Good morning everyone,

I am searching for the parentage/history of Lettice Ferguson born 21 Sept
1759 (possibly CT) died after 1808. Lettice married Ebenezer LEACH born
1756 Torrington, CT, abt 1782. Ebenezer Leach died after 1817 in NY Stste.
One of their daughters was Lorinda or Laurance LEACH, born 6July1785 who
married Sylvester SPENCER. Laurance Leach & Sylvester SPENCER lived in
Onondaga County, NY and had a large family. Any clues to Lettice Ferguson
would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, Larose Wynne

Hi, the following is a Ferguson line that we are researching. I would
appreciate any leads, hope there will be a connection out there

1. Adam Ferguson, born in Scotland (info from family Bible)
        Adam came to America and lived in Chester District, SC
2. Samuel Ferguson (Adam-1). he married (1) Malinda Wood abt 1821. He
married (2) Caroline Sides Jan 1838. Samuel lived in Walker County,

Children of Samuel Ferguson & Malinda Wood are:
i.Eliza Agnes Ferguson b 21 Nov 1822
ii.Ellizabeth Marion Ferguson born 19 Sep 1824
iii.Julianna Ferguson born 15 Sep 1827
iv.Malinda Esther Ferguson born 1 Sep 1830
v. Samuel James Ferguson born 30 Dec 1832

Children of Samuel Ferguson & Caroline Sides are
3.      vi. Henry Adam Ferguson born 7 Nov 1838, died 6 Mar 1917
        vii. Suzannah Ferguson born 13 Mar 1840
        viii. Joslyn Benjamin Ferguson born 24 Oct 1841
        ix. Martha Caroline Ferguson born 12 Mar 1846

3. Henry Adams Ferguson (Samuel-2, Adam-1) was born 7 Nov 1838 and died
Mar 1917. He married (1) Becky Dodds. He married (2) Mary Caroline
Keeton 7
Aug 1859.

Henry Adam Ferguson was a Baptist preacher & owned property around
Mississippi. His family came from Scotland & settled in SC. They later
moved to Walker County, Alabama. Finally they settled in Tallahatchie
County. One of the biggest alligators was caught on H.A. Ferguson's
and was carried to the Memphis (Tennessee) Zoo.

Children of Henry A. Ferguson & Mary Keeton are:
        i. Letha Caroline Ferguson born 4 Apr 1866, Died 10 Sep 1946, m Henry
Allen Smith, 1883.
4.      ii. Richard Monroe Ferguson born 8 Feb 1875, died 4 Feb 1921
        iii. William Watts Ferguson born 14 Oct 1860; m. Cora Ida Sanderson
        iv. Henry Etta Ferguson born 19 Nov 1862
        v. Martha Ann Ferguson, born 10 Jun 1868
        vi. Samuel Benjamin Ferguson born 25 Jun 1871
        vii. Infant Ferguson born 14 Dec 1872
        viii. Joseph H. Ferguson Born 3 Oct 1877
        ix. Mary Susan Ferguson, born 6 Jun 1880
        x. John David Ferguson, born 14 Apr 1883

4.Richard Monroe Ferguson (Henry Adams-3; Samuel-2; Adam-1) married (1)
Lelia Watson Lea. He married (2) Mary Alice Wynne 1903 in Carroll
Mississippi , daughter of John Benson Wynne and Martha Ann "Mattie"

Children of Richard Ferguson & Mary Alice Wynne were:
John Adam Ferguson born 28 Feb 1905, died 18 Feb 1986 Hamburg, LA
Ronald W. Ferguson b. 24 Sep 1907, Sumner, MS. D. 22 Feb 1984, Hobbs,
Mary Alice Ferguson born 31 Jan 1910, Vaiden, MS d. 19 Nov 1994,
Jackson, MS

Thank you for any comments/links,

Larose Adams Wynne


Dear Jim, your query is the first I have seen with a Ferguson in Onondaga
County, NY & I was delighted to see it.  My Ferguson info is very slight,
but hope you will keep it in mind as you do your research and I will your
family data as well.

