From: "Sergio & Ginny Youmans"

Dear list:
        I haven't posted a query for a while.  Maybe some of you newcomers 
will recognize some of these names.  Here is my Ferguson line:
        All I know of Wesley and Sarah is what I've gotten from a photograph 
of a family tombstone.  Wesley W. Ferguson, b. 7/7/1847, d. 
12/6/1925, married to Sarah S. Ferguson, b. 6/30/1850, d. 9/14/1909.  
I believe they were the parents of my greatgrandmother Mary Magdalene 
Ferguson SIMMONS, 1874-1939, who I'm told was born in Scotland.  So 
they must have come sometime after 1874.
        Mary's siblings were Margaret Ferguson Holler, Jennie Ferguson 
Garman, Emma Ferguson, Bertha Ferguson McHenry, William Ferguson, and 
Earl Ferguson.  Mary married Walter Perry Simmons Sr., and they had 
twins Lester Ferguson Simmons (my grandfather) and Lorna Ferguson 
Simmons Tolin (who turned 95 in Dec.), and Walter Perry Simmons 
Jr.  I think they must have lived in Philadelphia at first, because I 
think that's where Lester and Lorna were born, and Walter Sr.'s 
family was from Phila..  But Walter and Mary later moved to 
Harrisburg, which is where they spent the rest of their lives.
        Does this sound like a connection to you?  Please let me know.

Ginny Swarr Youmans

Hi listmembers!  Just wanted to share the results of my query about 
Cumberland Co., Pa., Fergusons.

Ginny Swarr Youmans

From:          "Dennis E. Ferguson"

Subject:       Re: [Ferguson-L] Cumberland County (Pa.) Fergusons
Date:          Tue, 12 May 1998 08:12:22 -0400

Dear Ginny,

I have a perfect match of your list in my research.

I am originally from Liverpool, PA...near where the family in question was
from.  Here is some of what I have... 

Wesley W. Ferguson, was married to Sarah S. Graham.  They were the parents
of  Mary Magdalene (Mazie) Ferguson SIMMONS, who was born in Juniata County,
Pennsylvania, as far as I can tell.  They are on the 1880 Census of Juniata
County, PA.

Mary's siblings (she was the oldest) were, in order of age by my records
William Ferguson
Margaret Ferguson Holler
Jennie Ferguson Garman
Emma Ferguson Klopp
Bertha Ferguson McHenry,  and
Earl Wesley Ferguson.

The names you give for Mary's children also match my records...

Now, here's some of what you don't have...

Wesley's father was John Robin Ferguson (1811 - 1896), who was born in
Delaware Township, Juniata County, PA, and was by trade a wagonmaker.
John's wife was Lydia Ream.  Wesley was one of 10 children...again by age...

Isaac Ferguson <==(my g-g-grandfather)
Mary Ferguson Motter
Sarah Ferguson Haubert
Joseph Ferguson
John J Ferguson
<Wesley W Ferguson>
Emma Ferguson Cox
Elizabeth J. Ferguson Mendenhall
Andrew R. Ferguson
Wilson Ferguson

I have also recently come in contact with a lady from Alaska who is a
descendant of John R.'s younger brother, William Wesley Ferguson, (funny how
the name runs in the family)...and she has their father's name as William
Ferguson, who was married to Anna <last name unknown>.  I am currently 
researching this information, but it appears William came to
the US as a child from Northern Ireland, via the port of Baltimore, before
moving to Juniata County.  Her grandmother said the family moved from Scotland
to the Netherlands due to religious persecution, then to Ireland during the British
"Plantation".  Again, I have to verify this information...

Yours Aye