You are looking for the e-mail address of Terry, whose ancestress is Mary
"Polly" Berthena.  That's probably my cousin Terry Thesing,

Mary "Polly" Ferguson. I know little about her except  for the fact she
married Daniel Winchester in Jefferson Co. AL in 1842 and then moved into
northern Arkansas, southern  Missouri area. Her marriage bond says she was
born in GA, but family legend says that she lived in NC. The only unusual
point to her name is that some family listings have her middle name as
"Berthena", does any of this sound familiar to anyone out there????

A recent E-mail brought to my attention the strangeness of the name Berthena.
I am searching for information on Polly Berthena Ferguson. Married to Daniel
Winchester in AL around 1823. Polly's family was from NC and VA. I do not
know if she had siblings but legend tells she did. She and Daniel immigrated
to southern MO via KY and AR in the mid 1850's. I know of the issue to them
Arriana Winchester b. 4-1-1844, C. Meaker b. 5-27-1858, Elizabeth b.
12-10-1855, J. Grift b. 6-24-1853, Jane b. 6-1849, Margaret Caroline b.
12-25-1858 or 1862 (my g grandmother), Martha Ann b. 1-26-1868.
Daniel may have had a sister with them Malinda Winchester.
My g grandmother looked very much Indian but this was talked down by my
grandmother although the cheekbones disprove her.  Does anyone have
information on this line of FergusonS?????

Would you happen to know if any of these people had family in AR? I am trying
to find family to connect my Mary "Polly" Fergason/Ferguson to. She married
Daniel Winchester in Walker Co. AL in 1842 and settled in Arkansas. One of
their daughters (my g-grandmother) lived in the West Plains area and was
married to a Thomas there. I have been unable to connect her with anyone. Any
connections out there??


<< In October, 1910, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Ferguson; Mr. Ferguson's parents, Mr.
 and Mrs. George A. Ferguson; a brother, Oliver; and a friend of the family,
 Ernest REGAMAN, left their home in Freedom, Missouri, bound for the
 community later to be known as Dolph.
 They traveled with two covered wagons, a hack and about 18 head of horses
 and mules.  Mrs. Irene Ferguson MORRISON, of West Plains, Missouri, a
 daughter of Victor, said that her grandfather, George, was " quite a horse
 trader and traded along the way.  The trip took about three weeks."
 Victor Ferguson built a store at Dolph and established a post office which
 he named after a young man by the name of Dolphus HOOD who worked for him.
 Mr. Ferguson applied to E.B. OLDFIELD, State Representative for the
 district, to obtain permission to establish the post office which was
 established on May 3, 1911.  For a time, George A. Ferguson carried the
 mail on foot from Dolph to Iuka.  Later a mail route was established from
 Elizabeth to Dolph to Calico Rock and the mail hack was driven by a girl
 named Jesse JAMES.

Does anyone have any Ferguson's located in Walker Co. AL? I am searching for
Mary "Polly" Berthena Furgason (listed this way on marriage certificate)
married Daniel Winchester in Walker Co., AL on 3-10-1842. 

On the 1850 Walker Co. census there is a Lyttleton Fergison listed pg #319, I
have reason to believe this may be a relative (possibly a brother?) as she
named one of her children Littleton. 

Does anyone out there have any info on these Ferguson's??


Does anyone have any knowledge of any Ferguson's (any derivative of the
spelling, but in particular Furgason) that are at least partially Native
American?  Possibly Cherokee or Creek, from the GA area but may be possibly
AL, SC or NC area. 

Rumor has it that my grandmother was at least partial Cherokee but my
grandmother ADAMANTLY denied this. Pictures confirm that this at least could
be a possibility. 

Does anyone out there have any ideas or Ferguson's that may fit into this


Mary "Polly" Berthena   FURGASON
   M. Daniel WINCHESTER in Walker Co. AL 3-10-1842
          Arriana (Irene)b. 4-1-1844
          Jane (Nancy) 6-7-1848
           (Linda) Malinda Lunsabar b.8-31-1851
           Isam J. Grift b. 6-24-1853
           Mary Elizabeth b. 12-10-1855
           Littleton Mitchell b. 5-27 1858
           Margaret Caroline b. 11-25-1862
           Martha Ann b. 1-26-1868

Some names seem to come from Mary's side of the family. 


 I am not sure if we connect or not, but your letter is the FIRST time I have
EVER come accross a rather strange name in my Ferguson line. 
 My gr grandmother was Mary "Polly" Berthena (Berthenia?) Ferguson b. approx.
1820. Depending on what census you look at she was born in GA, AL, or NC.
Confusing! I do know that she married Daniel Winchester 3-10-1842 in Walker
 Co. AL and soon thereafter moved to AR and MO. Several of the children you
mention are named the same as Mary's. 
 Berthania is such a strange name that I have never encountered and then to
see it listed with the Ferguson's seems almost to good to be true. Is it
possible that this is a family name???
 Any chance we connect??