My Ferguson's were in Chester District SC, I don't know where they came
from. I think they were 2nd or 3rd gen. in this country.
My GG grandfather was born in 1811 in NC or SC. William George Ferguson
married Hannah Louisa Conn from SC. They were living in Chester when
their first son was born, John Tyler Ferguson, he was born 1844. They
left SC and migrated to Jackson County Florida. He served in the Civil
War along with his two older sons, John Tyler and James Henry. William
died and is buried in Jackson County Florida. Sons John Tyler and Edward
Stanley moved to Lee County Georgia then to Sumter County GA. Son James
Henry stayed in Jackson County were he raised his family. Son Charles C.
moved to Jackson Miss. Youngest son Andrew Bailey left FL and was never
heard from again. Daughter Nancy lived in Miss. near brother Charles.
Sister Eliza Ann lived in TX Elizabeth lived in FL.
Sure hope some one is looking for us, we have been trying for about 15
years to find a lead on this family. We know William came from a large
Beth Usry "Beth F. Usry"
Americus, GA
I'm trying to find information on SARAH Ferguson, she was in
Chester Co,S.C.1760-61. Does any one have any information on her?
Who was her husband?
Hugh Cooper b. 1720 in Ireland came to N.J. about 1760 then to Chester
Co. S.C.about 1768.
His children:
1. Robert Cooper b.1746
2. Elizabeth Cooper b. 1749 m. JAMES Ferguson
3. John Cooper b. 1751 m. Elizabeth Walker (dau. of JANE Ferguson and Robert Walker, Jr.)
JANE Ferguson maybe the daughter of SARAH Ferguson.
In the fall of 1760 or 61 the Indians around Chester Co. seemed to be real quiet.
Several of the men,including Barbara McKinney's husband and SARAH
Ferguson's husband decided to go to Charleston to take care of some
business. Neighbors didn't live real close so the women and children all
went to Barbara's house to stay. All went pretty good until one day
Barbara went out side by her self to milk the cow. A small band of
renegade Indians came by, she saw them and tried to get to the house. The
people inside saw what was going on so they opened the front door to try
to get her in. JOHN Ferguson son of SARAH Ferguson, was standing in the
door to try to shoot them, his mother SARAH Ferguson was behind him, he
was killed and his mother was wounded, she died several days later from
her wounds.
A couple of months later a DAVID Ferguson died leaving two small children
an a unborn child. This may be one of SARAH Ferguson's sons also.
Do any of you know any thing about this family? Do you know anything
about the Cooper family?
I'm trying to find out who may GGgrandfather's family was. That is as far
as I have been able to go. His name was WILLIAM G. Ferguson he Married
Hannah Louisa Conn, the lived in Chester District, S.C. when their first
son was born, then moving to Jackson County, Fla.