Sorry about how long it was to get back to you.  So much going on this time
of year and a cold to boot!
Here is my Ferguson is the son's of John and Jane
Furgeson/Ferguson from Ireland that are giving me problems as there are as
number of Fergusons with John's , James,  Williams and Roberts in the
Kingston, ON area.
My William line - he was a Barber at one point as was his son James Alfred
Ferguson who had 3 Barber shops in Kingston (my grandfather).
His brother Robert is the only child that came with John from Ireland So I
have no information on his wife's name or such...this is my line and I am at
a brick wall.  I will also attack the letter I received from the Lennox &
Addington Historical Society on the line.
Here is hoping that there might be a connection.

Jean Stewart Williams
BTW...I am inserting some info here also from letters, wee excerpts I have
used whilst making inquiries.  The diff. inquiries are separated by lines.

Birth registration does not begin until 1869 in Ontario. Before 1869, one relies on baptismal records. Many for L&A did not survive, particularly the Presbyterian records. Amherst Islanders did tend to go to Kingston for various functions, so if one is lucky, a baptism may show in the Presbyterian records for Kingston. We do not have these at our archives. The Furgeson / Ferguson families are a challenge because of the large number of individuals with the same name alive at the same time. The 1861 Canada Census, Napanee, records a John Ferguson age 41, wife Janet [sic] both born in Ireland. Their oldest children, John (23) and Robert (21) are also described as born in Ireland. James (15), William (14) and Margaret (11) are described as born in Canada West [Ontario]. As the Scotch/Irish used Jane and Janet interchangeably, we think this is your family. John Ferguson was a tailor in 1861, which is wage labour and thus very mobile. In the time allowed, the volunteers could find nothing on your James. May we please know the town where you reside for our statistics? Jennifer Bunting, Archivist
>From Amherst Island 1851 Census 23 30 McKabe John U. C. R. C. 2 M S 23 31 Furgeson John Farmer Ireland Pres. 33 M M 4 2 23 32 Furgeson Jane Ireland Pres. 33 F M 23 33 Furgeson Robert Ireland Pres. 13 M S 23 34 Furgeson James U. C. Pres. 6 M S 23 35 Furgeson Wm. U. C. Pres. 4 M S 23 36 Furgeson Marg't U. C. Pres. 2 F S 23 37 Henderson Robert Farmer Ireland Pres. 30 M M 4 2
It has Robert, his son, as being born in Ireland and last name Furgeson- does that tell us that John immigrated as a widower with his son? and perhaps met Jane after they arrived or on the boat? 1861 census, Napanee John Ferguson age 41,B;Ireland, Taylor>>>>means BD: about 1820? BDate diff.s could be time of the year of census?? Jane/Janet 41yrs, B: Ireland , >>>>>>>>means BD: about 1820? John (????) 23 yrs, B: Ireland>>>>>>>>>>means BD: about 1838 Robert 21 yrs, B; Ireland >>>>>>>>>>means BD: about 1840 James 15 yrs, B: Canada West ON>>>>>>>means BD: about 1846 Williams 14 yrs B: Can. West>>>>>>>>>>>>means BD: about 1847 Margaret 11 yrs, B: Can. West, ON>>>>>>>>means BD: about 1850
William Ferguson is my line. Margaret Ferguson (age 16 years) of Richmond d/o John and Jane, Richmond, Amherst Island, B: 1849 D: 1941, Married William Irvine Vanalstine of Richmond, s/o D. & Jane (age 21yrs), Oct. 2 1863 L&A....from Vol.13 Marriage reg. L&A. They had two children- Ella Young Vanalstine 1873 - 1899, Elliott Vanalstine D.D.S. 1869 - 1955. (from gravestone Riverside Cemetery) 3.****Is there a marriage register that I could see or have a photocopy of the page please?...or death certificate from a register for either parent or child or Baptism register? James Ferguson I have a death register# 426, Aug. 20, 1897 of James Ferguson, deceased, s/o John, Bro/o Mrs. I. Vanalstine, Residence: Oswego Death place: Oswego(Is that NY or is there an Oswego , ON?) I have little else on the other children- baptisms, deaths, marriages so anything else would be greatly appreciated. Jean Stewart Williams