Hi Every one.
From: "michael"

I have managed to get a little more info on my Ferguson line, now may be I can make a connection with some one and learn a little more.  My GGG grandfather was Thomas Lafyette Fergason m. Mary Elizabeth Pendleton. They came from Tennesse to Tex. I donot have Dates yet. I know that Thomas died 1-8-1931 in Blum, TX. He is buried in Glenrose,TX, also that his mother is buried there with him.  Thomas and Mary had the following Children:

William Rueben , my gg grandfather Who married Nancy Gambrell dau of Thomas Frank Gambrell. William died in 1932, Cisco, TX

Joe Franklin
John Harvey
Thomas Elbert
James Wesley
Luther Ray
Evie Fergason m. ELMORE
Mattie Bell Fergason m.Forsythe

If anyone can make a connection I would love to hear from you and will gladley check our local records for any one that wishes. I live in Eastland co. TX.  I am interested in who Thomas's parents were and also in any siblings he may have had also in info on Mary's parents siblings etc. Hope this will help some one.

Nancy Sanders

Just an update on my Ferguson's. Thomas Lafayette Fergason?/Ferguson m. Marry Elizabeth Pendleton date unknown somewhere in Tenn. I just found out by going through some of my mom's things, Thomas had twin sisters Leta and Elve Ferguson who married Twin brothers. One more small link in my quest, does this ring any bells. To remind everyone of the rest of the story.  Thomas and wife along with his mother at least and children came to Tex in the mid to latter part of the 1800's. Thomas children include William Rueben, John Harvey, Joe Franklin,Thomas Elbert, James Wesley, Luther Ray,Evie, Mattie Bell. John Harvey was said to have returned to Tennessee and died there. So I guess my area of search would be Tennesse and TX.

From: "Bill Sample" 

Is this the Obediah who married Elizabeth Marthin: September 09, 1786, in
Franklin County, Virginia.  Later moved to Lee County, Virginia?

Subject: [Ferguson-L] Obediah, William Henry VA, KY, MO

OBADIAH Ferguson
Obadiah Ferguson b. 1800 Abernal Co. Va. Died before 1870, married in Ky.,
Lucinda Collins b. 1806 Ky. died 1871. Obadiah was taken to Allen Co., Ky.
age 10 yrs. He grew to manhood and married and came to Wash. Co. Mo. In
1837, he moved his family to Crawford Co. Obadiah learned the trade of
bricklayer when a young man at which he worked most of his life. He made
the first brick for court house in Crawford Co. They were members of
Baptist Church. They had ten children: William H. b. 1827 Ky.; a son W. B.
b. 1832c; a son C. B. b. 1833 Mo.; Julia Ann b. 1834 or 36 single, 1870;
Elvira A. b. 1843 m. 4-12-1863, Phelps Co. to Levi Snelson; Francis b.
1844; Sarah C. b. 1845; Clementine D. b. 1848. 
William Henry Ferguson b. 9-1-1827 Allen Co., Ky. d. 6-1-1901. He first
married 1860 Wash. Co., Martha O. Johnson who died 1871. He came to
Crawford Co. 1837. He served 14yrs. as Cr. Co. Surveyor, was sheriff and
collector 8 yrs., 1 yr. as assessor and notary public for many yrs. He was
first owner of lot 1,; where the city hall was in 1934. With Trask he
surveyed the town of Cuba in 1857-1863. He later was director of Cuba Bank.
He was Capt. of 63rd, enrollment Militia Co. 1 Civil War, which consisted
mostly of Cr. Co. Volunteers. He served as commander from 12-19-1862 -
3-12-1865 when he returned to Steelville to take up his activities. On
4-16-1873 he married Amanda (Nee Vaughn) Millsap widow of Joseph Millsap b.
1836 d. 10-10-1919. They had four children: Eugenia Ferguson who married
Dr. Wills Arthur, Mattie Ferguson b. 4-8-1875 d.8-26-1911, married Hon.
Doctor Albert Reeves, Flossie F. m. 8-1-1905 to Abe C. Jones, and Nellie
Ferguson married a Mr. Rice. William Henry took up his fathers bricklayer
trade and was a farmer. In 1881 he sold his farm and moved to Steelville
and went into the Hardware business. Part of his business was destroyed in
the Steelville Flood on 7-8-1898. His step children were: Thomas
Higginbottom Millsap b. 1856 disappeared 10-28-1878 and never was heard
from, Josephine Millsap b. 3-28-1858 married 1881 to L. H. Scott of
Steelville, Elizabeth Millsap married Benjamin F. Russell. 
One of Obadiah's sons was Bruce Ferguson b. 11-9-1831 d. 7-19-1901. He was
a Civil War soldier buried in the Keysville Cemetery. He was the last of
his family. 

