From: "Judy Woodley" 
I am trying to find out what happened to my Great Grandparents, Agnes
Ferguson and Robert CRAIG.  In 1881 they were according to the census, in
Lanark Twp, Lanark, Ontario, where Robert was born in 1849.  In the 1891
census they were in Lavant Twp, Lanark, Ontario where Robert is working at
Caldwell's Mill.  In the 1901 census they were in Rat Portage, Ontario (now
Kenora).  From there I do not know where they went.  Their son, my
grandfather, Stewart Douglas CRAIG went to Winnipeg, Manitoba.  It is
possible they may have gone as well.  There are several Robert Craig's in
Winnipeg at that time and the Henderson and Lovell Directories only list the
mans name, so I cannot tell if any of the Robert CRAIG'S are him.  Anybody
out there know where they went or where they are buried.  Or any ideas on
how I might proceed.  Appreciate any help as I am at a deadend.  I have lots
of information on both these families if anybody is researching them.