From: "Rose C. Webb"

Just one more block in my VA line of the Callahan family.

Sometime between 1768 and 1784 the family moved to LA
from VA. 
Anselm/Enselm married Anne urina Beri/Barry

Their daughter, Anne Elizabeth Fergeuson/Forgueson/Farguesine/Fargusseme
married Benjamin Hilaire Boudreaux/Boudrot 1790

Fergeuson/Farguesson etc was originally from VA and so was wife. Anne
Elizabeth was not babtized into the Catholic Church until she was 16 in
St. Gabriel, LA. 

Someone recently said they had a Anselm/Enselm in their family tree and
the name turned out to be Samuel!

Marie Josephine Boudreaux married John/Jean Callahan in 1809. John came
from VA and was born in 1780. His parents were John Callahan and Nancy
Bolen/Bollene ca 1740. Marie was the grandaughter of Fergueson/Beri and
daughter of Boudreaux/Fergueseon.

The Boudreaux line goes at least 5 ways into the Callahan area,
different generations but all descendants of Michel Boudrot and Michele
Aucoin, 1600 France and Acadia.

Any Help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Rose C. Webb