From: sj d Sherri
Subject: [Ferguson] Fergusons of Middle TN-1800
I am looking to find someone to correspond with who is also researching the
Fergusons of the Middle TN area in the 1800's.
I am a descendant of Toliver Ferguson, b 1800 TN, who married Catherine
Winters in Rutherford Co, TN in 1824. This family lived in the Joelton area
of Davidson Co from abt 1840-1880. Toliver cannot be found after 1840, and
Catherine is listed w/o him in the census. Family legend has it that he
probably went to TX (GTT)as there is a Toliver Ferguson found marrying in TX
in 1839.
I have not been able to find Toliver's parents/siblings, but more than
likely they came from NC.
Thanks for any help you can give me.

"From: ""sj d""
"Subject: [Ferguson] Elizabeth Ferguson m Lysander Adcock 1871 (Robertson Co, TN)"
I am looking for information about the Elizabeth Ferguson who was Lysander
"Adcock's second wife, married in 1871. This family is listed on the 1880"
"census for Robertson Co, TN, living in District 12 with the following"
"children: John, Rose, and Adeline. Also listed is Lysander's son Wm Wesley"
by his first wife.
I am trying to find out if this Elizabeth Ferguson is the daughter of
"Mansfield and Amanda McCullough Ferguson of Davidson Co, TN. Not sure of her"
"yr of birth, sometime after 1842 probably closer to 1850."
Thanks for any help you may could give me.

"From: ""sj d""
"I am still trying to find information on my line ofFergusons, who are found"
"in Rutherford Co, TN, in the early 1800's."
"Specifically I am trying to find out about the family of a Toliver Ferguson,"
"b abt 1800 TN, who marries Catherine Winters in Rutherford Co in 1821."
"Toliver is not listed on the 1830 census, but I strongly believe that he and"
"Catherine, and at least one son, are living in the household of Anderson"
Ferguson found on the 1830 census. I think there is a strong possibility
that this AndersonFerguson and my Toliver Ferguson are brothers-as the name
Anderson is passed down into several generations in Toliver's line. Toliver
"is not found on the 1840 census either, but Catherine is listed with all of"
their children. Family tradition says that Toliver may have left and gone to
TX (GTT)as a ToliverFerguson shows up in TX in the 1839-1845 time span.
"But,I have no proof that this is the same person."
I think if I could find a Ferguson family who lived in the area of Middle TN
during this time period (1800-1840) that would greatly help me-I'd have an
idea on which lines to research.
I have been researching this family for nearly 4 yrs now and have found no
"further information. I appreciate any leads, hints, thoughts that you might"