From: Lyle Stoops 

Hi, Iam looking for a Samuel Ferguson who came to the US about 1797, the
trip I understand usually took 6 weeks, because of bad weather it took
12 weeks, and a male child, William, was born at sea.  His date of birth
that has been passed down is
Sept. 16, 1797.  It oral history said they arrived at Phili , PA and
lived there for a while before they moved to Brooke Co., Va looking for
a milder climate.

Samuel was a farmer, and I would think he either bought or tenet farmed
in some of these communities.  William, the babe, married about 1822 to
a Rebecca Jane Finley, their first 4 children were born (1824-1828) in
Hanover twp, PA.; the next 3 were born (1832-1836) in Hancock Co., VA,
and the last after they arrived and settled (1842) in Green twp,PA.

How could I traced back which ship they came over on, all the LDS
records available locally stop about 1750's and re start about 1800?

Any help or tie in will be appreciated
Thank you

Jo Ellen Stoops

Thank you for the info on Samuel Ferguson and wife Sukey or Susanna, but the only wife I know our Samuel Ferguson had was Rebecca Jane Finley, somewhere either in Hanover twp, Wash. co., PA or Brooke/Hancock Co. WVA. Thanks Jo Ellen Stoops
Rodney Ferguson wrote: > My father is researching the Fergusons' of Pa. He has a John Ferguson b. 1765 > > At 02:30 AM 10/7/98 EDT, you wrote: > >Hi Kathy.  Gilbert's parents, John and Aeltje Cronkhite were married in the > >RDC in Beekman, Dutchess county, NY in 1760.  Gilbert migrated to Fulton, then > >Montgomery county.  He then moved to Ohio.  I'm interested in that line > >because I'm trying to "prove" that my 4-ggrandfather, John b 1765, was > >Gilbert's brother. > > > >Bob Ferguson In Beaver Co., Green Twp, there were 2 Ferguson's unrelated, Samuel and John, I beleive John owned 300 acres, Samuel my line only owned 118 acres. Good Luck Jo Ellen Stoops
I will try this again, sorry for the confusion. I am looking for a Ferguson line from Pennsylvania,  our Samuel Ferguson arrived off the boat from Ireland in 1797, settled not far from Philadelphia for a few years, then moved to Hanover Twp, Washington Co., PA, for a few years to Brooke Co., W VA, then settled in Green Twp, Beaver Co.,Pennsylvania.  His wife was Jane Elder whom he married while in Ireland, they lost one baby, and the second was born at sea on the way over in Sept. 16,1797.  His name was William Ferguson,  I do not know if he had any brothers or sisters, since everyone else was having 9 and 10 children, I would think he was one of many. Any help would be appreciated Thank you Jo Ellen Stoops