In your Ferguson family book; is there any listing of a Ferguson that married
a half-breed Indian (Cher. ?)? According to family lore, she was Iriquois/
Cherokee tribe. After the birth of 3 children that I know of, the family moved
to N W Ark. after 1831. My g-g-grandmother was born 1-1-1831 in Va. The family
supposedly started out in S C > Va. area. I am not able to find out anything
in regards to this family as I need some names. Any lead will be greatly
appreciated. FT

Adaline Ferguson married Henry Hanna - Sept. 1847 in Washington Co., Ark. I have sent for a copy of the marriage license in hopes that it will give me her fathers name as she was only 16 1/2 yrs. old when married. FT.
Yes, I know something about the Indian. The daughters name was Adaline Ferguson that married Henry Hanna - Sept. 1847 in Washington Co., Ark..These are my g-g-grandparents. Her father was  ? Ferguson, a Scotsman. Her mother was Star-Chee, a half Cherokee. I am not sure how to spell or write the Indian name so I have written it as it is. She is suppose to be on the Indian Roll but I can't find anything on her until I have more information on her.  All of this information has been passed down through the generations and was found in a family Bible. It gives N. Car. as the place they were from, however; Adaline (according to the 1860 McDonald Co., Mo. census) was born in Va. on Jan. 1, 1831. They were reported to have come across to Ark. before the Trail of Tears, sometime about 1828-1830. They would have had to make the trip later than that because of the date and place where Adaline was born. There were 2 other children listed but no birthdate given for them. I haven't found anything that would help in the census for N. Car., Va., and Ark. because of not having a definate name.  I hope to get back to the library and go through the censuses for each state and do some more research sometime soon. FT.
Please email me the info you mentioned. We have a Samuel son of Samuel also the son of a Samuel. Surely this will bring life to one of the former Samuels as I have the family of the last Samuel. I am truly interested. Could one of these Samuels be buried in Fayetteville on a portion of land where the Univ. is located? FT.