Infant boy, Mangum 05/02/1902
Date of decease if known- Apr 15, 1902
Where died or where body was found- near Blair, Greer County
Description of Deceased- Infant Baby boy
Nature of information given J. P.-
By whom information given- T. J. Borden
Names of Suspected persons- Aaron Brown & May Martin
Residence of Suspected person-
Date of Arrest of Suspected person-
In what jail confined-
Bail bond date- Amount- Sureties & Residence-
Finding by the Justice: child came to its death by means of
drowning in water at the hands of Aaron Brown in said county on the fourth
day of April 1902 and that said Aaron Brown and May Martin feloniously
kild and murdered said child by drowning it in water in testimony whereof
I, F. F. McMillan to be a true copy of findings of said inquest jury.
Jury of Inquest- F. A. Lawerance, Frank Overton, J. W. Ferguson,
James Scarbrough, Arthur Whitehurst, S. C. Moore. Witnesses- Wolden & John
Allen, F. J. Burden, M. M. Brown, Dr. Jones.
F. F. McMillan, J. P.
Court: Mangum Precinct , Greer County, O. T.
Date of Warrant- [blank]

I am wondering where this guy got his middle name from:
2518. John Ferguson Cox (Grover Cleveland (Cleve) Cox , Jacob (Jake) Hopkins Cox , Mary Carper , Mary Peck , Lydia Borden , Benjamin Borden , Benjamin Borden , Richard Borden , Matthew Borden , Thomas Borden , William Borden , Edmund Borden , William Borden , John Borden , Thomas Borden , Henry Borden , Thomas de Bourdon , Richard de Bourdon , Robergia , Simon ) was born on 26 Jan 1915 in Gatewood,Oregon,Missouri. He died on 13 Jan 1984 in Arkansas Methodist Hospital,Paragould,Greene,Arkansas. He was buried on 15 Jan 1984 in Corning Cemetery,Corning,Clay,Arkansas.
In Rev. Ball's Book, Lake County, 1884, it is written: "Frank Fuller, who married a daughter of George Ferguson, was an early settler in the Belshaw neighborhood, has for many years been living in Crown Point, Ind. He has two sons and seven daughters."
Passed Away
(Taken from 'The Cimmaron Valley Clipper'
Vol. 19, No. 23, Thursday, Oct. 23, 1919)
Miss Pearl Fansler died at the home of her sister, Mrs. E.A. Ferguson, at Oklahoma City, Sunday morning at 4:30. Funerals services were held at the Baptist church in Coyle Tuesday, conducted by Rev. Mansfield of the First Baptist church of Oklahoma City, after which interment was made in Coyle cemetery.
There is a Ferguson-Spease American Legion Post of Moline, OK
Submitted by Janet Schanbacher Scanned out of the Cowley County Heritage book, pg 165 and 166.
This is enticing: but the page wasn't there when I clicked:
Cowley County Heritage Book, Cowley County, Kansas
... left Oklahoma and moved to the Ferguson homestead in ... My grandfather, Frank James
Severin, was born in 1884 in ... Curley's father died in 1953 at Apache, Oklahoma ...

+Carrie Bell Ferguson Born: 4/10/1879 Father: Frank Ferguson Mother: Jane Walker Married: 9/20/1896 Died: 5/23/1907 in Gowrie, Ia. of diabetes