My Maternal Grandmother--Stella Ferguson, b. 1900, Silver Hill, Morgan Co.,

Stella was the daughter of--Milton Elliott Ferguson, b. 1870, Dingus, Morgan
Co., KY, married Nancy Baker Fraley, b. 1876, Morgan Co., KY.

Milton Elliott Ferguson was the son of--Henry Clay Ferguson, b. 1838,
Dingus, Morgan Co., KY, married Cynthia Litteral, b. 1836, Morgan Co., KY.

Henry Clay Ferguson was the son of--Daniel Ferguson, b. 1822, Morgan Co.,
KY, married Elizabeth Cash, b. 1813, Floyd Co., KY.

Daniel Ferguson was the son of--John B. Ferguson, b. 1794, Montgomery  Co.,
KY, married Elizabeth Williams, b. 1796, Boonesboro, KY.

I hope this is in an understandable format.  Being relatively new to
genealogical research on the internet, I have a lot to learn.

Thank you.

Linda in IN