the county
Family Record of Eligah Ferguson, s/o John H., s/o Hugh Ferguson.
Eligah Ferguson, born 8 May 1848, Clinton Co., Ky.
Mary E. Ferguson, born 27 Apr 1856, Overton Co., Tenn.
John Calvin Ferguson, born 26 Oct 1875, Warren Co., Tenn.
William Edgir Ferguson, born 9 Sep 1877, Clinton Co., Ky.
Mary Leean Ferguson, born 15 Sep 1879, Clinton Co., Ky.
Thomas Higins Ferguson, born 7 Aug 1881, Clinton Co., Ky.
George Hamilton Ferguson, born 9 Jul 1883, Clinton Co., Ky.
James Eligah Ferguson, born 6 May 1886, Clinton Co., Ky.
Robert Cicero Ferguson, born 17 Oct 1888, Clinton Co., Ky.
Laura Alta Ferguson, born 20 Aug 1890, Clinton Co., Ky.
Charlie Teil Ferguson, born 14 Apr 1892, Clinton Co., Ky.
Frank Cardwell Ferguson, born 30 Apr 1894, Clinton Co., Ky.
Eular V. Ferguson, born 3 Apr 1896
Can't read three lines
Robert Jerral Ferguson, born 3 Nov 1897, son of G.W. Ferguson,
Cherokee Co., Texas. (George Washington, s/o John H. Ferguson)
     (Mary E. Ferguson was Mary E. Burchett LLD)

Cumberland Co., Ky.
Deed Book H., pg 108, 6 Oct 1832
     John Wright deeds to John Ferguson 109.5 acres on Clear Fork
branch of Spring Creek, for the life care of one Patsy Wright.
This would appear to be the John Ferguson who was b. SC in 1797,
a son of William & Juda (Wood) Ferguson. John Ferguson had a sister Elizabeth who married a Wright, and they had a dau. Martha, who m. John H. Ferguson, s/o Hugh Ferguson, this Hugh a son of William and Juda Ferguson. Patsy is a nickname for Martha, so could this be Martha Wright who m. John H. Ferguson? The John Ferguson mentioned is not John H. as he was b. 1822. An alternate and probably a more correct solution is that Patsy Wright was the wife of John Wright and these were probably the parents of the Mahala who married this John Ferguson.

Cumberland Co., Ky. Court Orders.
     On 11 April 1831, John Wright sued WILLIAM, JOHN and BELFIELD W.
FERGUSON to keep the peace. These Ferguson=s were children of William & Judah (Wood) Ferguson. William and Belfield removed to Morgan Co., Mo. along with a brother Henry Wood Ferguson, this in 1836. The first recorded deed for these brothers was in March of 1837, Morgan Co., Mo., & all 3 have deeds made on the same day. 

State of Kentucky|
Cumberland County| S.S.
Be it remembered that on this 30th day of Sept. 1833, before the
undersigned, a Justice of the Peace, in and for the county and state
of, personally appeared William Ferguson, a resident of the County of
Cumberland aforesaid, and State of Kentucky, aged 70 years next May,
who first being duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the
following declaration in order to obtain the benifit of the act of
Congress passed? June 7th 1832, about the last of June in the year one thousand seven hundred and eighty in the County of Amelia, State of Virginia, he became the substitute for John White, a drafted
militiaman, for three months, and immediately entered the service of
the United States as a private militiaman in Capt. James Johnsons
Company. Thomas Jett Lieut. He does not now recollect the names of the ensign. He was marched on to Hilsborough where he was joined to Capt. Harveys Regiment and was stationed at Hilsborough for some time but constantly scouting or ranging the neighborhood, that in scouting
parties and this declare out taking his turn whenever called or
ordered in this way they continioud until towards the first of August
when he was marched on and joined General Gates Army, where he remained until after the fatal Battle of Camden. Soon thereafter his
term of service expired and he was honorably discharged by his Capt.
He immediatly volunteered under the said Capt. Johnson for three
months longer and marched back to Hilsborough. He was soon thereafter
ordered on to guard some prisoners to Winchester, still belonging to
the same Regiment, but the Col. did not go nor was he in the Battle of Camden, having a short time previous to the battle been sent on to
______?, as this declarant was informed. He states that he went on
with the Company in the last mentioned tour to Winchester where he was kept until his term expired, when he was again honorably discharged by his Capt. having served three months faithfully in each of the tours he then returned home.

