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John Ferguson, Bedford County, 1792

John Ferguson, Bedford Count, 1815

John Ferguson, Botetourt Co.,1793

John Ferguson, Buckingham Co.,1792

John Ferguson, Dinwiddie Co., 1753

John Ferguson, Franklin Co., 1793

John Ferguson, Franklin Co., 1809

John Ferguson, Henrico Co., 1725

John Ferguson, Henrico Co., 1731

Ferguson, John, Henry County, 21 Nov., 1793
2922 ac
Grant # 29, p. 538

Ferguson, John, Roanoke County, 28 Feb., 1842
100 ac
Grant # 94, p. 149

Ferguson, John, Russell County, 15 Nov., 1831
280 ac.
Grant # 80, p. 264

Ferguson, John, Wayne County, 1 Sept., 1852
45 ac.
Grant # 107, p. 538

Ferguson, John, Wayne County, 1 Oct., 1859
300 ac
Grant # 116, p. 517

Ferguson, John H., Franklin County, 30 May, 1845
75 ac
Grant #96, p. 364

Ferguson, John J., Wayne County, 1 Nov., 1855
120 ac.
Grant #111, p. 807

Ferguson, John J., Wayne County, 10 Jan., 1856
15 ac.
Grant #112, p. 134

Ferguson, John P. Harrison County, 30 Sept., 1848
15 ac.
Grant # 100, p. 665

Ferguson, Joseph, Cabell County, 1 July, 1836
35 ac.
Grant # 86, 1836,  p. 98

From: Gary Barton <> Subject: [FERGUSON-L] Nelson County, Virginia General Index to Deeds Grantee A-K, Nelson County, Virginia, 1808 - 1915, Book 15, page 533 This deed made this 24th day of March 1860 between Frances S. BURFORD and William N. BURFORD of the one part and S.A. FERGUSON of the other part witneseth that said Frances S. BURFORD and William N. BURFORD to grant unto said S.A. FERGUSON trustee the following property, one Bay horse / Earling, Stock of Hogs, corn & fodder, Household and Kitchen furniture also our entire Interest devised to us under the last-will and Testament of the late Rebecca ROBERSON Dec'd.  In trust to secure William S. WILLIAMS in the sum of One hundred and twenty three dollars and 86/100 due by bond bearing date this 24th day of March 1860. Witness the following signatures. Frances S. BURFORD              his Wm N.  X    BURFORD             mark This day Francis S. BURFORD & Wm N. BURFORD personally appeared before me the undersigned a Justice of the County of Nelson and acknowledge the above obligatory of writing to be their acts and deeds.  Given under my hand this 24th day of March 1860. M.H. FITZPATRICK J.P. At a Court held for Nelson County the 26th day of March, 1860.  This Deed of Trust was presented duly certified by a Justice of this County as to the acknowledgment of both the parties interest and ordered to be recorded. Teste -- S.H. LOVING, Ck (Capitalization of last names my emphasis for genealogical searching) add this to the FERGUSON Web Site,                                  Gary Barton