From: Norene Schlader 
Hi All;
I don't know if I will connect with anyone out there. I don't know much
at all about the Ferguson line, but here goes. 
Lydia Ferguson, CLINE, TOMBERLIN-according to her obituary she was born 
May 7, 1870, Kandiyohi, MN. She died Nov.25, 1956, Castle Rock, WA. She
married my grgrandfather John L.(Lincoln on death record) CLINE. One odd
thing I have not been able to figure out is that I found a marriage
record for them in Cass county MN. for 1916. John died a short while
after the marriage. I had been able to contact one of the sons before he
passed away and he said they were divorced and then remarried. I have
not found any other marriage record or divorce record, but it is very
possible I missed the courthouse, and also possible they weren't married
before that. They had the following children (I will put the residence
where they were living at the time of her death):
Robert CLINE, Castle Rock,WA. [he later moved back to MN.] Eugene CLINE
of Vader, Fred CLINE of Castle Rock, Howard CLINE of Naches, Jacob CLINE
of Hackensack, MN. Mrs. Ora PARKS of Castle Rock, Mrs. Lillian QUICK of
Hackensack, Mrs. Hazel FRIBERG of Kimberly, BC., Mrs. Florence ISTAD of
Terrace, BC. She also had a son John Logan CLINE who died after a car
train accident near Draper, WI in 1929.--This is my grandfather, and a
daughter Addie. I don't know when she died, but I heard she died in
Minneapolis MN. A brother-John Ferguson of Northome, MN. 3 sisters-Mrs
Liza SMITH of Castle Rock, WA., Mrs.Margaret Ferguson of Seattle, WA.
and Mrs Carrie CHETWIN of Canon City, CO.  

Samuel Otis Ferguson, b.Sept.8, 1873, where ? d.May 30, 1951, at
LaCenter, WA. He left a widow Margaret, 2 sons Percy Ferguson of Castle
Rock, & George Ferguson of Seattle, WA. 5 daughters-Mrs. Delilah
TOMBERLIN and Amy TOMBERLIN of Renton, WA. Mrs. Ida CLINE of Castle
Rock, Mrs. Goldie EMERSON of Auburn, WA.Mary HINES of Seattle, WA. 
4 brothers-Dot Ferguson, of Wirt, MN. Chan (Chancy?) Ferguson, of
Springfield, WA., Gene Ferguson of Itasca State Park, MN. and Fred
Ferguson of Cass Lake, MN. I sister-Mrs. Myrtle OBERLY of Pequot, MN. I
think that him and his wife were cousins, but not 100% positive.

Mrs. Margaret Ann Ferguson, of Renton, formerly of Castle Rock, WA. born
1875 in MN. d.Dec.10, 1957 at Kent, WA. Survived by 2-sons Percy of
Clinton, and Henry of Seattle. 
5 daughters-Mrs. Delilah Tomberlin and Amy TOMBERLIN, of Renton, Mrs.
Ida Cline, Auburn, WA. Mrs. Goldie EMERSON, Seattle, WA. and Mary HINES
of Onalaska. 1 brother John Ferguson, MN. 2 sisters-Mrs. Louise MARTIN,
Castle Rock and Mrs. Mary CHALWICH, Greeley, CO. 

As you can tell, Margaret and Samuel were married. I also am quite
positive that Margaret and Lydia were sisters. The differences in the
names of sisters is a puzzle, as I don't know which are the correct
I have heard that Chan and Dot were relatives. 
I also realize this is quite modern day dates, so maybe someone
somewhere will recognize something. I have gotten nowhere on this line.
Thanks. Renie