He again in the month of January or February, he does not recollect
which but it was soon after his return from Winchester, volunteered
for three months under Capt. Gabriel Fulks, Leut. John Fulks. He still lived in Amelia County, Virginia, was marched on to Dan River where he was joined to Col. Dewals Regiment. He was kept marching to various places in continual service until they were marched to Guilford Courthouse where the battle was fought, having previous thereinto joined General Gates Army. After the Battle of Guilford he was marched on to Deep River in North Carolina at a place called  Bells Mills, where he was again honorably discharged by his Capt., having served out his full term of three months and then returned home.

A few days after he returned home there was a call for men and he
again volunteered under Capt. Charles Erby for three months, Leut.
Jennings, does not recollect the name of the ensign. He was marched to Richmond Virginia and there joined Col. Meads Regiment, marching then to Petersburg and there had a small skirmish with the British. He continued in that neighborhood for some time then marched on to
Fredricksburg and was there discharged having met General Wayne at
that place.

He states that immediatly after his return home he enlisted for and
during the war in the Virginia State Line, under Capt. Charles Erby
and immediatly entered the service of the United States as a private
soldier and was marched to Norfolk, from there to Richmond and to
various other places having joined Col. Dewals Regiment at Richmond.
He was finally marched on to Little York where he was at the siege and surrender of Cornwallis. Sometime thereafter he was discharged by his Capt. He states that all that of the service was done and performed in a called into service by competent authority that he was in the field or in garrison at the time the service was performed.  Large ink blot - in any civil pursuit and he clams a pension. He states that he cannot positively state the length of time he served as an enlisted soldier. In the last tour and engagement mentioned, but positively states that it was not less than six months. He states that soon after he quit service he left his papers with his mother, his discharges among them. He begin to travel from place to place and did not suppose his discharges of any use to him. They were by his mother lost as he supposes so it is. She has been dead for many years. He knows not where they are but verily believes they have been lost for many years in the way before stated; therefore he has no documentary evidence and that he knows no person whose testimony he can procure who can testify to his service. He is informaed that he cannot receive a pension for his last tour as an enlisted soldier unless he can prove his service by two witnesses unless his name is on the roll he presumes it is there is to be found, but if it is not he must relinquish any claim for that tour as he has no expectation that he ever will be able to procure proof as to his actual enlistment and service. He is now so affected from bodily infirmity that he is unable to make search and now living so far from the place of his service and no old acquaintance here it is entirely out of his power to make search, indeed he is unable to attend court for the purpose of making this declaration and therefore if his name is not on the roll he hopes that his pension for military services will be allowed him. He relinquishes any other if his name is not on the roll.

He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity
except the present and declares his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any state.

1. Where and in what year were you born. Answer: I was born in the
County of Amelia, State of Virginia, on the eleventh day of May one
thousand seven hundred and sixty four, agreeable to the information of my parents and the family register which I have often seen and read all of which I believe to be true.

2. Have you any register of your age if so where is it. Answer: I have none now. I once set it down in a testament and by accident it is torn out.

3. Where were you living when called into service. Where have you
lived since the Revolutionary War and where do you now live. Answer: I lived in Amelia County Virginia when called into service and continued that as my home until after the final close of the war when I moved to and settled in Bedford County Virginia where I lived several years then I moved to Hawkins County (now) in the state of Tennessee, then North Carolina, from there I moved to the County of Pendleton, State of South Carolina, where he remained until the year one thousand eight hundred and eleven, when he moved to the County of Franklin, State of Tennessee, where he remained until the year eighteen hundred and thirteen, when he removed to Cumberland Co., Kentucky where he now lives.

4. How were you called into service. Were you drafted, did you
volunteer, or were you a substitute and if a substitute for whom.
Answer: The first tour of three months I served as a substitute for
John White, a drafted militiaman. The second third and fourth tours
was as volunteer. The fifth and last was an enlisted soldier in the
Virginia State Line.

