Subject: [Ferguson-L] Miller Co., Missouri -Fergusons

I am looking to connect with the Fergusons from Miller Co.,Missouri. Most of
whom are probably descended from "Squire" John Ferguson. I have some on his 14
children and on his sisters. Still working on jumping across the "pond".

Subject: Re: [Ferguson-L] James Parson and Susan Morrow Ferguson

There is also a Ferguson Mo. It is north and west of St. Louis. Supposedly
there is a spot in greater St. Louis called Ferguson Valley. The story I heard
is so many of "Squire" John Hunter Ferguson's descendants lived there the
locals just started calling the area that. Wheter it is the same as Ferguson
Mo. I really don't know. 

Subject: [Ferguson-L] "Squire"

The term in the British Isles has a specific meaning of less than a knight but
more than a gentleman. It started with the men who who where the armour
bearers to knights but now is more a prominent landowner. It can also mean
magistrate. Which fits at little in both respects with my John. He owned a
fair amount of property in Miller Co. Mo. and he was the magistrate for about
50 some years. 
I think it may also have been  a term of respect. In this case too Squire
Ferguson was also well known to fellow members of the GAR (Grand Army of the
Republic) as Comrade Ferguson and was called by that title in several paper

Subject: Re: [Ferguson-L] "Squire"

Sorry, I didn't mean to imply the GAR gave out the title "Squire".
In the case of my John Ferguson, the title was mostly likely given for his
position as the justice of the peace. In that time period well respected
people could serve in positions that today would be filled with persons of
legal background. Is it possible that you ancestor in Latham was a justice of
the peace or worked as a magistrate?

"Comrade" is used in many military service groups to address one another.
Usually it stays within the meeting house. But when an arcticle about an
encampment was done in the Springfield Mo paper, the author addressed the men
as they were addressing each other. In fact, today, at least within the VFW
during meetings the address is "Comrade Commander", "Comrade Smith", ect. I
beleive similar titles are used in the American Legion and Am-Vets. Among
other groups titles would be Sister Jones, Brother Wills, Madam Vice President
I hope this helps.

Date: Mon, 23 Nov 1998 08:36:15 EST

Once "Squire" Ferguson came to America there is no shortage of information. So
in that respect I am really lucky. And in fact many of John Fergusons family
still live in the area he settled in. The big problem with him is linking him
to family in Dumfrieshire and the surrounding areas. But in time that will be

Subject: Re: [Ferguson-L] Ferguson, Charles T. and Aurelia M.>WashDC.1906
One thing you may want to do is check old city directories. They were common
in many areas. And would have street address' and occupations. 
You say you sent for SS information. Then you probably know where she last
lived. Check and see if there is an obituary for her. Most folks have at least
a small one in the local paper. 
Also go to the AOL family finder index. I have had some luck finding a lead on
an old school friend that way. 
Do you have anything on Charles and Aurelia's marriage? If you can find the
town then check for wedding annoucements. Hope that helps.

John Hunter Ferguson: b. 25 Dec 1838 Warren Hill, Dumfries, Scotland to
William Ferguson and Isabella HUNTER. He married Dorcas Cansada SHELTON 4 June
1862 in Miller Co. Missouri.  (Dorcas b. 1846 d. 1920) John served in the 3rd
Missouri cav. and was a member of the GAR (Grand Army of the Republic). He
died in Iberia, Miller Co. Missouri 20 Jan 1940.

His Children: William T. b. 20 May 1863 d. 14 Jan 1932. married Mary SMITH
                    Elizabeth  b. 2 june 1866   d. 31 July 1951 married Grant
                    Charles D. b. 24 Oct 1867  d. 1942           married Emma
Kelso HAINES (Haynes, Hayes) *
                     Edward S. b. 16 Oct 1868  d. 1 Jan 1937   married
Margaret JONES
                     Frederick   b. 24 Oct 1869  d. 27 Oct 1942 married Effie
                     George Francis b. 23 Oct 1871 d. 29 Sept 1935  married
Sarah G. ARNOLD.
                      John Richard (Jack) b. 7 Oct 1873 d. 19 Dec. 1911
married Emma KINSLEY
                      Joseph b. 10 Dec 1875  d. 22 Feb 1876
                      James  b. 25 Dec 1876  d. 23 Jan 1877
                      Isabella b. 19 Feb 1878   d. 24 Sept 1949 married
George  ARNOLD
                      Laura    b. 11 June 1881 d. 12 Sept 1977 married G. M.
                      Harry Hunter b. 6 April 1884 d. 16 Feb 1967 married Ella
                      Frank Corneluis b. 11 June 1887 d. 15 May 1968 married
Clara M. GOFF
                      Martha (Mattie)  b. 27 June 1889 d. 1 Aug 1996 married
William MACE

* This is my line. I have some on the other lines but most on my own. 
   And BEFORE anyone challenges my dates on John Hunter Ferguson and Mattie
Mace. They both lived to be over 100. I have copies of their obits.