Subject: Re: [Ferguson-L] Ferguson: TN 1810 Census--Tax List

I have tried to keep up with all the recent Ferguson postings, but I may have
missed some.

If you happen to run into the name Ewell or Crawford as given names for any
Fergusons I would appreciate it if you would let me know. 

I find my Ferguson line very difficult to track. Only have census data so far
- 3 years, 1860, 70 and 80. In every year, the states of birth of the parents,
and the ages of most family members do not match - or even come close in some

Given names and where they lived are the only clues that this is the same

Larry in TX

I have tried unsuccessfully to connect my Ferguson family to another in Alabama. No luck so far, so posting again. Maybe some new people on the list will recognize this family.   Ewell Crawford Ferguson, variously listed as born AL, TN and VA about 1832 Elsay A. Ferguson, variously listed as born AL, SC, VA about 1837.  married about 1853-54, place unknown. Alice        about 1852  AL John W.   about 1855  AL James H. about 1857  AL Harriett    about 1862  AL Mary J.    about 1866  MS The family is documented in 1860 and 1880 census of Pickens Co. AL. In 1860, Ewell C. Ferguson owned a large amount of land, and maybe as many as 58 slaves. In 1870 the family is documented in Noxubee Co. MS (just across border from Pickens Co.) At some point before 1900, Elsay Ferguson died and Ewell (or Crawford) married Gertrude I. ??? who made application for his military pension on April 15, 1899, in Jefferson Co. AL. There were a number of Ferguson families in Pickens Co in the 1850 census, including one named James H. Ferguson. I have so far been unable to connect Ewell Crawford Ferguson to any of these families. Does anyone out there know or have ideas? Larry  
I have posted before, but it has been some time.  Seeking information on the following family: Ewell Crawford Ferguson  b.about 1831, AL, VA or TN Elsay A. Ferguson   b. about 1833, AL or SC, married about 1851, probably Pickens Co, AL or Noxubee, MS. Children: Alice Ferguson        July 1852 Arah  H. Ferguson   July 1853 John W. Ferguson    1856 James H. Ferguson   1858 Harriet Ferguson       1862 Mary J. Ferguson      1864 Ewell C. Ferguson is first documented in the 1860 census of Pickens County, Alabama, apparently owned a plantation, served in the civil war. Documented in 1870 census of Noxubee Co. MS and in 1880 in Pickens Co. AL.  Elsay died after 1880 and he re-married. He died between 1880 and 1899. In April 1899, Gertrude I. Ferguson, applied for a widows pension. I would like to hear from anyone familiar with this family. Larry Wilson I suspect that one of the Fergusons in Pickens Co. AL is the father of my 2g- grandfather, Ewell Crawford Ferguson, whom I have been trying to find a family. He is documented in Pickens Co. in 1860 and 1880, and in Noxubee Co MS (next county) in 1870.
There were a number of Ferguson families that went south to Alabama and Mississippi.  I am descended from one that is also a brick wall. One of the sons was named John W. Ferguson, born in AL about 1855.   According to census records (all that I have to go on) the John's father was born in AL, TN or VA, depending on which census you choose to believe. He was also born in 1832, 1846, or 1838, reflected by the ages shown in the three census records. There was also a James H. Ferguson (brother to John) born about 1857. There was also a very wealthy older James H. Ferguson residing in the same county. I suspect kinship, but dont know how.  Unable to  tie these to another Ferguson family. Larry in Texas 
I periodically post this information, but have had no leads, so I will just keep posting until something turns up. This family lived in Pickens Co. AL in 1860 and 1880. In 1870 they were in Noxubee Co. MS. Ewell Crawford Ferguson         b.      about 1832      AL      TN or   VA Elsey A. Ferguson               b.      about 1837      AL      SC or   VA         Alice Ferguson                  b.      1852                    AL         Arazilla Ferguson               b.      1854                    AL         John W. Ferguson                b.      1855                    AL         James H. Ferguson               b.      1857                    AL         Harriett        Ferguson                b.      1862                    AL         Mary J. Ferguson                b.      1866                    MS I am descended from Arazella Haseltine Ferguson, who was dis-owned by her family when she married my great-grandfather.  I am curious as to the fate of the other members of this family, and would like to connect them to one of several Ferguson families living in Pickens County in 1860.  So far, no luck, only guesses. Larry in Texas     
This is probably no help, but I have a Ferguson family which has a James H. Ferguson. I have been unable to connect the family backward or forward beyond the 1860, 1870 and 1880 census.   James was born about 1857, likely in Pickens Co. Alabama.  In 1880 census, he is still living at home (about 23 years old) and is listed as "clerk in store." Larry in TX
Subject: [Ferguson-L] Ferguson & Crawford


I would like to hear from anyone who knows of a marriage between a Ferguson
and a CRAWFORD roughly during the timeframe 1780 - 1830, in TN, VA, SC or AL.