William Henry Ferguson, b. 10-1-1866 Wright Co., Mo. d. 6-15-1936, son of
John Henry Ferguson and Rachel Pearl nee Hahn Bolliger Ferguson. He came to
Crawford Co. with parents when about ten years old. He married Helen
Josephine Dillard b. 9-1869 in Tennessee d. 6-23-1906, both buried Cooksey
Cemetery, Dent Co., Mo. They m. 8-30-1886 Dent Co. She is daughter of
Robert Allen and Lucinda Elizabeth Reeder Dillard. 
William Henry made several trips in covered wagon to and from Oklahoma back
to Missouri. They would camp along the way. At night they would have to
build camp fires to keep the wild animals away from their camp. When they
got to Oklahoma in the Cherokee Nation, the Indians were friendly to them.
The roads were crude at that time and it took a long time to go. They would
stay awhile, then return to Missouri. 
He later was a brick maker and tended to the coal kilns at Sligo Furnace
Children: Clarice Ellen b. 5-2-1887 near Sligo, d. 5-18-1977, m. 4-12-1904
Dent Co. to Christopher Columbus Cooksey b. 10-24-1883 Dent Co., d.
11-7-1966, both buried Cooksey Cemetery, Dent Co. He was son of George
Wilsher and Frances Elizabeth Walker Cooksey. 
Mary Catherine "Mollie" b. 7-25-1889, d. 8-1956, married Ezkiel Jackson
Dunegan b. 8-20-1870, d. 2-28-1939, both buried Olney, Tx., reared their
family near Wilburton, Ok.; Dora Ethel b. 1890, d. c1892, buried Patterson,
Ok. Mabel Inabelle Arizona b. 9-1894, m. 3-27-1913 St. Louis, Frank Thomas
Madeker b. 11-4-1895, d. 1950 buried St. Louis. They separated and she
disappeared in 1927, has never been heard of since; Blanche Willie Ferguson
b. 8-28-1898 Sligo, d. 7-12-1969 St. Louis, m. 6-23-1919 to Ely Wycoff b.
3-29-1899, d. 3-17-1976, St. Louis, both buried in Cooksey Cemetery, Dent
Co.; John Clarence b. 12-20-1901 Sligo, d. 8-16-1971 St. Louis, m.
4-22-1922, Grace Doris Maledy b. 4-7-1896 Dent Co., d. 12-31-1980, both
buried Cedar Grove Cemetery, Dent Co.; Rachel Pearl b. 10-1-1904, d.
2-2-1906 buried Cooksey Cemetery; and Herbert Lester b. 5-14-1906, d.
6-3-1906, buried Cooksey Cemetery. 

I know awhile back there was some notes on a Obediah Ferguson of Allen
County, Kentucky.

Here is the deal:  three years ago, whilst doing some research for my
Obediah, I came across this article, that was another's Obediah.  I copied
the article for her, and mailed it off.  Made a copy for myself, but failed
to note where I found it.  Didn't seem improtant, as it appeared  to have
nothing to do with my Fergs.  Long explanation for: don't have the source

I finally dug up the copy, and my wife kindly trancribed it.  Hope it is of
some interest to the Allen County, researchers.

As  to the 1766 Obediah.  I "may" have some "SPECULATION" on who his
parants may be, I will try to find this guess, next.  But, it is just
speculation, no proofs at all.  


Bill Sample

Descendants of Obediah Ferguson, Sr.

Generation No. 1

1.  OBEDIAH1 Ferguson, SR. was born Unknown in Unknown, and died 1847 in
Lee County Virginia.  He married ELIZABETH MARTIN September 09, 1786 in
Franklin County Virginia, daughter of RANDOLPH MARTIN and SARAH RUST.
Children of OBEDIAH Ferguson and ELIZABETH MARTIN are:
        i.      WILLIAM2 Ferguson, d. November 22, 1814.
        ii.     SARAH H. Ferguson.
        iii.    REUBEN B. Ferguson.
        iv.     JOEL MARTIN Ferguson, SR., b. Abt. 1792, Lee County Virginia; d. 1857,
Wayne County  Virginia  ((now West Virginia); m. (1) ELIZABETH OSBURN, Bef.
1818, Unknown; m. (2) NANCY STEPHENS, Abt. 1832, West Virginia; m. (3)
ELIZABETH HEADRICK, Aft. 1833, Unknown; m. (4) BETTY BOWEN, October 15,
1855, Wayne County, Virginia (now West Virginia).
        v.      HENRY Ferguson, b. Abt. 1798; d. April 18, 1853, Lee County, Virginia;
m. DICY BRASJOER, Abt. 1820, Lee County, Virginia.
        vi.     JOHN Ferguson, b. Unknown, Unknown.
        vii.    GEORGE Ferguson, b. Unknown, Unknown.
        viii.   OBEDIAH Ferguson, JR., b. Unknown.
        ix.     ELIAZABETH Ferguson, b. Unknown, Unknown.

Note: This Obediah name was spelt: Furguson and / or Farguson in documents.

Obediah, Ensingn Samual, and the specluatation on parants.

According to a book called: "The Kith and Kin of Crawford County, Arkansas"
(an excerpt provided by Ferg-Ls own Jean Cuveas), and based on some
research done by a Charles Thompson, descendant of Elizabeth Ferguson,
daughter of Ensign Sam.  

