Fannie Sue 'Sula' was my father-in-law's mother.  I know that she died in
Ripley Tennessee after 1918.  Her family was from Hardeman County Tennessee,
I believe.  Allie E. was her father and Alice Field was her mother.  She had
siblings:  Homer, Lora, and Claudie who married an Irvin.  Anyone know of
Subject: [Ferguson-L] ALLIE E Fergerson

I will try again to research my husband's family.  His grandmother's name
was Fannie Sue (Sula) Fergerson.  Her parents were Allie E. Fergerson and
Alice Field.  Sula was born in Hardeman County Tennessee around Hickory
Valley and she died in Ripley Tennessee in the early 1920s.  These are the
only dates that I have that have been provided by his family.  On the
Ferguson web page the 1860 census of Hardeman County  shows an Allen E.
Ferguson (age 2) son of F. D. Ferguson(46) and Louiza(43), the youngest
child of 7.  Other children are John (25), Josiah K (16), Lorenzo N (14),
Mary K (11), Robert W (8), William F (5).  I think this is highly possible
for Allie to be this child.  Does anyone have any information on this
family?  Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I should go next from
this information that I have uncovered?  Thank you.