5. State the names of some of the regular officers who were with the
troops you served with such Continental and militia Regiments as you
can recollect and the general circumstances of your service. Answer:
Genl. Marion, DeKalb, Green, Gates, Wayne, and many others were with
the troops and the general circumstances of my service I have stated
in the foregoing part of my declaration.

6. Did you ever serve or discharge from service and if so by whom was
it given and what has become of it. Answer: I received discharges for
each of my tours signed by my respective Captains, all of which has
been lost as heretofore stated.

7th. State the names of persons to whom you are known in your present
neighborhood and who can testify as to your character or varacity and
their belief of your services as a soldier of the Revolution. Answer:
I am well acquainted and live a near neighbor to the Rev. William
Cross, Severs/Seveis Wright and many others all of whom would speak
well of my character if they were present.

     Subscribed and sworn to this day and year of.

                                           William Fergason

We William Cross a clergyman residing in the County of
Cumberland, State of Kentucky, and Severs/Sevies Wright, residing in
the same, hereby certify that we are well acquainted with William

Note: There is no mark shown for the signature of William Fergason and it is written in a different and better hand than is the rest of this document. While the signature appears to be a bit shaky due to age and infirmities, it appears to have once been a hand a cut above the usual of the day.

Wayne Co., Ky.
     Marriage bond for Thomas Milsaps and Nancy Wood, dated 4 Dec
1847. (This is Nancy (Kidwell) Wood, widow of Belfield Wood Sr.

Wayne Co., Ky.
State of Kentucky, Wayne County S S
On this the 16th day of November 1858, personally appeared before me
Harrison Williams, a Justice of the Peace in and for the County afore
said, Nancy Milsaps aged ________] years, she living in about five
miles from me, this in Wayne County, Kentucky, she is the widow of
Thom Milsaps was formerly the widow of Belfield Wood and being just
duly sworn by me on her oath makes the following amended declaration
in order to obtain a pension under the act of Congress of 5 Febuary
1853, and such other acts of Congress which she may be entitled under.
She states positively that she married to said Belfield Wood in
Pendleton District South Carolina on (what appears to be either 4 or 5 letters, first letter R, and the last letter appears to be e) River, about the ________ year of her age, that she and said Wood was married by Henry Burch, a Justice of the Peace. Declarant states that said Wood was a Revolutionary soldier and pensioned at the rate of seventy five dollars a year, that he drew his pension under the act of 7th June 1832, and died in Fentress County Tennessee 23 years ago the 6th day of April next. Declarant says that she has no record of her age or marriage, either public or private, nor is there any person now living that she knows of, that Squire William Davis of Clinton County Kentucky, a relation of said Wood knows of (two words) living together as man and wife, & Mr. (what appears to be Bromley) of (one word), & Absolom Davis, now dead (two words) (one word) affidavit, as she thinks was taken in her application before made and she refers to these with such other proof as may be on file in her case. She says that George Swope & Mr Dabney prepared her papers in her original petition, & Wm. Simpson assisted and perhaps mailed (This is extremely hard to read but looking ahead I see no ther names or other features that would be of genealogical interest.

Wayne Co., Ky.
     On the 17th day of September A.D. One Thousand Eight Hundred and
Fifty Six, personally appeared before me, a Justice of the Peace duly
authorized by law to administer oaths within and for the County and
State aforesaid, Nancy Milsaps, aged 65 years, a resident of Wayne
County and State of Kentucky, who being duly sworn according to law,
deposes that she is the widow of Thomas Milsaps, and at the time she
married said Milsaps, she was the widow of Belfield Wood deceased, who was a private in the Company commanded by Captain Enoch Ausborn, the Regiment she does not recollect, that her said husband served under Captain Enoch Ausborn eighteen months, as appeared by his discharge which is now lost. The service was rendered during the Revolutionary War, he was drafted on or about the (blank) day of (blank) A.D. 17___. and served his time of eighteen months and was honorably discharged on the (blank) day of (blank) A.D. 17___. She further states that she was married to said Belfield Wood in South Carolina, Pendleton County, by one Henry Burch, and that her name before she was married to Belfield Wood, was Nancy Kidwell, that her said husband Belfield Wood, died in Fentress County Tennessee, on the 6th day of April 1836, and that she is now a widow. 

