From: Don Scott 
Subject: [Ferguson-L] John Ferguson Sr. Ire>PA>OH

This is my first posting to the Ferguson group.  I have subscribed for some
time and have seen no Fergusons related to my line.  My data is mostly from
family records, so I can't verify its authenticity.  
        1. John Ferguson, Sr.  b. abt. 1757 in Ireland; d. 20 Feb 1838 in Highland
Co., OH; spouse - Janet Weir
                2. John Ferguson, Jr. b. 31 Dec 1782 in Washington Co., PA; d. 1 Apr 1849
in Marathon, OH; spouse - Sarah Patton
                        3. Jane Marie Ferguson b. 7 Apr 1820
                        3. William Washington Ferguson b. 1821
                                4. Clara Missouri Ferguson b. 3 Sep 1861; d. 18 Feb 
                                1895; spouse - Charles Albert Osborne (my great 
                        3. John Albin Ferguson b. 1823
                                4. Belle Ferguson
                                4. Grant Ferguson
                                4. Colfax Ferguson
                        3. James Patton Ferguson b. 1825, d. 1902
                                4. James Ferguson
                                4. Delores Ferguson
                                4. Nellie Ferguson
                        3. Joseph Carey Ferguson b. 11 Feb 1827, d. 19 Jul 1889,
                        m. 13 Apr 1853 to Eliza Ginnet
                                4. Evereth Ferguson
                                4. C.B. Ferguson
                                4. Joe Carter Ferguson
                                4. Joseph Carey Ferguson, Jr.
                        3. Ann Elizabeth Ferguson b. 1833
                        3. Samuel Newton Ferguson b. 12 Aug 1834, m. 11 Mar 1862 
                        to Sarah Burgess in Highland Co., OH
                                4. Harry Ferguson
                                4. Tom Ferguson
                        3. Thomas Milton Ferguson b. 1836 m. 18 Sep 1856 to Rosa 
                        McKinney in Highland Co., OH
                                4. Austa Ferguson m. to Eubanks
                                4. Florence Ferguson m. 29 Oct 1878 to H. Milton 
                                Eubanks in Highland Co., OH
                                4. Jennie Ferguson
                                4. William S. Ferguson
                                4. Karne M. Ferguson
                        3. Sallie Sarah Ferguson b. 1841 m. 14 Sep 1871 to Henry
                        Scott Simpson in Highland Co., OH
                        3. Deloss Sharp Ferguson b. 10 Jul 1845, m. 24 Apr 1879 to                      Mary
Virginia Dillon in Highland Co., OH
                                4. Sara Georgiana Ferguson
                                4. Jessie May Ferguson

My family records have John Ferguson, Sr. as the son of William Ferguson,
Sr. and Sarah C. Smith Ferguson.  However, in the History of Highland
County, Ohio 
James and Rachel (Walker) Ferguson are listed as John's parents.  The
History states that William came to America from County Antrim, Ireland in
1750. ( I have John Ferguson, Sr. being born in Ireland abt. 1757).  It
says they originally settled in Cumberland Co., PA.  (I have John Ferguson,
being born in Washington Co., PA). The history also says that John's two
brothers James and Matthew settled in Ross Co., OH. (I have no information
on any brothers). 
This is all confusing to me and I hope someone out there can help me.