Thank you in advance for the information.

Larry in Texas

Subject: Re: [Ferguson-L] Abraham Ferguson
I dont know if this will help or not, but an Abaham Ferguson is mentioned in
Early Settlers of Pickens County, Alabama.  Hewas listed in the 1840 census,
the 1850 census, and in early land records. 

1840 census:  
Males 1 0 1 0 2 1    Females 2 2 0 0 1
This puts him in the 30-40 year age range.

1850 census: 
Ferguson, Abraham               46      Farmer  1,000   SC
Della C.                                37                                      SC
Martha                                  16                                      AL
Sarah                                   14                                      AL
Catharine                               12                                      AL
David                                   10                                      AL
Abraham                           8                                     AL
Caroline                                  2                                     AL
Henrietta                               7/12                            AL

He owned 640 acres of land, the earliest block of 160 acres being purchased

I suspect a family connection to my Ewell Crawford Ferguson brick wall in
Pickens County, but unable to prove it. E. C. is listed in the 1860, 1870 and
1880 census records as age 28, born in AL, age 34 born in TN, and age 52 born
in VA . Yes. it is the same guy. Names of all children match from year to
year. The listing for his wife is similar to his - age 23, born AL; age 46,
born SC, and age 46, born VA.

Larry in Texas

Subject: Re: [Ferguson-L] Mary Ferguson

My Mary J. Ferguson, born about 1864, was the daughter of Ewell Crawford
Ferguson. The family lived in Pickens County, AL, in 1860 and 1880. In 1870,
they lived next door in Noxubee County, MS.  

I have not been able to tie Ewell C. to another Ferguson family, although
there was a Ferguson family in the 1850 census with two other sons with the
initials E.C.

Larry in TX

Subject: Re: [Ferguson-L] (Ferguson-L) Abraham Ferguson/1780 SC

Your Ferguson information sounds familiar, so please forgive me if I have
responded to your previous posts.

I have a dead-end (both ends) Ferguson family and have been unable to connect
them to a family.  Here is what I know:

Ewell Crawford Ferguson  documented in 1860 (Pickens County, AL), 1870
(Noxubee County, MS) and 1880 (Pickens County). Every census lists a different
place of birth and a different age,  1860 - age 28, born AL; 1870 - age 34,
born TN; 1880 - age 52, born VA. Same situation for his wife Elsey A.
Ferguson. Her places of birth respectively were AL, SC and VA.

The names of their children do match in most cases, but there is some
variation there also. Known children (according to census):

Alice                           born about 1851-52
Arazella Haseltine      born July 7, 1853 (my great grandmother)
John W.                         born about 1855
James H.                        born about 1857
Harriett                                born about 1862-63
Mary J.                         born about  1866

All believed to have been born in AL except the last two, born in MS. 

An ABRAHAM Ferguson born in SC about 1804, lived in Pickens Co... AL in 1830,
1840, 1850. His wife was named Della C., also born in SC. He purchased 640
acres of land from the federal government. 

This Abraham may be the son of a James H. and Elizabeth Ferguson who also
lived in Pickens Co in 1840 and 1850. He was born in SC in 1790, she was also
born in SC about 1788.