She makes this declaration for the purpose of
obtaining the pension to which she may be entitilled, so under the act of Congress of the 3rd of Febuary 1856, she further declares that her said husband Belfield Wood drew a pension for his services during the Revolutionary War of Seventy Five dollars per annum.
                                                Nancy (X) Milsaps

Wayne Co., Ky.
State of Kentucky, Wayne Co. S.S.
On the 16th day of November 1858, personally appeared before me
Harrison Williams, a Justice of the Peace in and for said County,
Belfield Wood a resident citizen of the County aforesaid, he is wel
known to me and is entitled to full credit and being first duly sworn
by me on his oath, states that he was on the farm of Belfield Wood in
Fentress County Tennessee at the time he died and was present when he
died that he died in Fentress County Tennessee on the 6th day of April 23 years ago the 6th day of April next. That his said mother again married Thom. Milsap in Wayne Co., Kentucky and he died in Wayne County Kentucky. Sworn to and subscribed this 16th day of November before me Harrison Williams J P   His

Clinton Co., Ky.
State of Kentucky, Clinton County/ Sct
On this 4th day of October 1859, personally appeared before me Wm Vann Presiding Judge of the county court of the county aforesaid, Thomas Davis a resident citizen of the County of Wayne and state aforesaid, aged 53 years. He is reputed as a man of good character and entitled to full credit being first duly sworn by me on his oath states that Belfield Wood a Revolutionary Pensioner of Fentress County Tennessee, that said Belfield Wood died in Fentress County Tennessee twenty three years ago about the 6th of March last to the best of his recolection. He says that said Wood was uncle to affiants father, that he was often at his home in Fentress County Tennessee before and after he died, that he left a widow Nancy Wood who afterwards married to Thomas Milsaps and said Milsaps died some few years ago in Wayne County Kentucky, and that she is still a widow and resides in Wayne County Kentucky.
Sworn to before me          /           His
by and subscribed           /    Thomas (X) Davis
by Thomas Davis             /           Mark
this 4th day of October     /
1859, Wm Vann PJCCC         /

Reference the statement by Nancy, widow of Belfield Wood, as to William and Absolom Davis being related to her deceased husband Belfield Wood, and the foregoing statement made by Thomas Davis, to the genealogical study done by C.E.W. Davis in 1892, this study appearing on following pages. This leaves no doubt but that the Avarilla Wood, who married Robert Davis, was a sister to Belfield Wood, and as her father was Henry Wood, he would also be the father of Belfield Wood. Consider also that William and Juda (Wood Ferguson named their second child, Henry Wood Ferguson.

Wayne Co., Ky.
State of Kentucky
Wayne County S S
On this 17th day of September A D one thousand eight hundred and fifty nine, personally appeared before me , A Justice of the Peace
authorized to administer oaths within and for the said County and
State afore said, Nancy Millsaps aged sixty nine years, resident of
Wayne County and State of Kentucky, who being duly sworn according to
law declares that she is the widow of Thomas Milsaps and at the time
she married she was the widow of Belfield Wood deceased who was a
private in the Company commanded by Enoch Ausborn, the Regement she
does not know it was in the war with Great Briton declared by the
United States on the ___________day of ___________ and that her said
husband Belfield Wood was drafted on or about ______________ day
of_________ for the term of eighteen months and continued in service
for eighteen months and was honorably discharged, the place she does
not recall the papers being lost, she further states that she was
married to the said Belfield Wood on the 15th day of March 1810 State
of South Carolina, Pendleton County by one Henry Burch and that her
name before she was married to the said Belfield Wood was Nancy
Kidwell, that her said husband Belfield Wood died in Fentress County,
Tennessee the sixth day of April eighteen hundred and thirty six A D
and that she is now a widow. She makes this declaration for the
purpose of obtaining the bounty land to which she may be entitled
under the act approved March the 3rd 18??.
                                       Nancy (X) Milsaps

     In 1934 the Pension Bureau addressed a letter to Mr. Walter A.
Wood of Racine, Wis. This was in response to an earlier request by
said Walter A. Wood, the complete text of this letter follows:

Mr. Walter A. Wood                           BA-J/Ill
1433 -Junction Avenue                        Belfield Wood-W.4492
Racine, Wisconsin.                           Zadok Wood -S.3612

Dear Sir,

     Reference is made to your letter in which you request the
Revolutionary War records of Belfield Wood and Zadok Wood, both

     The records of these two soldiers are furnished herein as shown
in the papers on file in pension claims, based upon service in the
Revolutionary War.

