Subject: Re: [Ferguson-L] Andrew Ferguson / Catherine Kinder

Descendants of Jeremiah Ferguson
        1       Jeremiah Ferguson       b: 1740         
.               +Jemima Phelps  b: 1740         
.....   2       Nancy Ferguson  b: 1765         d: in Hatcher Family Cem  Indian Ridge
Scruggs Va
.........               +Elijah Hatcher b: 1762 m: December 06, 1813    d: December 10,
1829 in Hatcher fam Cem Indian Ridge Scruggs, Va
.....   2       Jesse Ferguson  b: 1790         
.........               +Elizabeth Hatcher      b: 1792 m: July 19, 1814        
Maybe this one will help. Rena.

From: Warren Montgomery 

I'm looking to share information on the family of Andrew Ferguson and
Catherine Kinder.  Andrew was born about 1740 and was living in Boutetourt
Co. VA from 1782-1787.  He died in Montgomery County VA in 1792.  Catherine
Kinder Ferguson moved with family members to KY, then Scott Co. IN where
she was supposed to have died in 1857 at 107 years of age.

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CUNNINGHAM, Clarence SMITH, Pierce BOYER, Christopher TYNAN,  Georg
(Dresher)THRASHER , Sarah COX, anyOBENCHAIN,any  AKERS,  Emra ALTIZER,Henry
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