From: Cheryl Straily

Hi all,
   My great grandfather lived in Newton County, MO.  He was born in
Shelby County IL. in 1866.  I believe his father's name was Westwood
Fergerson born in N.C.  Family stories claim that there is Cherokee blood
in this line.  My great grandfather's name was James Albert Fergerson.
                                Cheryl Straily

From: Cheryl Straily <                                      
Subject: [Fergerson-L] Westwood Fergerson                                 
Hi All,                                 
   I am looking for the parents of Westwood Fergerson.  Westwood was     
born in NC , but was married in Shelbyville, Il. He was born around     
1820 and may have had seven brothers.  Westwood later moved to Newton                                   
                                        Cheryl Straily