Belfield Wood- W. 4492.

     Belfield Wood was born in Orange County, Virginia, and was reared there and in Chesterfoeld County, Virginia, and moved to Burke County, North Carolina, the name of his parents or the date of his birth are not shown.

     While a resident of Burke County, North Carolina, he enlisted and served as private in the North Carolina troops, amounting in all to one year and nine months, as follows: in 1776, several tours in
Captain Reben White's company, Colonel Charles McDowell's regiment,
during which he was in skirmishes with the Indians on the expedition
against the Cherokee Indian towns, assisted in burning some of said
towns: from December 1776, a tour in Captain William Davidson's
company: in 1779, three months in Captain "Lew Taylor's" company, and
was in the battle of Stone: in 1780, in William McMurry's company.
Colonel "Frank Lock's" regiment at Meaks Corner: and from August 1781, in Captain Thomas Kennedy's company and marched to Hillsborough.

     After the war, the soldier resided in Pendleton District, South
Carolina, about twenty-two years, moved to Madison County, Kentucky,
lived some time, then Wayne County, Kentucky, about ten years, whence
to Tennessee.

     He was allowed pension on his application executed August 23,
1833, at which time he resided in Fentress County, Tennessee; he was
then eighty years of age.

     Belfield Wood, the soldier, married March 15, 1810, in Pendleton
County, South Carolina, Nancy Kidwell; the names of her parents and
date of her birth are not shown. They had a large family of children;
the only name designated is that of Belfield Wood.

     The soldier died April 6, 1836, at his home in Fentress County,

     Nancy Wood, the soldiers widow, married Thomas Milsaps; the
marriage bond was dated December 4, 1847, but it was stated they
married in 1848 at the home of Thomas Milsaps in Wayne County,
Kentucky. At the time of the marriage said Thomas Milsaps was very
old, his first wife had died many years previously and his children
were all away from him; the name of his first wife not shown, names of his children are not designated. Thomas Milsaps died March 18, 1856 at his home in Wayne County, Kentucky.

     Note that the foregoing letter addressed to Walter A. Wood, was
written in 1934, becoming part of the pension file of Belfield Wood.
This was prior to the advent of copying machines and requests for
information of this type was complied with by the reading of the
pension file and then typing only that which would be of genealogical
value. No typewritten information as to Zadok Wood is shown, other
than that contained in the foregoing. I do have the pension file of
Zadok Wood, and in this I found nothing that would associate this
Zadok with Belfield Wood. I did find that Zadok removed from N.C. to
the area of Bedford and Franklin Co's., Tenn., and we note that when
William and Juda (Wood) Ferguson removed from S.C. in 1811, they went
first to Hawkins Co., Tenn., then to Franklin Co., Tenn., but were in
Cumberland Co., Ky. when their son Champion was born on 18 Oct. 1813.

     I think it safe to assume that Walter A. Wood of Racine, Wisc.,
was born in the 1800's, and probably some time prior to 1900. I cite
this to show that this Walter could have had bible and other records,
plus family information, that may have shown a relationship between
Belfield and Zadok Wood. I would point out however that if a
relationship did exist between Belfield and Zadok Wood, it would
surely have been fraternal, as either of these would hardly have been
the father of the other and still have fought in the Rev. War, and
further have collected a pension for same, said pension act not in
being until July of 1833, and both Belfield and Zadok were pensioners.

     Belfield being a very unusual name, I looked for this as a
surname, and the only ones I found c1753, was a Belfield family who
resided in Chesterfield Co., Va., one of the two Va. Co's., shown as
residences of Belfield Wood, and as this Belfield was 80 in 1833, when he filed for pension, this would make him born c1753. It would thus appear that Belfield Wood's mother may well have been of this Belfield family, and some undocumented data indicates her name was Judith.

