I am going to start to list our members and the lineages they have for 
their ancestors.  ~going to use "me" as the example....~
Other bits of info needed to peer back in time, those who know their DNA 
-what is the term?- group that is most helpful.
Another subset of Fergusons are those who have Bruce's in their line.  I 
have a grandson whose Florida grandmother is a Bruce. As I understand, 
the Bruces of Tennessee are researched thoroughly.  The grandmother's 
sister who lives in Tennessee has written a book on tombstone 
inscriptions in Tennessee.  
Anyone with information of the TN Bruces or the name of the author 
of the tombstone book, maybe we can approach that clan.

When the economy dumped, our 1700 Club had other priorities so that 
needs a little work.  Anyone with info re ancestors who lived 
in the 1700's we need to put a marker as to where they were then.

Sellers, Sandy    Texas 
DNA haplogroup Branch II: DYS456=15, DYS576=18, DYS442=13
              John and Ann Stubbleson Ferguson, VA.  
The DNA says I am related to the family listed and lineages are listed 
on the Ferguson Website, but our family of Thomas and 
Hannah Murphy Ferguson....we have not found the connection.  
The earliest I have is the marriage in 1794 In Franklin Co, KY.

Other events that we may need information on:  The Traveling church 
from SW VA traveling west to settle lands.
Any wagon trains Ferguson traveled with...

Regards. Sandy'
Austin, Texas