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what part of AR is Bodcaw Creek in?  My wife's father was born in Bodcaw,

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Subject: Re: [Ferguson-L] Squire John Ferguson of Miller Co. MO

>My greatgrandfather is Zacharias Joseph Ferguson born July 28, 1851and
>July 1, 1894  in a train crash at Bodcaw Creek, Arkansas. He is buried in
>Joseph Catholic Cemetary in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. He was the father of 8
>children all born in Jackson, TN. It is believed that he was from either
>York or Dublin , Ireland. He lived for a time in Mobile, Alabama.
>   Hope that this helps, Bill Ferguson
>P.S. It is believed that he served in the Confederate Army when a boy and
>his father did also. It is also believed that his father was Jerome
>but not confirmed.