While I do not normally print family traditions, I think the
following tradition may have pointed the way, and resulted in the
uncovering of a number of things.

     Henry Wood Ferguson, son of William and Juda (Wood) Ferguson,
married one Elizabeth Neil Davis. While there is no record of this
marriage, writings in the line of this Henry Wood Ferguson's, show
her to be Elizabeth Neil Davis. We also have the information on her
tombstone, see cemeteries of Ark., plus the 1850 and 1860 census
reports of Scott Co., Ark. In these we see that this Elizabeth was
born 1796, Ky. or Tenn., and data in the D.C. of Juda Ferguson, who married Hiram Prewitt, shows her to have been a dau. of Henry W. and Elizabeth Ferguson, and to have been born Hamilton Co., Tenn. in 1815. This would indicate that Henry Wood Ferguson and Elizabeth Neil Davis were married by 1815, and as the parents of Henry Wood Ferguson resided Cumberland Co., Ky. from sometime in 1813, the marriage no doubt occurred in either Cumberland or Wayne Co., Ky. In addition tradition has it that Elizabeth Neil Davis was related to President Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy. Following this out I found this to have been impossible, this as I obtained the date of birth and marriage for each of the children of Samuel Davis, the eldest son being Joseph, born 1784, the youngest being Jefferson, born 1808, plus Samuel Davis was the only son of Evan Davis, and came from areas other than those of interest during this time period.

     In uncovering the foregoing I ran upon something else that I
think to be of interest. A genealogical study concerning the descendants of John Davis and Jemima (Jefferson) Collins was constructed by one C.E.W. Davis in 1892. This study has such an impact upon the ancestry of Belfield Wood, and I'm sure the ancestry of Elizabeth Neil Davis, wife of Henry Wood Ferguson, and probably the ancestry of James S. Davis, grandson of William Ferguson and Juda Wood, that I will include it in this book. See Constant Elijah Watson Davis in the home of his father, Absolom Davis, this in the 1850 census of Clinton Co., Ky. I think the fact that so many exact dates are given in this study, a bible, or bibles, must have been used as a reference. The following data in its entirety will be found in the library at Monticello, Ky., here I will abstract some and give only the earlier parts in this data.

John Davis was of Welsh parents. He married Mrs. Jemima Jefferson Collins, whose maiden name was Jefferson, and was a relative of President Jefferson. They had 7 children. (Notation indicates that Jemima (Jefferson) Collins had other children by Collins).
1. Robert Davis 1754-1843
2. Thomas Davis, served in Rev. War.
3. William Davis
4. James Davis
5. John Davis
6. Mary Davis
7. Jemima Davis

Robert Davis was born 16 Apr 1754, Augusta Co., Va., died 22 Mar 1843, married in Va., Aug 1772, Avarilla Wood, dau. of Henry and Avarilla Wood. Robert was a cripple and because of that not a Rev. War soldier. Robert and Avarilla moved from Va. to NC, back to Va., and then to Sevier Co., Tenn., then to Wayne Co., Ky., arriving on 4 Jun 1804. Avarilla survived Robert by only a day or two, and they are both buried together at Davis Chapel Cemetery, near Alpha, Ky., this between Albany and Monticello, Ky. (Note: Wayne Co. cut from Green Co., and Clinton Co., cut from Cumberland and Wayne Co., Ky.) 
I.    Thomas Davis, born 17 Apr 1773
II.   Margaret Davis, born 22 Aug 1776
III.  Mallie Davis, born 22 Mar 1780
IV.   Robert Davis, born 12 Apr 1782
V.    Nancy Davis, born 29 Jul 1784-19 Mar 1803
VI.   John Davis, born 10 May 1786
VII.  James Davis, born 9 Jun 1787
VIII. Elizabeth Davis, born 19 Sep 1789
IX    William Davis, born 20 Nov 1782-5 May 1878, m. Catherine                McCullom, 12 Apr 1818.
      A. John M. Davis, 30 Apr 1819-20 Jun 1864
      B. Catherine Davis, 
      C. Thomas Davis, c 1831
      D. Polly Davis, 
      E. Greenberry Davis, 28 Jan 1824-6 Jun 1850
      F. Joel Davis,
      G. William Wallace Davis, 14 Oct 1828-28 Jan 1894
      H. J.A.W. Davis,
X.    Jemima Davis, born 16 Apr 1794, died 16 Apr 1794
XI.   Belfield Davis, born 4 May 1795, died 8 May 1795

