To: "Frances E. Saueressig"
>Most interested in the Sarah Farguson that had the daugther Jail.  I can
>trace my line to Benjamin Sarah's son, but have no idea who her husband
>was.  I have been told that John was this Sarah's husband and that she was
>a Gatewood, but never could find the proof.  So I am inclined to agree that
>this is another Sarah.  If you could be of any help, I would welcome it. 
>This is a dead end for me.
>Frances FERGUSON Saueressig
>Olpe, KS
>> From: Hugh and Sandy Sellers <>

>> May I toss another John Farguson into the Virginia Ferguson Lineages.
>> What is known is from "John and Amy Gatewood and their descendants, 
>> 1666-1986" by Carol J. Gothberg.
>> Sarah Gatewood was listed as one of the "three youngest children"
>> in her father's will.  (John Gatewood, Farnham Parish,Essex County,
>> will dated Nov 14, 1706; probated Jan 10, 1706/7, page 328)
>> Sarah was still living in 1744 when her mother made her will and 
>> named Sarah Farguson as one of her daughters.  (Amy Gatewood, will
>> dated Apr 4, 1744; probated June 18, 1745, S. Farnham Parish,
>> Essex County, Book 7, pages 335-337)
>> When Sarah married John Farguson is not known.  However, she was
>> not the Sarah Farguson who was the mother of a daughter named
>> Jail, brothers and sisters.  Thomas Bridgeforth identifies this
>> Sarah as his sister when he made his will.
>> Nothing more about the Farguson's are mentioned.
>> Regards, Sandy