Subject: [Ferguson-L] Susannah Ferguson = Alonzo FORD VA (1821- 1850s)

Looking for Susannah Ferguson & her Husband Alonzo FORD's Ancestors &
Siblings. Susannah was b. 1821 in VA and married a Mr. LEWIS in Indiana. She
later returned to Kanawha Co., VA with Children and married Alonzo FORD who
was born there in 1822. They had several Children & I descend from their
Daughter Sally who married Marshall Lanis YOUNG (s/o Robert YOUNG & Anna

Thanking you in advance for any information someone can share on this couple,
Tim Spradling

Looking for info on the siblings & ancestors of Alonzo FORD and his Wife Susan Ferguson. They were b. 1821 & 1822 (according to 1860 Census data)  in VA and married in Kanawha Co., VA in 1847. This was the 2nd marriage for Susan who had two Children in Iowa/Indiana with a Mr. LEWIS. She bought those two Children (Virginia & America ) into the marriage with Alonzo.    They had a Child together, Sally - my Great Great Grandmother, who married Marshall Lanis YOUNG (one of the first of four mailmen in Charleston, WV). Marshall was the s/o Robert Marion YOUNG and Anna WALLACE.    Alonzo may have been the s/o Allison FORD and Leanna CAULEY/CORLEY and a Brother to John David FORD. These FORDs were from Monroe Co., VA and then Raleigh Co., VA and later moved to Kanawha Co., VA.    Thank You Very Much, Tim Spradling  "Subject: [Ferguson] Marriage bonds for Kanawha Co., VA female Fergusons 1835 - 1865" "Looking for marriage bonds for Aletha, Emily, Lucy, Cynthia, Anna, Mary," "Eliza, Helen, Ellen and Emma Ferguson in Kanawha Co., VA from 1835 - 1865." Thank you. Tim Spradling. "Subject: [Ferguson] Re: Marriage bonds for Kanawha Co., VA female Fergusons 1835 - 1865" A few days ago I sent an e-mail inquiry looking for marriage bonds of female "Fergusons in Kanawha Co., VA from 1835 - 1865. It turns out the two I found" that are very interesting were married in Kanawha before that. Thank you to so many that replied with information. I have found two candidates I am interested in pursuing. One is Nancy "Ferguson, who married Gilmore THOMPSON in Kanawha in 1830. Gilmore and Nancy" named almost all of their Children with first names that have family "connections to David Ferguson & Susanna LANHAM of Albemarle. In addition," "Sarah Ferguson, who married Lewis BLAKE in Kanawha in 1831, named a Daughter" Nancy and a few of her other Children after family names. Sarah was living "next to David P. Ferguson in Mason Co., VA in 1840 with her Husband Lewis," "who died in 1848 (Rootsweb Info). Sarah, 41, is head of household in the 1850" "VA Census in Cabell Co. with Nancy her Daughter, 22, and the rest of her" "Children. She is living in the next Census listing to a John BLAKE, 24, her" "Son most likely. John could very well be a Brother, which is a Family name." If anyone connects to these people please contact me. My ultimate goal in this investigation is to connect my GGG Grandmother Susan Ferguson to David & "Susanna LANHAM. I'm well on my way, and hope to find a Will or Deed for David" "in Albemarle or Kanawha that names Susan. I will be in Charleston, WV in" early April to visit the Archives and hopefully will tie this down. Thank you. Tim Subject: [Ferguson] Richard FORD "I am looking for the marriage of a Richard FORD, my GGGG Grandfather, living" "in Mason Co., VA (the part that became Putnam in 1847) from at least 1820" (Census data) to 1827 when he died intestate. He is connected to the Howell LEWIS family of Mason Co. in some way. Richard was given 400 acres of land on the Kanawha Co. River in 1826 from Howell LEWIS' Estate for $1 by Howell's "Children Robert, George, and his Daughter's spouces. Richard may have married" an Eliza LEWIS. An Eliza FORD married a Samuel SUMMERS of Kanawha Co. in 1828. The Richard FORD property was sold in pieces to Samuel from 1832 - 1842 "by Richard's Children William, Marshall, Mary Ann, Emily and Alonzo. Census" data showed Samuel's HH in Kanawha in 1830 probably contained the Richard "FORD Children and Richard's widowed Wife. Richard lived near the Kanawha Co.," VA border and on/near the Kanawha River. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you. Tim Spradling From: "Looking for the parentage of William S. HODGES & Richard FORD, my GGGG Grandfathers." "William S. HODGES was born ~ 1795 in either Goochland Co./Louisa Co., VA. He married Martha HALL, Daughter of James and Nancy PETTIT in the early 1820s in Goochland/Louisa & died in 1832 in Louisa Co., VA. I have a copy of his Will where the Children are named, including my GGG Grandfather William Lancelot HODGES born in 1826, and his belongings go to his Wife. A Marie HODGES is in the 1830 VA Census for Louisa Co. with Children in the right age ranges for their children, but no William. I believe this William connects to the William HODGES that bought a piece of property in 1774 called Attonce, in Louisa, and lived there till his Wife Elizabeth COCKE passed away in 1798." "Richard FORD died in Mason Co., VA in 1827. He first appeared in the personal property taxes there in 1819, about the time a Richard FORD disappeared from the Faquier Co., VA personal property tax records. In 1826 Richard was given 200 acres on the Kanawha River in Mason Co. for one dollar from the estate of Howell LEWIS, a large land owner in the Mason Co. area. Interests in this property were transferred to a Samuel SUMMERS over the years 1828 - 1836 by Richard's Children. The remaining interest in the property was sold to an Alonzo FORD, my GGG Grandfather, in 1842 by a Mary FORD (maiden name given in the sale) and her husband in Illinois where they were living." I believe Alonzo was the youngest Son of Richard and his Wife (don't have a name for her) based on naming patterns of Children and a lot of other strong circumstantial evidence. "I have a lot of information on these two families and any additional data would be appreciated. Julius (Tim) Emmett Spradling, III"