There was a gentleman named Adam Forguson, of North Ireland, who seems to
be the grandfather of Obediah Forguson-Farguson-Furguson-Ferguson of Lee
County, Virginia.   This same Adam seems to be either the father or
grandfather of Ensign Samuel.  Mr. Thompson writing sytle left me in doubt
to which he meant.  

As to Cabell/Wayne County Virginia, it does seem to be clear that the Joel
Ferguson (son of Obediah) and Samuel Ferguson branches considered
themselves cousins, but never bothered to explain how. +g+.  They do seem
to enjoy sueing and marring each other.

So, Bill, if 1766 Obediah is the Lee County Obediah, AND IF he is a
descendat of Adam here are the possibilites of fatherhood:  Samuel, Henry,
John, Andrew, David, Robert, Thomas, William, or George.  

I assure you, there is no need to thank me.  LOL.

On this topic of Wilkes County, NC and the various spellings.

I got back to Obediah Ferguson of Lee County, Virginia.  His name was spelt
every way but Ferguson.  Was really stuck till I gave up the 'e'.  

And, some of his sons spent time in Wilkes County.  And some of his
grandsons spouses came form Wilkes County, NC.

Anyway, if there are any responses to Wilkes County, hope they are posted
also to Ferg-L.  Now  that I am more liberal minded, I would appreciate
seeing them.

Subject: [Ferguson-L] Ferguson Elmore Connection

Hi Lauva,
I have a William Jesse Fergason That married Tressie Elmore, not sure of
the dates on these.  The info that I do have is it might be a possible
connection because I still have Joe Franklin and Luther Ray that I don't
have a lot of info on the down line.  What makes me think it might be so is
Harlingen,TX.  I don't have the info in front of me at the moment but  my
cousin Phyllis Prejean did mention that either John Harvey or his son or
daughter got married or something in Harlingen.  I will have to go back and
search it out reall good.  But here is the story as I was told it.  My
Thomas Lafayette,wife and Mother,, and supposedly one brother came to Texas
on the sly.  Thomas got in a fight and shot a man.  He thought the man
would die and I guess he was afraid of being hung for it.  So they fled
Tennessee on foot.  I was told that theywould travel by night and hide in
caves and stuff to sleep during the day.  Supposedly he found out later the
man didn't die.  Any how they settled in the Glen Rose, TX area or what we
now know of as Somerville co. If I have my counties right. anyhow
surrounding counties include Hood and I believe Johnson.  The brother of
Thomas Lafayette is supposed to have gone on west and not heard from again.
 Although according to one family member said that One of the older
fergason wives met a family of Fergasons in West Texas years ago that might
have been from Thomas  brother's line as the Children were all close to the
same age and the names were all very close to the same.  They corresponded
for years but noone knows who she was or what happend to them now.  I was
also told that John Harvey had returned to Tenn. but find He lived here in
my town and is buried here close. My cousin was told the family came from
Alabama.  So I say because of the location we need to do more digging but
it is certainly possible.  Since finding a picture of a man that looks just
like my husband in an old album of Rupe's just taken probably before turn
of Century, I don't rule out anything.  It sure was wierd to look at that
picture and know exactly what my husband would have looked like in that
time period.  I also haven't been able to make a positive connection but
there is a picture of a lady at Kin to U web site that looks so much like
my mother's HOllis's she ought to be one of them.  So Keep my info on hand
and I will send you the rest if you want it because until I can find out
who Thomas' parents and sibling were We just wont know for sure but the
area is a good start that if not actually the same fergasons then possibly
the same Elmore's.  Good luck and thanks for responding. I sure hope none
of the family gets upset because I told the secret on this list but I think
it just adds interest and character and helps us remember what the times
were like not so long ago.
sincerely Nancy Sanders

From: "paul" 
Subject: [FERGUSON-L] Alabama Fergason/thomas lafayette Fergason

I was originally told by a family member that our Fegason's came from TN,
but have sense found them on the Lee co TX Census in 1880 as Follows:
 Furguson, Tom age 24, born TX
Mary age 21 b. TX
William age 1 B. TX

Next I find them in Somerville Co . Tx 1900 Census as Follows:

Fergason,Tom born Dec 1849 age 50 Alabama
                Mary b.NOv1864 age 35 TX
                Joe   b. NOv 1882 age 17 TX
                 John b. July 1885 age 14  TX
                 Tom  b. Dec  1887 age 12 TX
                  James b. Jan 1892 age 8 TX
                  Eva b. Apr     1894 age 6
                   Mattie b. Jan 1899 age 1

Mary's maiden name is Pendleton, William married Nancy E. "Babe" Gambrell,
in 1899.

I am quite sure the 1900 Census would be more accurate than the 1880 Census
as due to Family tale Tom Fergason wouldn't want anyone to know where he
came from.  Now it is possible that he was born in Alabama and his family
moved to TN before coming to TX.  The story I was Told included an Older
Brother, wife, mother and Children making the journey to TX.

It is also possible that He didn't get married before he came to TX.

Does this fit anyones missing link.  Thomas Lafayette Fergason, Also
Looking for info on Joe Franklin possibly marrie d Cora Boyles not sure.

Will share what I have
Nancy Sanders