From: Ana Rizzo
Subject: [Ferguson] (no subject)
Hello fellow Ferguson's!
I'm looking for the parents of George Ferguson from Stillwater, New York.
Saratoga County. He was married to Cora Ferguson. The lived in Stillwater in the
1800s. Basically I'm interested in any Ferguson in Stillwater or Saratoga
Ana Rizzo
Great grand daughter of William Knibbs and Cora Ferguson.

I love doing genealogy research. I just finished up researching my KNIBBS family name. I was able trace it back to 1653. The location I live in is an Ancestry researcher's dream. I live an hour away from New York State and National Archives Centers. Just finding the time to go and look is the tricky part. Also my parents still live in Stillwater which is in Saratoga County.
Would you be interested in any Ferguson info I come across in my research even if it appears that it may not be directly related to your family? You never know sometimes a year later info that one thought doesn't connect turns out to be different.
Like doing a jig saw puzzle this piece fits but I'm not ready for this piece so you put it to the side in hope of finding more pieces to eventually connect that reserved piece.
"I just started my research on my Ferguson family. I had great Grandmother named Cora Ferguson she married a William Knibbs they lived in Stillwater, New York."
Her Parents were George and Adeline Ferguson
I came across a few Ferguson related stuff yesterday.
1850 Census
"Town of Stillwater, Saratoga County, New York"
Family 281
Hiram A 41 Hotel landlord
Evelyn B 39
Isaac W 15 clerk
Amanda 26
Buried at Hart Cemetery Town of Stillwater
Amanda Ferguson
Celina Ferguson
Alicia Ferguson
Edwin P 1815-1839
"Adeline W Ferguson {my great-great grandmother} Died of heart failure on 12/23/1919, she was 88"
"Allen H Ferguson, son of Adeline & George died Nov. 19 1830 age 20 years and 12 days"
Cora Ferguson born 1863 died 1925
William Knibbs {husband of Cora} born 1862 died 1923
1850 Federal census
Town of Stillwater
Family 281
Hiram A 41 Hotel landlord
Evelyn B 39
Isaac W 15 Clerk
Amanda 26
Buried at Hart Cemetery
"Town of Stillwater, Saratoga County, NY"
Edwin P 1815 - 1839
Buried at Union Cemetery
"Stillwater, NY"
"Allen H. Ferguson, died Nov. 19.1830, age 20 years and 12 days"
"Cora Ferguson Knibbs, born 1863 died 1925"
William Knibbs born 1862 died 1923
"Adeline W Ferguson died of heart failure age 88, 12/23/1919"
Justices Elected by the people
1843 Hiram Ferguson
"Well, gotta go. Happy research to you."
Ana Knibbs-Rizzo