From: "REXROAD" 
Subject: [Ferguson-L] Looking in Canada

Hi everybody!

I've been watching for a while now so guess it is about time for me to ask
if any one might be related to my family Ferguson.  I don't have as much
time as I would like to do reseach at present and hope that will change in
the near future.

My maternal grandmother was Bessie Ferguson, born 2Feb1884 in Moncton, New
Brunswick, Canada.  Six other brothers and sisters followed:  Katherine,
John/Jack, Claud, Emily, Charles and Frank.  Emily and Charles never
married and are both buried in Holden, Massachusetts.  Bessie married
Albert Elgene Beaman.  Claud's married name was Wilson.  Bessie's mother,
Sophia Betts, was born in Shediac, New Brunswick about 1860 and married
Charles Ferguson, about 1880, who was born in Wellington, P. E. Island. 
Bessie had a cousin, Ethel Betts, which means Sophia Betts had at least one

Any information concerning my great-grandparents, John/Jack, Claud (f.), or
Frank would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance and hope you are
all enjoying the beautiful Fall weather.

Nadine Rexroad on the eastern shore of Maryland.  ;o)