XII.  Absolom Davis, born 3 Jun 1797, Sevier Co., Tenn., died 30 Sep          1858, buried Davis Chapel Cemetery, married 17 Feb 1820, Allie          Fair Guffey, born 3 Jan 1813, died 10 May 1876.
      A. William F. Davis, 24 Dec 1820-23 Jun 1882, m. Emily Guffey.
      B. Sallie Ann Davis, 22 Jun 1822-1863, m. John Shelley
      C. Cebern J. Davis, 26 Dec 1823-19 Jul 1904, d. Putnam Co., Mo.
      D. John R. Davis, 17 Nov 1824-18 Jun 1908, m. Sarah Wallen
      E. Miles H. Davis, 18 Mar 1826-22 Sep 1859, m. Eliz. Duvall
      F. Allie Fair Davis, 9 Oct 1829-27 Oct 1910
      G. Avarilla C. Davis, 20 Feb 1831
      H. Thomas C. Davis, 10 Feb 1833, removed to Montana.
      I. Martha E. Davis, 10 Mar 1835-6 May 1881
      J. Constant E. W. Davis, 18 Dec 1836
      K. Margaret M. Davis, 8 Apr 1839-15 Jan 1891
      L. Absolom B. Davis, 2 May 1841-29 Dec 1923
      M. Mary E. Davis, 12 Apr 1843
      N. Nancy Davis, 16 Jan 1846-1918, m. John F. or Jonathan Sloan.

John Davis settled in this county by the early part of 1793, and is listed on the May 1799 tax list with 200 acres on Spring Creek. He was born in Augusta Co., Va., 12 Dec 1758. He was a Rev. War soldier enlisting after New Years day, 1776, in Botetourt Co., Va., serving in the Virginia Line. His brother Thomas Davis found him ill and substituted for him until he became well. Following this John Davis enlisted again, serving under generals Wayne, Washington, Steuben, and Lafayette. He was at the siege of Yorktown and watched the British surrender. He married Mourning Guffey, dau. of James Guffey, sister to Ephraim and Henry Guffey, and moved to Sevier Co., Tenn., then in 1798-99, settling on Spring Creek in the area that became Wayne Co., and later Clinton Co., Ky. He lived in the immediate area of the later Davis Chapel Church. His wife Mourning died about 1804, and he never remarried, he died 30 Sep 1841. (See this John Davis in the home of son James Davis, this in the 1840 census of Clinton Co., Ky.)
I.   Polly Davis, 1792, m. William Mason
II.  Nancy Davis, 1794, m. Joseph Mayes 11 Dec 1810
III. Sarah Davis, 12 Apr 1796-21 Aug 1892, m. Dennis Hopkins
IV.  John Davis Jr., 1798
V.   Elizabeth Davis, 20 Jul 1800, m. James McCollom
VI.  James Davis, 12 Dec 1803-16 Aug 1884, removed to Putnam Co., Mo.

     The foregoing Davis's is but a partial listing, just enough to show the relationship to Belfield Wood, and possibly Elizabeth Neil Ferguson, and also possibly James S. Davis. To follow this out and make the connections, look at the pension file of Nancy, widow of Belfield Wood, in which she states that William and Absolom Davis are related to her deceased husband Belfield Wood, also the affidavit made in 1859, Clinton Co., Ky., by Thomas Davis, this stating that Belfield Wood was his fathers uncle. From what is stated by Thomas Davis in this affidavit, Robert and Avarilla Davis must be his grand parents. 
Also see the pension file of Juda (Wood) Ferguson, this seen in the Ga, data. In this she states that James S. Davis was a grandson, see him in the 1850 Habersham Co., Ga. census, also the 1860 and later census reports of Hall Co., Ga. Look also at the family tradition regarding Elizabeth Neil Davis, wife of Henry Wood Ferguson, it would seem that someone confused President Jefferson Davis with President Thomas Jefferson.