From: Betty Stout 

Dick & Janeane Herring wrote:
> My line in the Ferguson family is Robert Ferguson, who was buried in Fork
> Creek Monroe Co., TN. His wife was Ruth (Unknown) and his children were:
> Mose C. Ferguson  who married Jane Hannah
> Jane who married Joseph M. Hannah, John P.,Robert,Polly Ann,James,and
> Margaret. My line is through Mose C. Ferguson. The C could be Cunningham.
> Janeane Rogers Herring
> Abernathy, TX,  LLano Estacado
> Genealogy Name List: Rogers, Williamson, Bible,
>  Ferguson,Hannah, McConnell, Wilkins, Braziel, Headen,
>  Flowers, Tewell, Stone, Herring, Hill, Lee, Guest and Hobbs.
I just saw your message.  I am not directly related but have a line I
work on that is Samuel Hannah who died in Arkansas.  They married with
the Stouts in Arkansas.  Believe my specific girl was a Margaret.  I
have Fergersons on my line and do not know of a connection but the idea
has merit.  Can you tell me where you Hannahs were and when?

> Hello, everyone.  I keep hoping to see somebody whose ancestors spelled their
> name "Furgerson".  Of course I don't know for sure how far back my ancestors
> spelled their name that way -- only know back to my ggrandfather, born in
> 1815.
> I have not come across any lines that I can even begin to believe might
> connect to mine.
> If anyone is researching Furgersons (or Fergusons, etc) who migrated to
> Hopkins County, Ky.,  I have the census records for 1850, 1860 and 1870 that I
> would be glad to do look-ups in; I also have a record of Hopkins County
> Marriages  1800-1868 (this is a complete list -- not just Furgersons).
> Wish I could find someone out there to whom this information would be helpful
> -- it might lead to some connection to my line.   Meanwhile, if I do not
> contribute anything, it is because it would appear that I do not have anything
> that anyone so far has been looking for.    But I keep hoping!
> Joyce
I have a James Henry Fergerson born 1825 (he said NC on census) married
a Kentucky girl, moved to tennessee in 1857 and is found in Obion county
and two other adjoinging counties in that state.  He named his sons
Thomas, John Alvin, Charles, Anna, Fannie, Laura.  He had two die at
birth.  He also had twins so they might run in the family.  Could you
check for a family with James Henry.  He also married Sarah hatchett who
was born in 1840 in Kentucky.  Her family moved to Arkansas too. 
Appreciate your checking your records for them.  Thanks

I have a James Henry Fergerson born 1825 in North Carolina, showed up in
tennessee in 1857 married and later in Arkansas with children John
Alvin, thoms, charles, laura, annie, fannie.  Two of the girls married
Bradley!.  When I saw your note, got very excited that maybe you could
point me.  Could this be a connection do you think.  His wife was Sarah
hatchett born Kentucky.  If all I get is a migration route, I can maybe
research the Bradleys and find my Fergerson roots.  Would appreciate any