Charles'  birthplace in Quaker records is Bucks Co., PA but I understand the maps and state lines have changed since then. This is a work in progress that I have been compiling for about 10 years. This is what I have in brief. I have more on the OH stuff, Furnas/Wilson etc. Those in bold are my direct line. I am the daughter of Robert Slack Ferguson -deceased. Hope someone can help me find Charles' parents. I want to know if we were Quaker across the pond. Mary Kincheloes' family was and the Furnas and Wilsons were.
Marsha Ferguson Riggan

Charles Ferguson Sr.
b.1755 Brownsville or Bucks Co. Pennsylvania
d.4/30/1816 Ross Co. Ohio
+Mary Kincheloe in New Jersey abt. 1775
b.1756 in New Jersey
d. aft. 1850 Ross Co. OH

LONE GIDEON FERGUSON,(listed in Charles will as his sister)

Children of Charles & Mary Kincheloe-Ferguson:
Isaac Ferguson
b. 1775
d. abt 1800, NJ
+Sarah or Charlotte HAINES,1800,Ross Co. OH
b.1777 in Ohio, or 1779, Frederick, VA

Rachael Ferguson
+John Crispin on 8/13/1805
b.7/21/1783, Burlington,NJ
d.10/20/1849 in Highland Co.,OH
David Ferguson
b. 1779,VA
Hannah Ferguson
b. 1787,VA
+James Fisher,on 12/1/1809 in Ross Co., OH
MARY Ferguson
b. 1789 in VA
CHARLES, JR. Ferguson
b.Feb., 22,1790 in VA
d.July 31,1865 in VA (1875)
+Priscilla Crispin on 1/14/1810 in Ross, Co.OH
b.6/26/1788 ,VA
d.1/11/1850, VA

Clark Ferguson
b. 6/24/1786
d. 11/3/1864
buried @ Massie Creek, OH
+Mary Crispin
B. 9/20 1785
d. 9/27/1858 buried @Massie Creek, OH
Left Lee's Creek in Highland Co. OH in 1829
Joined Caesar's Creek in Clinton Co., OH in 1830.
Clark & Mary were in Green Co. OH in 1845.
Moved to Fairfield MM in IN in 1846.
Children of Clark and Mary:
Samuel Ferguson
+Sarah ( Newberry MM Clinton Co., OH)
+ Melissa Moorman dau. of Thomas and Dosha Moorman
Elizabeth Ferguson
b. 5/2/1810
Levi Ferguson
d. 2/12/1868
buried @ Massie Creek, OH
Charles Ferguson
b. 5/25/1814
Isaac Ferguson
b. 2/10/1816
Jacob Ferguson
b. 3/1/18183
Ann Ferguson
b. 2/19/1820
d. 2/18/1835
buried @ Massie Creek, OH
Joseph Ferguson
b. 7/25/1823
d. 9/9/1824
buried @ Massie Creek, OH
Mary Ferguson
b. 1/5/1825
Rachael Ferguson
b. 1/26/1829
d. 1/126/1829
buried @ Massie Creek, OH
Cyrus Ferguson
b. 15/11/1830
Aaron Ferguson
b. 2/2/1827
Moved to Iowa with brother Samuel to Spring Creek MM.
Clark Ferguson II
b.9/30/1821, Highland Co. OH
+ Sarah Wilson Furnas married @ the Caesar's Creek Meeting, 12/1/1842.
b.5/29 1822 Warren Co. OH
d.12/8/1861 Beech Grove-Valley Mills MM,
buried: West Newton Cemetery,Decatur Twp., Marion Co. IN
dau. of Robert Furnas
b.6/27/1772 The Ridge,Newberry Co.,SC.
d.2/16 1863 buried @ Caesar's Creek Clinton Co.,OH
+Hannah Wilson Furnas on 6/6/1796
b.7/28/1778 SC, Moved to OH in 1803
d. 2/17/1864
buried @ Caesar's Creek, Clinton Co. OH.
The Furnas Family was from Warren Co. OH.

Children of Clark & Sarah Furnas:
Attended Beech Grove-Valley Mills MM

Hannah W. Ferguson
b. 9/30/1843
Mary C. Ferguson
b. 2/18/1845
Rebecca L. Ferguson
b. 3/19/1847
d. 1847 (start of Hoosier children)
Esther F.Ferguson
b. 11/8/1848
Rachel A. Ferguson
b. 2/6/1850
Jehu Ferguson
b. 10/27/1851
Dinah M. Ferguson
b. 3/21/1853
Joseph Clark Ferguson
b. 3/26/1858
Ella Ferguson
b. 5/4/1861
Robert Charles Ferguson
b.5/6/1855 in Marion Co. IN
Attended Beech Grove-Valley Mills MM
d. 1922 buried West Newton Cemetery in Decatur Twp. Marion co. IN
+Anna Ellen Foltz
d.1950 buried West Newton Cemetery in Decatur Twp. Marion co. IN
Children of Robert Charles & Anna Foltz-Ferguson:
Bessie Ellen Ferguson
b. 11/19/1884
d. 1950
buried: West Newton Cemetery, Decatur Twp. Marion Co.IN
+ 1. Roy Foltz (divorced)
+2. John G. Nelson
b. 1877 in IN
Clarence John Ferguson
b.9/3/1879 in Marion Co. IN
buried: West Newton Cemetery, Decatur Twp. Marion Co.IN
+ Nellie Belle Seerley
b.7/23/1884, Decatur Tp., Marion Co. IN
Ross Charles (Roscoe) Ferguson
d. 4/1/1949, Decatur Tp, Marion Co. IN (Valley Mills)
buried: West Newton Cemetery, Decatur Twp. Marion Co.IN
Attended Beech Grove-Valley Mills MM
+Maud Ethel (Maudelene) Slack
b. 9/7/1886
buried:West Newton Cemetery, Decatur Twp. Marion Co.IN
dau. of
Elisha Owen Slack
+Nancy O. Teeters of Johnson Co. In
Sister of the Hon. Lemuel Ertus Slack,
Mayor of Indianapolis and State Senator.
One son:
Robert Slack Ferguson (deceased)
4 living children (2 male)
9 living grandchildren (2 male name carriers)
4 living step-grand children
1 adopted grandchild

note: 1917/18 WW1 Draft Registration, Marion Co. IN:
Roscoe Chas. (36); empl at Int'l Harvester, So. Bend, IN;
permenant address in So. Bend; mother Anna.

1920 Census, Adams Co. IL: Roscoe
(34 S, IL, laborer in mill), lodger in hotel.
1930 Census, Marion Co. IN, Center tp: Ross (47, IL, m. at 45);
wife Maudelen B. (her 2d marr.) (43, IN, m. at 22);
son Robert S. (1/12).