My source for this info came from a DAR application & a book concerning the
Lawrence Leach family of which Ebenezer Leach is a descendant:

Ebenezer LEACH born 1756, Torrington, CT, died aft 1817 in NY, married Abt.
1782 to
Lettice/Lettis Ferguson born 21 Sep 1759, died Aft 1808
Persis Leach (male) married Unknown Winton
Diantha Leach (female) married Unknown Daniels
Milton Leach (
Unknown (female) Leach married Sylvanus Story
George Washington Leach born 1 Nov 1783

Loranna/Lowrance/Loraine Leach born 6 July 1785, married Sylvester Spencer
born 1777, CT, died Onondaga County, NY abt 1841
                Charles Clozen Spencer born 1812, Cazenovia, NY
                James Spencer
                Milton Spencer born 17 Feb 1814, Cazenovia, NY

(I have land deeds for Sylvester Spencer and all of his Spencer sons in
Onondaga Co, NY)

Ebenezer Leach, Jr. born 26 Jun 1786
Desdemonia Leach born 20 Dec 1788 married Stiles Johnston
ROXY Leach born 1790 married Roswell Fairman

We have no info as to Lettice Ferguson's parents or siblings.
If any of this strikes a bell with your reseach, we would be so pleased, to
put it mildly. 

>Subject: [Ferguson-L] Washington County NY/Onondaga County NY Fergusons
>I'm looking for ancestors or relatives of my g-g-g grandfather, David,
>who was born in Washington County, NY in 1799 and moved to Centerville
>(North Syracuse) in Onondaga County, NY with my g-g granfather Samuel
>Fergerson about 1826.  David was the second child of a family of nine.
>Most of the family settled in West Hebron, NY, possibly on Ferguson
>Road.  Family letters mention that a John W., David, Jim, and John (b.
>1822) all lived on the same road.
>David's son, John (b. 1822) moved to North Syracuse in between 1855 and
>1862.  Letters between John and Samuel refer to an uncle John Fergerson
>who died in Washington Co in January 1853.  The family name changes to
>Fergerson on David's tombstone.
>Descendants of David Ferguson
>Generation No. 1
>1. DAVID Ferguson (?1) was born February 12, 1799 in Jackson, Washington
>County, NY, and died October 25, 1836 in Onondaga County, NY. He married (1)
>Children of DAVID Ferguson and ROXY SMITH are:
>i. SARAH Ferguson.
>ii. ELLIS Ferguson.
>iii. DAVID Ferguson.
>iv. SUSAN Ferguson.
>2. v. SAMUEL FERGERSON, b. August 09, 1820, Washington County, NY; d.
>January 13, 1906, Onondaga County, NY.
>3. vi. JOHN Ferguson, b. Abt. 1822, Washington County, NY; d. May 12, 1915,
>North Syracuse.  (possibly son of Mary Ann Wilson who is buried in W.
>Generation No. 2
>2. SAMUEL FERGERSON (DAVID2 Ferguson, ?1) was born August 09, 1820 in
>Washington County, NY, and died January 13, 1906 in Onondaga County, NY. He
>married NANCY SLOSSON August 02, 1846 in Cicero, NY, daughter of JOHN
>SLOSSON and ?.
>i. MARY AMELIA FERGERSON, b. September 26, 1847; d. April 13, 1852, North
>ii. JOSEPHINE FERGERSON, b. November 05, 1849; d. November 30, 1849, North
>iii. ALFRED D. FERGERSON, b. August 14, 1853; d. August 20, 1854, North
>iv. CHARLES R. FERGERSON, b. July 05, 1856, Clay, NY; d. November 12,
>1912, North Syracuse, NY.
>v. INFANT FERGERSON, b. July 15, 1864; d. July 15, 1865, North Syracuse.
>3. JOHN Ferguson (DAVID2, ?1) was born Abt. 1822 in Washington County, NY,
>and died May 12, 1915 in North Syracuse. He married SARAH W. February 10,
>1851 in West Hebron, NY.
>Child of JOHN Ferguson and SARAH W. is:
>i. THEODORE4 Ferguson, b. 1852.
>Thank you for any help you can provide!
>James C. Fergerson
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Subject: [Ferguson-L] Re: PRYON, FURGUSON;1846

Hi Team, just saw this on the Shelby Co, TN list serve.

Hope it meets with your approval to share.

>Schedule I Free Inhabitants in 9th Civil District in the County of Shelby,
>State of Tennessee enumerated by me, on the 18th day of Nov 1850. H.S.
>Guion Ass't Marshall.
>pg 161B line 30 1223/1223 Lewis H.PRYON 23 M Farmer 550 GA; Martha PRYON 19
>F SC; James PRYON 2 M TN; Louisa 4/12 F TN.
>At , Ladykin wrote:
>>Hello fellow researchers,
>>I'm hoping you can shed some light on the
>>marriage of L.H. Pryon to Martha Furguson,
>>Dec 22, 1846 in Shelby County. If anyone
>>has access to an 1840,1850 or 1860 census 
>> I'd really appreaciate a look up of the 
>>Pryon/Pryan/Prian surname to see if I should
>>order the microfilm.   Thanks,