Subject: John Farguson and the two wives Sarah Gatewood & Bridgforth

 I have just read your response to Frances Saueressig concerning the above.  I
found your emails on the Ferguson web site and since there is no date
associated with it I'm not sure when it was written.  You sited a reference to
"John & Amy Gatewood and their Descendants by Carol J. Gothberg" as your proof
that there were two John Fargusons, one who married Sarah Gatewood and one who
married Sarah Bridgforth.

I'm descended from the Bridgforths in Essex (Old Rappahannock Co.),Va. and
while researching in Richmond, Va. this summer I looked into various legal
documents concerning the Bridgforths and the Fargusons.  I came to the
conclusion that John Farguson & Ann Stubbleson's son John was the husband of
Sarah Bridgforth.  I base this on the reading of various wills of the
Bridgforths in which they are evidently very close to various Fargusons
related to John & Ann, his wife.

I also came across the reference listed here:

From:  Index to marriages of Old Rappahannock Co., Essex Co., Va. 1655-1800:

"Sarah Bridgforth, sister of Thomas married John Farguson"  Document in which
this information was found was dated 1764.  It is in Will Bk 12, page 147,
Essex Co. (Old Rappahannock Co.), Va. (Unfortunately I didn't go to the
microfilm and take a look at this will; I found my notation when I got back

I didn't find the will of Sarah Gatewood's Mother Amy which is referenced in
the book on Sarah's parents.  Wish now that I had.

This seems to me to be a perplexing problem and I hope that you can shed some
more light on it - or add to the confusion.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Lois Smith