From: Ken Wallick
Subject: Ferguson, Julia Lavada

This morning I uncovered your site and specifically arkansas,
arcen-madison. I hope I am as extatic as I think I am, but I was looking at
Robert L. Ferguson 1880 Madison Co. Ark. and family and with interest in Julia,
dau 11 NC.
I have been seeking my gggrandmother who as the family story
goes came from NC place unknown, and married in Whitener, Ark. which I believe
is in Madison Co. Ark. This is in fact the first Julia Ferguson I have ever
seen. Mine is a Julia Lavada Ferguson and she married a John Warren Williams who
was born in Goshen, Ark., 29 Dec. 1859. He married Julia Lavada Ferguson 13
Sept., 1885, in Whitener, Ark. She was born Aug. 12, 1868 in or nr. Raleigh,
North Carolina.
Do you have any information regarding any of the above
information. A lot of the info above sure come close to what I am looking for.

Thanking you in advance for any help. Ken Walllick
From: Ken Wallick
Leonard and Sandy,
Thanks so much for the forwards you have done to help me.
Leonard, this was my first at learning Julia's whereabouts. I know her resting
place if you are interested. I guess I kept looking in all the wrong places but
I feel pretty confident with this find. Should either of you find any additional
info on this family please let me know. or if you have additional please advise.
I think this will give you my email address. As of right now I think I am going
to let this be the family until I find something else.
Thanks again. Ken
I could
not contact Ken directly as there was no e mail address Shawn. These are odd
Ferguson's to me, most of those in Madison and Carroll Counties, Ark. came
from W. Va., and I do have a little information on them. If you will note by
the 1880 census of Madison Co., Ark. they came into Ark. around 1874 or so.
Ken, the 1870 census reports are indexed and you will find that index in any
good geno. library, and your Robert L. Ferguson should appear in the 1870
census index. If you don't find them in the 1870 census index then go to the
NC 1860 index. In these index's you will find enough information to go to
the census films of the county they are in and the page number of the
census. By the 1880 Madison Co., Ark. census Robert L. was born about
1850, so he would be in the home of his father no doubt in 1860. The 1850
census is also indexed and if that census was taken after Robert L. was born
he would also show in it. Leonard L.