A Mary Ferguson, widow of Larkin Ferguson, is documented in the 1850 census of
Pickens County. Among her children were two boys named Emmett C. and Everett
C. (close to my Ewell C.??). I suspect a tie to my Fergusons, but unable to

If you see any possible connections between our respective families, please

Subject: Re: [Ferguson] Ewell Crawford Ferguson
The census records on Ewell Crawford Ferguson and his wife Elsie are so
"confusing, only the ages and places of birth of the children let you know"
that it is the same family.
"In the 1860 census of Pickens County, AL, he is listed as Euel C. Ferguson,"
"age 28, born in AL. She is listed as Elce, age 23, also born in AL. They"
"have children Allice (8) Arazilla (6), John W. (5) and James H. (3), all born"
in AL.
"In the 1870 census of Noxubee County, MS, he is listed as Crawford Ferguson,"
"age 34, born in TN. She is listed as Dilcey, age 46, born in SC. Arazilla"
"is 17, John is 14, James is 13, but now they also have a Harriett (8) and"
Mary (4). All children listed as born in AL.
"In the 1880 census of Pickens County, AL, he is listed as E. Crawford"
"Ferguson, age 52, born in VA. She is listed as Elsey A, age 46, born in VA."
Both list VA as the birthplaces of their parents.
"Alice, Arazella, and Harriett are no longer listed. (Arazella married"
"January 5, 1873, at the home of Henderson G. Williams, Pickens Co. AL - Bible"
John and James are ages 23 and 21 respectively and still living at home. Mary
"J. age 16 is also in the household, James and Mary J. are listed as born in"
Family lore: Arazella Haseltine Ferguson was a southern belle who lived on a
"plantation, fell in love with Andrew Jackson Williams. Her family did not"
approve and even resorted to locking her in her room to prevent the couple
"from seeing each other. But they were married in spite of the disapproval,"
and Arazella was disowned by her family and apparently never saw them again.
The Williams left Alabama sometime between 1870 and 1880 and eventually
migrated to Texas.
The only other information I have found on Ewell Crawford Ferguson is his
civil war record - which gives a physical description of him. I also found a
pension application by a Gertrude I. Ferguson for his pension dated in April
"1899, Jackson County, AL Apparently Elsie died after 1880 and he remarried."
I have been unable to locate any further records on the sons John W. or James
H. Ferguson. I have even ordered SS death records only to be disappointed
when I discovered that they are NOT the boys I am seeking.
Thanks for your reply.

Subject: [Ferguson] Ferguson of Alabama
TO: Alabama Ferguson researchers:
Has anyone doing research on their Ferguson lines in Alamaba run across any
information on these two men:
"John H. Ferguson, born about 1855."
"James W. Ferguson, born about 1857."
"They are recorded in the 1860 census of Pickens County, AL; the 1870 census"
"of Noxubee County, MS; and the 1880 census of Pickens County, AL. They are"
both still living at home at ages 23 and 21 respectively. I have been
unsuccessful in locating a marriage or death record for either. Their father
"died in Jefferson County, AL in 1899."
Any assistance apprecited.

From: LWilson
Subject: [Ferguson] More Brick Walls

Hoping someone will have info about any of these people. I have posted all
this before, but no connections in over five years of searching.

Henderson G. WILLIAMS was born April 22, 1832, in North Carolina (according
to a Bible record). Examination of the 1850 census records in Mississippi
and Alabama have failed to yield a Henderson or Henry Williams about 18 years
of age with parents who came from NC.

Elizabeth ROBINSON was born March 23, 1835, in Mississippi (according to
census records of 1860, 1870 and 1880). The census of 1880 indicates her
parents were born in North Carolina. Searches of Mississippi and Alabama
records (1850 census) have failed to determine who her parents were.

Henderson Williams and Elizabeth Robinson were married about 1853, date and
place unknown. They are not listed in any marriages found thus far in
Mississippi or Alabama. They are first documented in the 1860 census of
Pickens County, AL, already married with three sons.

Ewell Crawford Ferguson was married to Elsie ? about 1851, date, place and
parents unknown. They are first documented in the 1860 census of Pickens
County, AL. They have four children ranging from 8 years down to 3 years of
age. In three census records, Crawford Ferguson and his wife are listed as
born in three different states and their ages are not even close to 10 year

He was born about 1832 in either AL, VA or TN. She was born about 1837 in
either AL, VA or SC. I have not found a marriage record for them in either
Alabama or Mississippi.

Anyone researching any of these family lines that might shed some light on
this puzzle.

They are all my 2g-grandparents.


From: LWilson

John W. Ferguson was born about 1856 in Alabama. Recorded in the 1860
census, Pickens County, AL; the 1870 census, Noxubee County, MS; and the 1880 census
of Pickens County, AL, where his occupation is listed as clerk in store.
I have no record of him after 1880.

His parents were Ewell Crawford Ferguson and Elsie Ferguson.

Does anyone recognize this John?