As a new poster to this list, I hope I won't be bringing up old stories
long laid to rest.  But then, if I don't ask...

According to Everts' *History of Clermont County, Ohio*, 1880, and other
material available in that county, the parents of ELIZABETH Ferguson, b.
20 Mar 1780, at Nottingham Twp., Washington Co., PA, who c.1800, m. Abel
Donham, were ISAAC Ferguson and ELIZABETH LEEDOM.

I have two multi-part questions:

        1.) Was Isaac's father JAMES Ferguson of PA and VA, as some propose? Or
was he the son of THOMAS Ferguson as put forward by Everts, apparently
based on information from IRA Ferguson, Isaac's grandson?  Or, is the
jury still out on this?  Or, has the jury even met on this?

        2.) Does anyone of you have any information on Isaac's wife, Elizabeth
Leedom?  The statements referring to her heroic activities during the
Revolutionary War are, to say the least, tantalizing... but not well
defined.  Nor have I been able to find ANY information elucidating upon
them; nor for that matter have I been able to confirm her parentage; she
is said to be the dtr. of JOHN LEEDOM & LETITIA JONES.

I hope there is among you someone who is familiar with this family and
willing to share.  These appear to be among my more interesting


Sean Tracy