(Marrietta Olsen)

Trying to find ancestors and decendants of William and Anna Ferguson.
Both were born in New Jersey.(He may have been born in New York) around
1770-80. Their children wereBathshaba born May 19,1803, Andrew born Oct.
25,1805 died Nov. 23 1805; Elizabeth A. born Nov. 20,1806;
William Barklie Ferguson born Feb. 17,1809; John Robin born July 7,1812;
Grant born Sept. 2 1814; Joseph Kinkead boorn Jan. 13,1816;  Daniel born
Mar. 24,1818; William Westley born 24 Mar.1820. died Aug. 11,1889 .

William Westley married Rebecca Ann Bower. Their children were Lewis
Cars  Born 28 Oct. 1866 in Pennsylvania. He married Margaret Lee. he
died 19 June1940. All the children of Westley and rebecca were born in

. Their second child was Emma Manerva . Born in 1869. Married Charles
Henry Black 24 Dec. 1889. Died Dec. 1, 1955.

The third child was Seldon born 1871. This information came from the
census records of Junietta County of 1880.
The fourth child I am not certain about. I could not tell what the
census record said. It looked like Service, Could have been David. he
was born in 1876.

Isaac Gee was born in 1879. He married Ida Mae Gaddis
 My grandmother told me that the Fergusons went to Holland from Scotland
and then to Ireland before coming to America.

William westley moved to Texas in 1881.

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