The picture (taken about 1906) is of my grandfather, William K. Ferguson, with his wife, Amanda (Trent) Ferguson, and my mother, Mabel (leaning on father), and her brother, Clyde Ferguson. William K. was a farmer and school teacher in Wayne County. From 1916 thru 1918, he represented Wayne County in the West Virginia Legislature and was then Secretary of the Board of Education. He also served two terms as Justice of the Peace. William K. was the son of Charles, who was the son of Edmund, who was the son of Joel Martin, who was the son of Obadiah Ferguson, my brick wall.

My particular interest in the Ferguson's began when I discovered that my father and mother had a common ggg-grandfather, Obadiah Ferguson, of Lee County, Virginia. Obadiah's son, Joel Martin Ferguson, and his wife, Elizabeth Osburn, migrated to Wayne County Virginia, where his relative, Revolutionary War Ensign Samuel Ferguson (relationship not yet proven), had already settled.

Joel Martin's son, Edmund Ferguson, married Mary Jane Trout and was my mother's great grandfather.

Joel Martin's daughter, Druzilla, married Fleming Thompson, grandson of Revolutionary war fighter, Richard Thompson. Druzilla was my father's great grandmother.

The above is documented in Evelyn Booth Massie's book, Ferguson Family Genealogical History of Wayne County, West Virginia (Early Cabell and Kanawha, Virginia), beginning on page 675, Chapters 36 and 37 in particular.

The little item on my family (p.713) has us as Henderson's, rather than Henson's, and living in Florida, rather than Texas, but that's the fault of an elderly aunt's reporting.

I've collected quite a bit about the Obadiah Ferguson family, and I hope one day to get beyond him and learn who my fifth great grandfather was and from what country he came.

Anita June Henson